Hey guys, it’s been a long time! I say that in every video. If you’re new to my channel I’m Jules Darko, and I do videos once in a while. But today, I am going to do an eBay mystery unboxing. I just had my birthday a few weeks ago I don’t really remember when it was honestly. I’m getting older I can’t remember anything. A YouTube trend now as the mystery unboxing of course I’ve been like staying up really late watching them just because I I think they’re fun. But I will say that grav3yardgirl, just recently got a really bad one. She spent $1,000 on a box and got garbage, mold, bugs that kind of thing. She’s so far She’s the worst one that I’ve seen but anyway. I’m hoping that this and it’s gonna be a good one I want to say this right off the bat that I really really like this box, because oh gosh! It’s it’s like really heavy! It’s all kinds of, my feeble little arms just can’t hold it up! But it’s got these hearts on it, but they’re actually like hand-cut. They’re not You know part of the wrapping paper. I really really like that little like homemade touch kind of thing. I also do like that It’s wrapped.. I think Maureen I think Maureen had mentioned that it was for my birthday and Like I almost feel bad for opening it because it’s just wrapped so nice Whenever I wrap gifts for people. I pretty much put them in a black garbage bag and Say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas. I really hate wrapping presents, but I just I love this little touch and this right here.. Oh, don’t look at my address This one right here Ugh, I can’t! It’s so heavy! She cut out this heart, and then she cut out a little heart. I think it looks really really awesome I’m really really excited to open it it. It did come with a card However the card got lost in the mail So I got sent like an e-card because I had the option of either getting the card resent Or just doing an e-card, and I just figured Might as well just do an e-card. It’s fine. Let me read you what it says here okay.. The seller is mysteryluv8 I’ll like write it down here or something. The card reads, “Thank you so much for ordering our mystery surprise box I like to say our happy birthday and Christmas one box, so that’s gonna probably be this theme. We truly hope you enjoy every mystery in our box. If you ever looking for another mystery, we hope you’ll look our way. Please tell a friend or two. Enjoy. Mysteryluv8” Let’s do this! Oh gosh! So what have you guys been up to lately? I’m watching a lot of Bo Burnham stuff because he is so great! And I found out recently, you guys remember the guy who Did the “leave Britney Alone?” Remember that guy? Apparently he does like porn now So that’s a thing Gosh I can’t open this (funny groan noises) OH! That was an inappropriate noise. Okay, I’m gonna turn on my camera right now. So you can kind of see as I’m seeing it right now. So, here’s this Look at that! That’s cute. Oh my gosh, okay, there’s like these little… oh these are so pretty! Ahh, look at that! Ahh! Okay, so this is number one. I also don’t know how much this mystery box was I didn’t ask. It was a gift However Maureen if you want to say how much the mystery box was just comment down below Oh my gosh hold on before I open this This person put… it so out of focus hello! Wish, hope, all these like fun little things Charmed, dream, play. What does this side say? I don’t know Oh Hold on what does that say? Welcome, pal, hi …Dance… Cute, glad, sweet! Okay. This is really cute. I’m gonna like keep this box forever. Okay, so there’s this This box is freaking adorable! Little glitter thingy! Cute! I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what this is It’s Yeah, I don’t know what this is I’m gonna ask somebody later on and look What is this? Ok, there’s that.. Tweezers I always need those! Hellur! That is box number one. I’m very happy about it I’ll probably even more happy once I figure out what that thing is right there. Look at that! Look at this guys! Cute little butterfly things! Oh, they’re so pretty more. There’s more. There’s more. Okay, so I’m getting glitter all over the place yay Okay, so this one I love this. This is the cutest thing. I’m gonna start crying it says “random ting ding things, lol” Okay, that’s cute. I don’t know if this is focused very well, but that’s freaking adorable. Ohhhh Okay, I bet that thing has to do with crocheting okay, got it! crochet beads Cool little like seeds to grow herbs from Whole Foods That’s cute (singing) Proud to be an American… A patch with a flag on it Bubbles! Don’t know if they actually work. It’s sealed so I know it’s not been used Weeeee! ha The bubbles went into the box, I was like oh, what are these but what are these a little balls for Tito’s homemade vodka buttons I’ve never had that before but maybe I should probably have it because, alcohol (sings again) Proud to be an American Ting ding things box. This is great. There’s a little ribbon satin cord Ideal for jewelry and craft projects. Cool. I will probably use that for like necklaces or something. Also, the necklace I have right now is awesome OOOOHHHHH Oh, yeah a travel neck pillow, I’ve always wanted one of these honestly. Hellur! This is nice Cool thank you. This is what I still have left. I’ve only opened like three things so far YASSSSS Yes, yes tissues I always need these. Just getting over being sick, so that’s a thing. Oh. Body lotion very cool (singing) And I won’t forget the men who died.. I’m gonna keep all these ribbons too like They’re nice. I can use them for something oh oh So I already see this so it’s something from Target. The seller probably doesn’t know I worked at Target for 11 years No, it’s Everlast so it’s not Target. I don’t know. I wonder if this person, if mysteryluv8 worked at Target This seems like one little things that they would give to like the team members or whatever. There’s my cat hello, that’s her butt! What is in here really? Oh, some Fitness bands. Cool an aerobic band What are you trying to say mysteryluv8? I know I need to work out more. I’ve never had one of these before and I also love this like a little pouch thing. Put like my phone and it and stuff Oh look. She’s saying hello! This cat was not part of the mystery box, right? (meows) Right Jay? It’s kind of like reminds you of like a Penn Station sub like the way, it’s wrapped is making me very hungry What is yes? Ah Oh? Bubble bath! Hellur, I love this I love like this like Gold top it makes me feel like I’m really fancy and rich or something I can’t really smell it but I also like I said getting over a cold so I have a hard time. Oh it’s sealed. That’s why okay Well, sealed-ish. That smells good Yummy, that smells really really good. What’s this scent supposed to be? Jasmine noir and Croley plum, I don’t know what that says There’s a fun little pouch. Is there anything in here? ah Pretty! They are earrings. I do have stretched lobes, but I also have regular standard holes It makes me think about the “Heart of the Ocean”. You guys remember Titanic? It’s like the, I think it’s a different shade of blue But it’s definitely a heart and makes me think of that. “I’ll never let go Jack” because she totally says it like that. Black canvas That’s awesome really cool. I just recently met Colin Forget his last name, but he’s the guy who designed the X-wing the Death Star Like the first, like the ships he designed the ships of Star Wars It’s really cool because what he did when he was trying to design this the ship He stared at a blank black canvas for like four days and like on the fifth day He woke up he designed the ship, which is really really cool. So maybe I’m gonna like stare at this blank canvas Black canvas for a few days, I’m gonna come up with the newest Star Wars ship Socks Yes, I love that! I love socks with puns on them Time to wine down. I had a glass of red wine last night, so this is definitely appropriate. Oh, okay, so this is a tin There’s a shirt, oh gosh, I hope it fits me Oh, ha! All right, it’s just a red shirt But I thought this was like part of the shirt it’s just like the sticker telling you how to wear a shirt because I guess people don’t know how. I thought I legit thought that that was part of like that was like something stitched on, cool. Did this person used to work at Target? Does this person know I used to work at Target? Do I know this person? This is a really really good box. Everybody go to mysteryluv8 and see like what kind of Mystery Box can you get from her if she has any left. Color-changing mood light! That’s fun. I like this like little rainbow thing readout here. I love this person “bag of whatnots and do dots” Cute I’m like gonna keep these notes forever. I smell something smells like nail polish. I think it’s a Tassels? LED tea lights, cool!. They’ve kind of like nippies. Nail polish remover wipes, cool. That’s probably what I smell also, oh Maureen, are you this person? Hellur a Fireball shot glass! That is awesome Mysteryluv8, who are you? Do you know me in real life? Do you know, Fireballs my jam. Oh a pencil sharpener cool. I also appreciate that this stuff is not opened. I’ve seen so many mystery box where people are just getting rid of their junk that they have already opened and clearly opened. And this is definitely still sealed and this is still sealed. This is definitely sealed. It’s got little heels on it That’s cool (singing) Met a homeless man named Rich. Oh, I love these!! These are like very like Mitzie-ish. Oh no, I don’t have glasses on! Shoot! I love this. I wish like I wish they were my prescription I’m really excited about this one. This person knows me really well. I love that. It’s a little tutu! It’s maybe a little small for me, but we can stretch it out a little bit !Cute look at that. Thank you mysteryluv8 Thank you so much. That’s really cool Yeah colored pencils oh And I can use I can use the pencil sharpener to sharpen these so yeah Cool, thank you. Oh, some ballpoint pens and this person knows Must know that I like black. I don’t like blue or Red .Oh dry erase markers I always need these when we were filming Whirlwind Renaissance Plug! Movie plug right there! My movie that I made You know I didn’t want to pressure everybody into memorizing their lines because you know they’re all my friends And so I took a dry erase board and wrote down their script in dry erase markers. So this always be great for like filming and that kind of thing so thank you And I’ve never had a pink one before, so. Look at that. That’s just so pretty I love this wrapping paper or this like tissue paper. Just a little date book Whoa I’m gonna put all my dates in here. Cool. I love this. I’m gonna put this in my purse and I always, am writing things. Oh It’s got one of my favorite things too. I’m always writing things on little scraps of paper. Just ideas I have for videos or ideas I have for like scripts and that kind of thing and I always put them in my pocket and then They get put in the laundry and they get lost forever So this will be great because it can fit in my purse, and I’ll tell you what my favourite thing is that’s This little thing it makes me feel really really bougie whenever I have like a ribbon I can’t really see it like a ribbon bookmark It makes me feel like I’m really fancy all the time so Whenever I’m like getting like a sketchbook or something I always like to have one with a little ribbon or I’m getting a classic book Like a Jane Austen or something I always like that little like extra ribbon thing This was also in there. What is this? What this? Oh? it’s a little chalkboard thingy, cool. I love this Like cool let me not show you what it is. It is an art set. It’s got 12 watercolor cakes, that sounds freaky. 6 watercolor paints, 2 sketching pencils, 2 natural hair brushes and Watercolor pad 10 sheets Neat I’m gonna open this up cool So I’m gonna do is I’m gonna be like I love this. I’m gonna go down to the park and just get out my watercolor set and just do some really cool paintings Yeah, the brushes are still good The thing is still sealed here, the pencils are sharpened very nicely 2B and HB. Neat! Folders, cool. Hellur, it’s me. Cool, always need folders like during Whirlwind Renaissance, I did not have a folder and what I did was I had a Spiral notebook that I would just keep papers in and then they would get all like bent up and stuff So yes, thank you, this is like inspiring me to do more film projects so yay Wellness starts from within. Shower therapy for feet yes. Oh is this like a bath mat? No, it’s an Avon thingy. Avon Calling! I need new shoes so my feet have been hurting like quite a bit lately They actually have holes on the bottom And I’m really stubborn and I won’t buy new shoes until like they pretty much disintegrate on my feet, so That’ll help me feel better in the meantime Okay, this is the last thing what is this? also glitter Designer Paper, cool. And do fun little projects and stuff on this It’s Designer Paper French Prep. That’s me. I’m a French prep! 50 sheets Yes, I just I just smelled it Thank you this has been a really cool box this video has also been really long I am so sorry, but there’s just a lot of really cool things in here I just wanted to take the time to really enjoy each thing individually so I apologize for the longness of this, the longness, yes. Thank you mysteryluv8 Really love this box like quite a bit, and thank you. Thank you Maureen! I love like these little ribbons like I’ll put them my hair and stuff so Like they’re not like paper. They’re actually like fabric ribbons. This person took a lot of time to put this together and I’m gonna keep this box. It’s got a little like fun like glitter things on it I’m gonna put all this back in the box and probably go through it again just Individually, just like enjoying each thing, but yeah, this is this has been a very successful mystery box, I know that a lot of youtubers are kind of saying don’t do this don’t get a mystery box because You literally don’t know what you’re gonna get which I understand but for every like bad one There’s also probably several very very good ones, and this is a really really good box. This is something I probably love to do again and honestly Do you guys want to see another one let me know, but yeah, thank you so much for watching Thanks for sticking with me this whole time this has been very long. I’ve said this little like a lot of times I’m sorry. I have a lot of videos I have filmed and I haven’t posted So I don’t know maybe I’ll maybe I’ll get motivated to be posting more if you guys like this video if you hate this video, I’ll just Run away, no, not really. Yeah, I appreciate you guys just sticking with me, sticking with me this whole time I know my my uploading has been very inconsistent but you know I’m still uploading just I just you know when I When I feel like it, you know, I don’t want to post a video Just to post a video. I want to actually post a video that I like and You know put effort into yeah, thank you for watching You’re beautiful you’re all loved and I’ll see you next time bye bye