EBay Mystery Tires. Hello thanks for watching. I want to show you these tires I got from ebay. Sometimes you are shopping on ebay for parts and you see something that looks too good to be true. I was looking on ebay and I found these cheap tires. Set of four. With wheels. With foams. The whole set is about 12 usd. Another 4.5 usd to ship them here to the us. This is what you get. I’ve been using these ones already. They have a few different tread patterns. They have different styles of wheel. And they have foams inside. They come like this. They are marked “www.kforce-racing.com”. When they are listed on ebay, they are not called “KForce”. They will be generic from a chinese seller. So you get this whole set. Whole set of four. Let’s open this. I took a chance on this set. When I got them out they were clean like this. I’m trying both tread patterns. I liked this smooth one first. I thought this looked like a good hard surface tire. I find these tread patterns to be basic and good. The rubber is soft. Not the softest. Soft enough to get good performance. They won’t last too long. At this price, you can afford to burn some rubber. The wheels are nice quality. They are as nice as the pictures on ebay. They are not glued. You will need to glue them yourself. Let’s pop one open. They come with foam. With the parts that come in this package… … Everything here is quality., Everything here is good enough to put on your buggy. It is good enough to be an upgrade to the typical Tamiya kit tires. I looked at the KForce-Racing website and found taht this tread pattern is called “The Monaco”. I don’t know if you can see well, the grooves here are shallow. But they are deep enough to make a difference. This is a semi slick tire. It is soft enough and the wheel is stiff enough and the foam is supportive enough to work well on pavement. Look at the profile. It has a medium roundness in profile. Works great on pavement. On hard packed dirt I’ll show you a video here. It’s working on a hard packed dirt surface. It has some loose dirt on top. If you listen to the car go around the turn here… Maybe you can hear… This tire connect with the dirt and tearing some of the dirt away. On hard dirt surfaces, this tire works okay. Don’t think this is strictly for on road. I’ll see how this one works and do a follow up review. Just with these two tread patterns, you are ready for most surfaces. I’ll continue to test these. As of now, I give my enthusiastic support to these tires. These… EBAY MYSTERY TIRES