hello eBay sellers thank you for coming
back for another video this is video number 261 and I want to give you a
little tip today if you are not using the eBay unpaid item assistant you
absolutely should be this is the best way to handle eBay buyers who don’t pay
because everything is automated behind the scenes you setup your preferences
and you don’t have to do anything so let me show you how this works and of course
I will put all these links under the video so you can go check out this
information but this is called the eBay unpaid item assistant and it’s basically
a way to automate collecting money from buyers who either win an auction or you
accept a best offer from or if you’re not using immediate payment which that
will be another video that’s a great thing to use this is the number one
problem with eBay is it’s the only site on the internet where you can
essentially buy something but you don’t have to pay for it right then and I
don’t know how eBay can ever fix this because when there’s auctions or best
offer those numbers are not set in stone so there’s no way to invoice the
customer until the auction is over or you’ve accepted the offer so anyway this
is just basically a way to set up pay the collecting money from your buyers
and it automates the process of opening and closing unpaid item cases so where
do you find this you’re going to go to my eBay under account and then over here
on the left under site preferences and you will get to this page where you have
all these different things you can set up and so it’s kind of buried down here
almost near the bottom it’s just above general preferences it says unpaid item
assistant also this is free there’s no charge to use this so another reason I
like it so you can go in here and edit your preferences you’re going to turn it
on on by clicking the radio button at the
top here I set my time frame to the shortest one because I want my money I
mean there’s no reason to wait 8 days 16 days set it to two days because after 2
days a case will automatically be opened and eBay is going to handle collecting
money from that customer or if they don’t pay then you can realistic an set
up your email preferences which I like to know when this has happened so I’ve
got mine on real time here automatically relist the item when the case is closed
I have that set to know just because I just like to have control over my
business and I don’t want to have things being relisted unless I know it and I
can go back in and you know make notes on my end of on my spreadsheet or
whatever I need to do so I like to relist it myself
automatically requests eBay giving works you know that’s your charity donation
there whatever you want to do and there’s a section on excluding buyers I
don’t know why you would use this unless you have some kind of consumable item or
you get a lot of repeat business where you’re allowing your customers not to
pay for an extended period of time so that would be very special circumstances
so generally speaking you’re not going to put anything in there and that’s it
and you just save it and no more tracking down buyers trying to get them
to pay emailing them invoicing them all that kind of stuff if they don’t pay
within the time frame you have set then they get a case open eBay handles it if
they don’t pay at all even after the case is opened you get an email that
says an unpaid item case has been closed your fees have been refunded and you can
relisting is automated and this is the best way to deal with non paying buyers
because you don’t have to get involved with them and have all these long
conversations and hear about all their struggles in life of why they can’t pay
for stuff and that’s just a huge time-suck so any automation you can use
that make sense you want to use and I just
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