Hi I’m Hannah from eBay. Welcome to part two in this series about our policies. In this video, we’ll look at what happens
if you breach our policy on offers to buy or sell outside of eBay. In a nutshell, making offers to buy or sell
outside of eBay isn’t allowed. This includes sharing contact information
such as phone numbers, email, website or postal adresses or other contact details before
the person buying the item has gone through one of the correct processes to commit to
buy on eBay. You’ll get a warning if you or the person
you’re communicating with breaches the policy. The person selling the item could also be
charged a fee even if the item doesn’t sell. If you continue to breach the policy, here’s
what’ll happen. We’ll remove your ability to communicate
with people you’re not already in a transaction with We’ll remove your ability to buy or sell. You could also be charged fees. And if you’re an eBay Top-rated Seller,
your account’ll change to Above Standard for the next billing cycle. If you receive a warning, please read the
policy notice and the policy page on the eBay site carefully to find out why. You can contact us if you’re unclear about
what’s happened. Ignoring warnings and continuing to breach
policy can mean things very quickly escalate and your account could be restricted. Our policy on offers to buy or sell outside
of eBay applies to everyone. Whether you only use eBay occasionally or
you run a business on our site, the consequences of breaching this policy are the same. Watch our other videos in this series to find
out: More about the policy on offers to buy
or sell outside of eBay, best practice guidelines for communicating
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