Hi I’m Hannah from eBay. Welcome to the
third part of this series about our policies. In this video we’ll look at
guidelines for communicating with other users in a way that ensures that you
don’t breach our policy on offers to buy or sell outside of eBay. The golden
rule is that you must wait until after the buyer is committed to buy on eBay
before sharing contact details Here are some more ways to ensure that you play
by the rules: Remove your contact details or links to
destinations outside of eBay from your listings, templates, photos, user profile
and eBay shop. Go to business seller preferences in my eBay to input any
contact information which is required by law. This will ensure that your contact
details display automatically in the business seller information section of
your listings Use this rather than adding your contact information into other fields. If you use a signature in eBay messages check it doesn’t contain contact details and remember to remove links to social media profiles as well. In fact, while you’re reviewing your signature why not edit it to include a
message like “Please ask any questions via eBay messages” or “All sales go
through eBay”. Use eBay messages for all your communications. If you or the
other party need to send a picture you can send images up to 1600 by 1600
pixels. If you need to know the buyers location to calculate a postage quote you can ask for their town and country. Just don’t ask for their full address. And in case you make a mistake and you get an account restriction, get in touch
with us straight away. And here are some don’ts when talking to other people on eBay: The first point is an obvious one – don’t ever offer to buy or sell outside of
eBay. Don’t ask for or share contact details before there’s a commitment to
buy on eBay. Don’t tell someone where to find your contact details prior to purchase, even if you’re a business. Don’t try to mask your contact details for
example you mustn’t write out your phone number and words and don’t replace
characters in email addresses or websites with words like “at” or “dot”. We have detection methods in place to pick this up. Don’t scrape contact
information from other sources, such as the other person’s PayPal account. Don’t try to work around the system. It’s not worth risking your account and income. And don’t ignore warnings. If you do your account could be restricted. So, to sum it
all up, only share contact information once there’s a commitment to buy on eBay. Watch our other videos in this series to find out more about the policy on
offers to buy or sell outside of eBay, and what happens if you breach this
policy – whether on purpose or accidentally? If you found this video
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