hey what are you doing on my ceiling
silly? I’m just kidding with you. My name’s Michael A. Castaneda. I resell
things on eBay, specifically to pay down my student loans. If you have students loans or debt you understand what I mean, but I also want to share with you ten items that I
sold for a flip profit in June 2019. I want to share with you a little bit
about my system my inventory and how I keep track of everything and how I
maximize my profit so that way I can pay down my student loan debt as
quickly as possible and I’ll share with you a little bit about my story. This is
so easy to just lie here it just feels so nice I could take a nap on just brand
products. I don’t even want to hide this mess from you. I’m just gonna show you
exactly what I do so I have these poly mailer bags I got like a hundred of them
for like three dollars plus shipping was like five bucks or whatever from a place
in Texas but I’ll leave that in the description below. I get a piece of
masking tape and I just put like CO-2 the reason why I add a custom skew to my
packages is because if you look up here on the top right it says custom label
that just makes tracking your package after the customer has purchased it
easier on your end, so let’s say for example someone were to buy this theory
plaid button-up my custom label is number 36 and I have several different
spaces in my closet dedicated to items 1 through 10, 10 through 20 so on and so [forth]. It
just makes tracking your package easier after they’ve already purchased the item
and now let me show you how I keep track of everything in my Excel spreadsheet. You’ll see that I just put the name the date that I purchased it the purchase
price the SKU number which I’ve now just changes it of like CO-6 now I just
changed to like the number 32 cause that’s where it is on my list. The selling price
of what I have it listed for, when I sell it, the cost of the goods, Fees that PayPal
takes out, shipping costs and how much did they pay for shipping cost. That’s how I keep
track of everything now I’m gonna go ahead and do this, cause I took everything out,
but also I’m gonna show you what products I use to make sure everything
is nice and clean before I ship it out everything that I use in addition to
these poly-mailer bags. In here I have my compartment, I have a whole bunch of
things that I have and in addition to that I have my kitchen scale and then
I’ll also, a lot of the times, if I need to like iron something I’ll put a little
light here and I’ll use this light as well to take pictures and things like
that but I have shoe polish. I have this E6000 industrial-strength adhesive
that’s washable and dryer safe. I have these toothbrushes here so that way I
can go ahead and spot brush certain things. I got some stain remover here.
Grandma spot remover. It’s got secrets! I have this de-linter here and then I
also have my Pope Francis bobblehead. He’s supposed to be holding a cheesesteak. I was actually in Philadelphia at the time when he showed up. When was that
2015/2015. Standard old tape looks like I got to get a little refill. The masking
tape I use specifically for the packages of the Poly-mailers. Kitchen scale here.
Let me back that up. I have this flexible tape measure that came with my sewing
kit. I have a small set of screwdrivers and things like that that I use for like
holding down tags so that way you don’t see my grumpy ass hands all over there.
this is a defuzzer. My wife bought this for me. This is a very, very small
flat-head screwdriver and then if you go down below you can see my doggo. Hi doggo! and then in here is I kind of store some things here that adhesive that I
used actually for this hat this thing was actually completely split in two and
I thought it was a really cool hat I got it for $1.33 and I just didn’t
didn’t want sell it with it still like slightly-slightly broke. Here’s these
Poly-mailer blah, bags bags here that I put here, and then I also have a
whole bunch of stuff for like stuffing inside of packages and whatnot. Another
thing I do is I have this white tarp it’s actually not just white on the
other side is actually a huge picture of my wife at this water dance thing that
she did. I just use the back of it so that way it’s just like a normal like
background on the back here and I’ll just hang this up so that way the
clothes can look hung up and then I have this just a standard like mic stand
that I put all these lights on and like the light that I have that I just showed
you as well so that way I can go ahead and get everything nice and lit on both
sides of the shirt and then my I have my window here so that way I can go ahead
and light like just basically both sides so it has a nice neutral background and
I have the hanger here and things like that and on eBay I’ll just crop it so
that way the shirt or the item you know looks pretty flush. My wife and I recently
moved from Philadelphia to the Long Beach area in California and so right
now I just stuff all of my products in the top corner there and that’s kind of
like my system I used to put this on the ground and take pictures on the ground
but I think I like the like the natural flow. I’m gonna use a different hanger
for this before I take pictures of that just the natural flow of clothes just
kind of like hanging and I saw some other resellers doing that as well. When
I started my store I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know he’s just
Google him, but he’s always saying if you want to pay off your student loan debt
flip products on eBay, so I was like let me test this theory. He was like just
wash, rinse, repeat, so from January 2019 to May 2019. I picked up every penny
nickel and dime that I found on the ground and I waited
the entire time and I collected around $80 or $80 in some odd cents or whatever
and that’s the money that I use to start this store and I’m just gonna wash rinse
repeat and I’m gonna see how much how much I can collect over time and I’m
really hoping that in the end I could pay off my student loan debt and in the
end I can start helping my wife pay off her student loan debt and in the end I
can help you pay off your student loan debt because this is just too much
this is too much debt it’s just too much I just get it handle it. As promised I
wanted to share with you ten items that I sold for a flip profit. I’m out here I
could have done this inside of the house but I wanted to go out right now look
for some yard sales and see if I can’t find any product, so consider subscribing
oh yeah here we go there’s one right there and consider subscribing cause
if I do find one I’m gonna take you with me and we’re gonna see some other
products and next week if I flip anything I’ll share I’ll share
those with you as well, so here’s the ten items that I sold and because this is
completely completely unsafe I’m gonna stop and I’m gonna talk about it and I’m
gonna put it up on my screen right here yep you just saw me run a stop sign
police don’t arrest me. The first thing that I sold was a J Jill cardigan. I
bought it for $4, sold it for $7.50 making a profit of $4.02. I
also sold this Dodgers Jersey that I bought for $7.57 the person bought it for $15.50 I made a flip profit of $9.05. I sold this Michael Brandon t-shirt I bought it for
a $1.85. I sold it for $4.50 making a profit
of $4.63 that was after fees and everything like that. I
also bought this Cactus Fox print short sleeve button up. I bought it for a
$1.85 I sold it for $9, making a profit of $7.67. I was really pumped for this next item this Ciroc Ultra Premium Sling bag
I bought it for $3 when I first moved to Long Beach. The moment I
listed it the next day it sold for $12 so I made a flip profit of $9.54. Now these next two items I got for free. I was interested in
learning more about real estate, so I bought some books they sent me two
additional ones actually three additional one completely for free, so I
flipped them. I sold real estate principles for $17.50 which I made a
profit of $17.49 on after fees and then I also sold real estate practice for $38
making a flip profit of $37.98 I also sold and I was really
excited about this because this flipped really quick too, like the next day it
sold, this Lucky Brand El Diablo t-shirt this graphic tee that had a poker club
on it this devil face on it I bought it for $5 it sold for $12 the next day so
I made a flip profit of $7.39 I also, at a yard sale found this woman’s North Face exercise long-sleeve with the monkey paw
I bought it for $1.33 It sold for $7 so I made a flip
profit of $5.41 and I also found these Nike Air Kempshall Last men’s golf cleats I bought for $8 I touched it up here is
the before and here is the after and they sold for $15.50 so I made a flip
profit of $7.74 Those are the products that I sold in
June 2019 making me an overall gross profit of over $200.
I absolutely love riding my bike around the neighborhood and just going from
yard sale to yard sale and you know also like we’re doing the routes and
everything like that but I enjoy just flipping this all making a profit and
then also paying off my student loans Oh my gawd, if you have student loans you understand what I mean! or if you have any sort of debt you know what I mean but consider subscribing and tune in next week where
we’ll actually go through an entire yard sale together we’ll see what kind of
products I find and then if we flip anything between now and the next week
I’ll put that on the video too thank you so much everybody and you have
a wonderful wonderful Day!