Ebay SEO and why it is
is so incredibly important right now. We had reported that it was
an update in autumn 2019 has – link the video
me up here again. And this update included,
that e-bay eliminates duplicate listings. So, either you have a
organic listing in the Cassini, so in the search results of Ebay, or
just a paid ad, so a Advertisement. Both at the same time
is not possible. The question now is: What
does that mean SEO for Ebay? And does anything change? Or do you need to be on it right now
make sure that the ad is super SEO is optimized, so that you can even
has a chance to go on eBay sell? If you’re interested,
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this question of whether you care about Ebay SEO have to care about at all
or if this is just a dead-end art form, Michael Gross knows. After the intro. Yes, thanks Jens,
for the presentation. I would like to briefly mention some
to say a few words of introduction. It was mid-December.
a trader friend of mine and says, “Hey, Michael,
I need storage space. I got a couple of pallets
of a product that I can’t even though it was actually
is a good product. And I need the space. Can’t you just…
…take a look at it?” So I said:
“Yeah, you’re welcome. I like to look at it, and we
see what we can do together …can do.” That’s…
that is, the starting product. Just a normal household product that requires a lot of
Removes space in the warehouse . Initial situation was, I believe,
I just had another …was a
Sale on 11.11. I had a look at the
mid-December, so quasi insignificant Sales. So almost, like I said, until
on the one hand, actually nothing. So we had to…
…we do something. That was the original article. Actually, it looks like
doesn’t look bad. Heading is not wrong. We all see here
Article characteristics filled in. Template also not so bad. Well, normally
that work. I then had the
contests, they actually looked at sold pretty well. So between one
up to three articles should actually be in it, in selling. So what did we do? The first thing we did… we have the… Nah, I’ll start somewhere else. Let me show you this first,
like the initial situation in Baygraph was. This is what the article looked like. Is that how we started out. Yes, on December 12th
I created the article in the Baygraph. We can see there’s always movement
about, like, the top 100. Top 100-110. The keyword I had chosen was
because “Mini Oven” was chosen. And so he was always concerned
which moves 100-110 positions, so virtually invisible. There. So what do we have
on the article? I’ve looked into it. I’ve tried to find a title
to put together a better title to find. Told the dealer
“Please change the title. Please write, because before Christmas.
are, as a test, still the Christmas’ keyword.” We see there, he is
only listed in one category. We have a second
category. In that case, the
Category “ovens and stoves”. I told him
would like more article characteristics fill. I told him,
he would like to have a mobile Add a short description. I gave them. The whole thing has about, yeah, me
say 10, 15 minutes. Got all that.
written down, sent by e-mail. And then my
first part actually done. One more look… Now, go on.
…I’m going to take it a little further, that we also see,
what happened next. I got, here I got
set the marker, in Baygraph. This means that after the first optimization
he was then from position 115 organic in position
51 climbed. That means we were close.
to the top 50. What we did then was,
an advertisement for this article switched. With the display
it then the organic result finished. Does that mean he was with
of the display to position 40. Wasn’t really enough to
then organic sales at generate. That means
I said, “Please stop this. Article and put it
…to be reinstated.” That is, with the termination
of the article he loses his bad history. The bad
History was there. It wasn’t sales. And then I said, okay,
let’s finish the article and let’s reset him so that
…the push of the newcomer… get. The result was: We
were organic after the new listing from position 51 to 36. And with the display then in position
…yes, 36 started. That’s when the 21 came along. Well, we can see that he had
always took turns a little. So, between display and organic
Search result, always around 24, 28. What are we looking at?
in this example project ? Let’s see that the
ad listing very strongly in the organic listing. That means we’re with the
Display position not far from the organic listing. That means if
I with the organic Listing bad rank, the
Display also not better played out or not
much better. This is a try now. Well, it’s possible that others
Try again to show others or show different results. That means it’s natural
also existentially important that we measure our results. Because otherwise we know
not what happens. So, what do we have
as the next step? I think he was there with,
I think 7% advertising bid in there. So with the one from
Ebay proposed result. And then we have the
Advertising bid increased to 10%. At that point . What was that
Result of the increase of the display Bid? We are in position
24 has jumped to position 1. That means we were then under
the keyword “mini oven” with this article to position 1. So, then of course
try to use the displays or playing around with the
Ads offered to play. Because 10% is of course a lot. That is, we then tried
what happens if we use the Advertising bid go down again. That means we’ll have… I do
…that was a little bit bigger… which means we’ll have the
Advertising bid reduced to 7% again. What happened? We were with the
Display returns to position, or have slipped down again
with the display in position 15. the display returns to 10%.
…and then we were up to two. Then, a short time later, on 1. Advertisement bid reduced to 5% ,
we were down to 16 again. I’ll just do this here.
again a bit bigger. Which is what happened,
are then the first sales. That means we see
here the first sale. Have with the display
…then nothing more. So after we’ve gotten the ad bid
reduced to 5%, and see then here the first sale
and then see a short time later, what do we have here at 4:11, the
Reaction 6:00, 7:00, that is, we see then that the sales
or the first sale, which then again, the ranking
also with regard to the advertisement improved. I’ll raise it again. We’re here with a 5% advertising bid
to position 16 – positions 15, 16 are indicators. The next display group in the
Category is then up Position 1 -5. That means we were then with the
first jump already in position 4 inside, and with the second
Jump to position 1. So what do we have next? Next sale’s coming up. The result of all this, I
Now show the complete graph, is the result of a whole
so a continuous position 1. Yeah, and here’s another short one,
here is Ebay again briefly on 2 gone. Here eBay has once again
tries the article a little bit down, to
Display position 5 and 4. For whatever reason. So we have nothing
to the article has been amended. That was also from evening to morning
did eBay then publish the article in a a little bit. But basically what we’re seeing here
We have a continuous Position 1 on the article. Tidy visitors and of course
…and a decent turnover. Can I just go to
the article. That is, since the
Optimization that we have started in the middle of December to the present day, have
so we have 52 of the ovens sold. In contrast to
before, one, in November. As I said, more data had
didn’t show up on eBay. That is, I don’t know,
how many were sold before. Can’t we just…
many. Yeah, that’s what it looks like on a
Example from , how Ebay optimization works. How to measure it. And also confirms the case again,
that without measuring, it is naturally more difficult on
to react to eventualities. We just have the opportunity here
by measuring that Advertising offer of 10%
to 5%. Now, theoretically, we could, it’s
don’t stop our article if that would be a test article of mine,
I’d be trying to talk to the Ads bid so far down to
until he reaches position 1 loses. Yeah, playing out how
I can go down far, that he’s still in position 1
and then stop at a possible sale also a few
Euro, or not so a lot of money. There’s a difference if I’m
da, depending on what the article costs, there is of course a difference between
…I’m now 5 or 10 percent… pay the advertisement fee. Yes. Thank you.
for the attention! I’m going to go back to Jens
and I’ll see you at the next Video. Bye! That was super, super exciting. Thank you, dear Michael. If you’d like to see the video as well.
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