[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Ciara Brown
and I’m the owner of The Diamond Hanger. We sell everything from new,
vintage, dresses, jackets, and all of the cool stuff. So, currently in our inventory,
we carry about 3,000 items. Everything just built up. It was all out of
my college bedroom and I just had boxes just
stacked in the corner. Everything’s just everywhere. June 1st, we got our first
1,000-square-foot warehouse and we’re filling
up pretty fast. So it’s pretty exciting. I love that every single one
of these dresses, someone has worn to an event. And really, it’s not just about
the dress, it’s about the life that you live in it. I come across so
many vintage things that somebody has kept in
the back of their closet. And I get to bring it back
out and be like, look. Look, right there. Perfect. Being young has
nothing to do with what you’re capable of achieving. There’s a lot of young
entrepreneurs that, you know, are doing what I’m doing today. And I believe that
they should all know that, you know, to
stick to the same path that they’re doing and
it’s going to pay off. I think that eBay has made
me find the person that I am on the inside and bring that
out in such a positive light and be able to impact
other people’s lives. So I think that it’s
changed not only my life but it’s changed a lot of
people’s lives around me. It’s so motivating and so
inspiring and so exciting that you can get
bigger and there are no limits to what you do.