you decided to start your e-commerce business however managing a thriving business also requires managing your accounting records you know the real boring stuff that numbers people like to do you think about the challenges of integrating sales from multiple channels like Amazon, Shopify, Magento and Etsy into a cohesive accounting system now you’ve been told that selling to customers around the country can result in the need to file sales tax in many different states and online sales reports are just not giving you enough information in order to understand if your business is making money not to mention tracking inventory running payroll filing tax returns and how your business performance will impact your tax situation all this is making you dizzy if you feel this way you might be suffering from OATS Overload Accounting and Tax Syndrome the good news is that overload accounting and tax syndrome is treatable as an e-commerce accounting firm we can help polaris tax and accounting understands the challenges your business faces and we have accounting and tax solutions to cure oats for good we believe that accounting and taxes don’t have to be challenging and that businesses should be able to work with a proactive account as a result we use real-time cloud accounting technology like 0 and proactive year-round tax planning solutions to help you better manage your business finances and help you reduce your tax liability give us a call today to explore how polaris tax and accounting can help your e-commerce business grown