The new Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports
demystify the customer’s online shopping experience. These reports help you understand performance
and activity for individual products or product categories. They also show your customers’
shopping and purchasing behaviors like how often they add or remove products from their
online shopping carts. Detailed reports about the shopping process can help you in many
different ways. The Product Performance report shows the sales
performance and shopping behavior related to your products. This report offers multiple
ways to view the data such as product name, SKU, category, and so on. The goal is to let
you analyze product performance based on how your company organizes products. The Product List Performance report helps
you understand how merchandising blocks, category pages or search results drove product exposure
and how often users clicked on specific products. The Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior
reports give you a detailed look at how users viewed products; added or removed them from
shopping carts; and initiated, abandoned, or completed transactions. Keep in mind that before you can access these
new ecommerce reports, you’ll need to implement Enhanced Ecommerce on your website.