our online sales is up about 30 percent
over last year which is great so we’ve definitely had some challenges with
online sales we have several brick-and-mortar
locations and our online sales we think could grow quite a bit from what they’re
doing so we also have some really highly specialized products so we a lot of our
consumers don’t really understand the value of really good extra virgin olive
oil so we want to educate people about our products and why they should be
buying them I think when we grew from we went from like seven or eight stores and
then all of a sudden we were like at 17 or 18 and we realized that what we were
doing in-house was not effective anymore the one or two people could not manage
just you know trying to do things for every single store and grow the online
we just knew we’d really outgrown our abilities in house what really led us
to go with campaign creators was when we sat down with the whole team and they
kind of talked through all the different elements or a business say it was clear
that they were really trying to understand exactly what our challenges
were our primary goal was increased online sales and get more foot traffic
into stores so those things we feel like in this day and age we have to bring
traffic into our stores but we can’t ignore the online component which we
haven’t invested a lot in up until now so campaign creators created a beautiful
eBook that sort of locked the reader through
the process of understanding what makes extra-virgin olive oil
we’ve seen our email list grow by almost double which is a really exciting our
email subscriber is far some of our most valuable return customers our online
sales is up about thirty percent over last year which is great we also have
them do some promotions for the holidays of the huge time of year for retail so
they created some Black Friday Cyber Monday promotions for us that translated
into huge sales for us over like a four day period that we hadn’t previously
seen online which was really exciting what really impressed us about campaign
creators was the different skill sets of everyone on the team it’s a really great
collaboration you really feel involved in the process and they’re not just
telling you exactly this is what you need to do it’s sort of if it’s a team
effort of figuring out what’s going to work for you I think my favorite moment
of the most positive all that we had working with campaign creators was we
actually had the whole team come down to one of our flagship locations and sort
of show them what the we all have experiences and just seeing how excited
they were about that and how much they embraced it and how that excitement and
passion for what we do translated it into their work was really was really cool
to see I would definitely recommend campaign creators to someone else in
our industry because I feel like it’s a very personal approach they’re able to
tailor their services to what their our business needs were and I feel like they
make a really great effort to dig in understand the business and make
decisions that are going to be that are really gonna payoff for us for you for any