Hello and welcome to Chris Palmer SEO in today’s video I want to discuss e commerce SEO how to grow more free organic traffic to your e-commerce website store 2019 with ecommerce marketing. To get more traffic to your online website to get more traffic now what I want to cover with you is you’re already ranking on page one or you’re ranking on page two and you want to get more traffic and How you do that is by taking the snippet. Because we’re doing great. I want to share that with you. Okay, So I’m gonna walk you through the process So let’s just jump right in so As an example. I want to show you How to do it I’ll walk you through the process so you could go out and you could start grabbing your own. Alright? so for this example, what we’ll do is Best I don’t know How about toasters? for this example actually so best toasters Let’s do toasters For this traffic method , so here is the rich snippet Alright, so this is the featured snippet now I want to point out a couple of things and these are the things that you want to take into consideration Okay So we want to take a look at this snippet We want to see is it an unordered list, or is it a ordered list. So an ordered list would be you know, 1 2 3 4 but this actually has bullet points. So this is an unordered list alright So let’s just go take a look really fast. So this will be the first thing that you’ll want to do so the first thing is gonna be take a Look, ok. So the first thing you’ll want to do is go ahead and take a look at the snippet See, is it a list? Is it an ordered list? That’s the number one step. All right, so That’s really really good to know so they Actually went ahead. Sometimes they do that They actually put the bullet points. So we’re gonna take note for this particular instance. We have an ordered list so When you’re looking at the snippets that you want to take you want to do what is working! but I’m gonna give you a couple of the tips, so Here are the best electric two sliced toasters in order so it’s 2 sliced toasters All right. Now, what I would do is I would go ahead and make that in. H2 heading okay And then you would go in order So they’re using an ordered list on the page, but Google has stripped that and they’ve actually made an unordered list They do this all of the time I would take note of that. So you’re taking note You’re taking a look at the snippet This is how we’re gonna steal it. This is how we’re gonna get more traffic. All right, you want to grab this. Rich snippet featured snippet on Google now what I would then do is on this site you want to go in and you want to take a look at the Schema the schema that they are using Okay what you’ll want to do is Depending on your tool you want to use the exact schema that they are using. to produce This snippet. Okay now within the snippet All right, I do notice that the image. All right. The image is absolute key I see that the image is a different image Okay, so they’re pulling the image from somewhere else Okay to put inside of the snippet. However, they’re taking this snippet So What I would do is I would also go to this website here and take a look at the image see the sizes So you want to make sure that your image size is the same. You want to match whatever the image is you want to make sure that the quality of the image is better Anything that you can do, so the next step is going to be the image Okay the image from this website, but they’re using this ordered list stripping it and making it an unordered list Okay, so you would want to head off to that website Take a look at the image. See what schema they’re using for the image Okay, so that’s right here on this website So we’ll go ahead and we’ll open this link in a new tab and we’re gonna take a look at the schema So we’re gonna take a look at the image. Schema Oh What size is it? What are they using you want to match that schema markup! Exactly you want to take note of this of the photo that’s inside of the snippet as well So you want to match and beat the quality and you want it to be perfect also you want to take a look at the alt text of the image that they’re using as well as far as setting this up, Within the text, okay the key to doing this is there’s two things that you want to do one is You can What has been working is You can go on to Amazon and you want to find your own list the best highest rated from top to bottom and also what we have been using and Working with is if you take a look up here Inside of the sponsored if you just take a list from the sponsored okay for your ecommerce store and Literally rate the ones that are in the sponsored tab that are getting clicks that are getting views, okay. reorder them on your page This headline right make it an h2 on your page. All right Reorder either from Amazon with highest rated down Okay, but it needs to be set up just like this you use the same exact schema and then as far as the picture Whatever picture scan that they’re using Whatever they are using Do exactly what they’re doing as far as this photo so the photo and the and the text are two separate entirely Things that you need to put together and make a better snippet so Google is almost forced to take it by acquiring the snippet I want to point out to you if it’s above the organic traffic if the person Google is giving the end-user what they want, okay So by you being either and add people skip over the next thing they’re gonna look at is this snippet. They’re giving you the list You will generate Double if not triple your traffic, but let’s just keep moving on So we covered the imagery. Okay, so we took a look at the image We want to use the exact schema. Okay! Whatever schema schema they’re using for the image Make sure you are using that exactly however, the layout is what size is the image. What’s the DPI? What’s the size of the frame but each and every aspect. You want to match it make it better But you’re gonna put it all together on your page as far as this headline you want to make that in h2 when you’re filling out your Unordered list or ordered list. However, your snippet that you’re going after that’s already there is set up you want to match it! but the key here is using LSI keywords laytic semantic indexing keywords Synonyms you want to include and incorporate as many. LSI and synonyms as possible within your text here so if there’s anything that you can change or add to Make it Relevant, that is what you want to do by taking a look at the SERP okay, you can’t take The snippet unless you’re on page one or on page two Okay, you can take the featured snippet by following this recommendation So I’m gonna just cover it really fast. I’ll put it all together for you A RECAP. Whatever the headline is Keep the headline If you can add LSI and/or synonyms you want to do so you want to make that headline in H2. You want to see if it’s an ordered list or an unordered list, whatever they’re doing You need to do that to check the schema for the unordered list or the ordered list check the schema and match that exactly Okay, take a look at the image See the size the frame every piece of aspect even the schema for the image make that You know do that as well on your page Anything that they’re doing you want to match and beat and you’re beating it by making that headline into a H2, and you’re beating it by adding the LSI words and also using synonyms adding them to the snippet itself. But you’re giving Google exactly what it wants and this is how you can gain and earn more organic for your website Okay, more organic traffic for your website without using ads for your e-commerce Online store. I hope that this has helped you if it has please subscribe for more SEO related Business content I’ll see you in the next video SEO ecommerce marketing 2019 get more website traffic to your shopify or Amazon store.