[AUDIENCE CLAPPING] I want to talk about some other
amazing technology– drones. As you’ve probably heard, a
lot of companies, like Amazon, started using them
for deliveries. And I was curious as to
how these drones work, and I thought– I placed an order before
the show for someone on my staff who needs
something right away. So the drone should
be here soon. And– [DRONE HOVERING] Oh, I hear it now. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING AND CLAPPING] Yep. OK. OK. All right. All right. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] Yeah, that’s how it works. They send a drone to your
house, and then a guy follows it in his car– and then he takes it off of
the drone and gives it to you. Mary, I know you went through
that pallet of your rash cream, so I got you some
more rash cream. Because you’re
highly contagious– which is why Andy
isn’t here today. Lauren, I’d be really
careful if I were you. OK? You know what? Here, Mary. OK. I am so sorry that rash
has not cleared up. That’s got to be
embarrassing for you– that I have to keep
talking about it. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING]