You’ve got to think the best. You’ve got to think the highest possible thoughts about the people in your team. I think that that’s what led me to where I am today. It was my parents’ voices saying, “We believe in you, Orjan. We believe that your dreams can become true When I came home with my first essay, at the age of 10, and I have a spelling correction in every single word in my essay, even my own name at the end, I mean, that’s a perfect F. Can’t be more perfect than that. They didn’t bother thinking about that. They talked about how I could become a doctor. Or maybe I wanted to be a lawyer? I mean, it’s perfect to be a lawyer when you make a spelling mistake in every single word. It will be fun in court. Or go to business school. It some way, they didn’t match their expectations to my results, but they saw the expectations in my life and matched them to my dreams and their dreams for me. That’s why you’re here. That’s why you are in this community. That’s why you decided to be here this weekend, because this weekend, you’ve got a bunch of people around you You can rub off on them next you, if you want to. But you’ve got a bunch of people around you, that believe, that think that you can do amazing things that think that you can really go out and change… your community, your family, your city. Eventually change, maybe, your county, maybe your state, your country, one day.