We should take one like this And one wearing it Great idea 1, 2, 3~ It’s cute! Not bad Should we tuck in the waist? Let’s use this It worked! – Really? – Yeah! Stylist Sana did it with a ball point pen! Wow! Doesn’t she look nice? The shirt looks like a piece from the 2016 S/S collection! Do I look okay? Passionate photographer Jeong Yeon 1, 2, 3~ Tzuyu fans might notice her Always looking like a model She looks like a model from a magazine We need a picture of the back Enthusiastic photographer We need to tuck it at the front! The front! Our strategy was the model Our model was tall And she has a great figure She modeled the clothes for us And we took photos And we posted them What should I say? We have to make a direct dealing, do you know what that means? No We meet them in person Oh we’re gonna do that? We have to decide where to meet him/her, and deliver it We’re going to exchange the item with money Oh~ Most of them wrote brand names in the title I never sold anything on the internet We weren’t sure what to write And I thought about what we should write to get people interested Jeong Yeon took care of all of it for us First I didn’t even remove the wrapping paper This one is brand new? And the gold accents Will make your feet stand out We should write that Shoes! This is how you write it We have to write the size Price It has to be cheap for people to buy it The cheapest one is 60,000 won It’ll sell faster if we put it up for 50,000 won 50,000 won? If no one is interested, we can mark it down to 30,000 won She knows how to negotiate (- We have to sell it quickly) These shoes… Make you feel like you’re walking on clouds Like a flying eagle… These shoes are an embodiment of femininity They also have alluring ribbons attached to them Like a graceful black swan What did you focus on when you posted the shoes online? The writing/description of course Should we include something? Wait! Thai ramen? Ramen? What is this? Who’s gonna buy this ha ha But she’s still holding it in her hand Popcorn seasoning! We’re going to include this for free? Why are you putting in so much? Say that we’re going to include chocolate and Thai ramen for free You can’t buy these in Korea! I can’t see the shoes anymore So much free stuff! Isn’t it nice? I want to buy these shoes too Out of curiosity Curiosity ha ha ha Let’s write it in red I would buy this