San Francisco Bay the Waterfront is a real draw for people looking for some exercise from Walkers to Joggers to hardcore Marathoners people like to stretch their limbs and then theres this guy Most humans will look at a bird and dream of flying I myself looked at the ostrich and dreamed of how a human can run faster My name is key I see more I’m in the inventor and founder of the bonnet boot [his] geared as the transportation [Fitness] device of the future Today he’s testing [his] life’s work over rough terrain on the hills of Marin County. I about the Golden Gate bridge [as] I’m running I feel catapulted into the air almost like an animal or a superhero, so it’s a feeling of a boots It’s less like a trampoline more like a catapult, so [in] each stride [liebherr] Catapult ooh almost at A 45-degree angle quite exhilarating Keahi is bent on stretching his limbs and his limits initially the boot was inspired by fast land animals in the way they store elastic energy in their [tendon] specifically achilles tendons this boot replicates that are you so natural rubber Springs here and as the boot Runs there’s a pivoted lever which then flexes the tension Springs at the Back which store the energy They model them on Ostrich legs the fastest bipedal animal on Earth I want to look at its physiology in terms of its bone and tendon structure and also in terms of how fast they run the length of the boot gives you increased stride length So this stride length will also increase speeds for example the ostrich itself has a stride length of 20 to 25 foot mine Currently is that 10 to 12 foot? I want to increase that so I can achieve the speed of an ostrich of 45 miles an hour. It’s a dream He’s chased for almost 20 years. [I] made the first prototype when I was 18 years old [I] had no idea if it would work all my friends were laughing at the old concept and the prototype itself Back then I used Bungee Cord Just wrapped around as a form of spring, but as I took the first few steps It was quite exhilarating to feel the power in each stride being snapped it did break after a few strides But it was a first step along the road to what we see here today That road was anything but smooth, but he was determined to overcome the bumps one prototype at a time So what you see [here] is the evolution of the bionic boot starting with some of the original prototypes all these steps, right? Here you see are basically to reduce the weight of the boot we can see Previous versions of the Spring itself will use a bungee cord from using natural rubber from Speargun tubing as you see here slightly rudimentary So just a long stretch of cord wrapped around this is the 2008 version you see here were almost 15 17 inches off the ground Unfortunately the height of the boot also increased the weight itself in 2014 Keahi Finally came [up] with the ultimate both body design. This is the current prototype I’m using today the x 14 bionic boot model using the same molds, just a little more polished without Sacrificing any of that do-it-yourself charm, you invent a fashion. We’re here We have a mountain bike tire flew to a piece of foam and then attached to a piece of aluminium here Unsurprisingly Keahi, and his boots create a commotion whenever and wherever he goes, I think it’s due to the futuristic Animalistic aspect of it be it part Sci-Fi part robot legs. [I] think people are very intrigued by the boots Not all want to we would like to try them But that percentage that do you want to try them want to buy them immediately even after decades of work? He wants to go further I see the bionic boots of just being a start of an ExoSkeleton Which will increase your power output in terms of adding actuators and increasing increasing strength Or speed so basically a human can just travel faster yah, he also dreams of taking his bionic boot to market He doesn’t have a deal, but he’s got many interested parties not to mention the worldwide patent in the meantime, [Ti] He keeps running chasing his boyhood dream while he waits for the world to catch up [what] most rewarding aspect about the bionic boot is not only making it myself [run] faster? But also inspiring young children want to go to science fairs for example to make affair I tell them you know I did the first sketch myself when I was 12 years old and hopefully I’ll inspire them to do future Scientific Endeavors themselves That’s pretty cool audiojungle Oh dear jump audiojungle thank you have a fantasic time if you like this video please leave a commet down bellow and subcribe