I’m going to show you exactly how to find products to sell online that make money. So today I was browsing around MarkSight.com top selling lists, and I was thinking why not “golf”? Golf is a great sport. even though it doesn’t have 10,000 items in the list it’s got 122, which is a fair amount. It’s enough to do business with. So, I was browsing here, and I found an item you will probably like. It’s called the “golf grip”. Selling for some nice money. And here’s how we research this competitor. Or, actually these competitors. The different between researching researching existing competitors and future competitors is this… when you research an existing competitor, you already know who they are (And the competitor also knows YOU!). Maybe you want to check out their store. Maybe you want to see their descriptions. You want to see what they’re doing, what their customer service is. This kind of research is different. We’re not competing with these guys yet. But, potentially they will be our competitor if we decide to go into this business. So notice the difference here. We are going into this business at leisure, if we want to. These guys, they don’t know what we’re up to. They don’t know that we might be competing against them. But, if we are going to compete again them, We’re holding all the cards. We are going to know all about these guys there is to know. First thing to notice, people who are selling “golf grips” on eBay, They like to offer free shipping. Free shipping seems to give you a boost. Now, why do I like this “golf grip”? It’s actually a branded “golf grip”. “Golf Pride”, that’s the brand. So, let’s see what they’re doing. This person right here, let’s see this auction. Alright, $46. 13 Golf Pride “golf grips”. Let’s see the auction itself. Here it is. Really, really short description. See full description… Wow, that’s a short description! I bet we can do better than that. They’re going to be easy to compete with, I guess. What I’m liking here is the price, $46, can we do better? What I like to do next is this… I’ll go on Aliexpress… and I’l also search for “golf grips”. And then I’ll sort by “orders”. This way, what I’m going to see is also top-selling items but this time on Aliexpress. And here’s what I see… Check that out! I checked some of these already, and I actually like this one. $22 for 10 pieces. These guys are selling for $55/set, $40/set. So, that’s a nice markup I would say! Let’s see back on Aliexpress. OK, free shipping, nice! So, if we’re going to order this, or if we’re going to dropship this, we only pay $22, excellent! $2.20/piece. There’s the item. IOmic. What I like to do next is check this on Amazon. How are “golf grips” doing on Amazon? I actually see the same exact story. $5/piece. $28 $35 $4, $4/piece. This is actually apiece, $15! I’m willing to bet, this is maybe a little bit of an untapped area for you guys. To maybe try to attack. And then I went on eBay and searched “IOmic golf grips”. I even found the same exact ones being sold here, I’ll show you. Here it is, $58 for 13! Meanwhile you can get the same thing here for $22 for 10. So, $2.20/piece. I’m guessing these guys are selling at $4 or $5 apiece. Basically double! And you can also get the different colors from these guys. So I hope that helps! This is how I research products and future competitors on MarkSight. It’s a little bit of an art. What I was doing specifically, is I searched just for “golf”. And then I checked this item by item. Eventually I got to page 2. And then I saw this. I was thinking, “that’s interesting!”. This is a light item, looks like it’s easy to pack and ship. Maybe I can offer free shipping on this, and I could. Selling at $55. Followed by the rest of the research on Amazon, Aliexpress and eBay directly. Then I searched for “IOmic golf grips” in the price trends. And this is what I see… It was usually nearly 100% but then it recently had a drop-off, but then it’s coming back up as of yesterday. And the price is always above $22 that you can get on Aliexpress. So I’m glad I found this. Get this on Aliexpress for $22. Sell it on eBay, if you want sell it on Amazon, or sell it on your own website. Or on Shopify. Have fun!