Hey everybody Eric Worre here. Welcome to
Network Marketing Pro.com. I just saw a movie and I need to talk about it and
it’s not so much a movie review as it is a little bit of a rant. So, warning ahead
of time. I’m a little bit fired up. This movie left me emotional in a bunch of
different directions. Inspired, yes. Passionate, yes. Pissed off, yes. All three
happened as a result of this movie. The movie’s The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman. This incredible, it’s musical movie about P. T. Barnum starting off in his career
creating what was the circus back when it was originally started. Loosely based
on the true life story. Now, why is this elicite so much emotion? Was it
a passionate thing? Yes. Was the music amazing? Was it
visually interesting? Was the story great? All of it was great, but here’s what got
me. In the movie, Hugh Jackman, playing P. T. Barnum, he forgets what made him great. He
forgets his community. He is ashamed of his scrappy upbringing and he attempts
to kind of shun his real family and to go legit. To go legit. He finds this fancy
singer and goes on this tour and kind of leaves his true family
behind while he’s doing this. Just to get the appreciation and the accolades and
the respect of people who were never going to respect him. No matter what he
did, but he desired that respect so much. He needed to go legit, do this highbrow
stuff to people who didn’t care. When over here with his true family, he was
making people happy, making the world a better place. I mean the whole bunch of
good things were happening with his true family which he’d kind of walked away
from. And it made me think about us in the Network Marketing profession. You and
me and the people out there working hard to create a better life for themselves,
for the people that they connect with. For people using their products and
services. For the people connecting with the opportunity, growing themselves,
facing their fears, becoming entrepreneurs, becoming independent,
helping other people do the same thing. All of those things and listen, I
understand this desire. I mean the reason why I was so emotional because I went through it myself being in this profession for 30 years. I went through this desire to
go legit. Which is go beyond this Network Marketing experience and go to the whole
world. And I found how empty that was; to try to gain the respect to people that
weren’t going to respect you in the first place. To try to jump up and
down and get the attention of a community that didn’t care versus being
focused on the community and the family that I was passionately connected to which is you. You understand? So I went through this empty pathway and I watched
my friends. Some of the top earners in the profession have this desire to go
legit. They want to write a book that’s not a Network Marketing book. They want
to be able to go and be on the the news media and on and talk about leadership
or talk about sales or talk about marketing. Whatever it is they want to
talk about. Some of my friends put out magazines. Big magazines out in the
profession, but they don’t want to talk about Network Marketing because that’s
kind of beneath them now. It’s kind of distasteful now. There’s even
companies inside of this profession, the profession that I love, the profession
that you love and you know what they’re embarrassed to be Network Marketing
companies. So they don’t call them Network Marketing companies anymore. They
call them direct selling at best. They call them
every version in the world other than what it is that we are. They’re trying to
appeal to the world that doesn’t care. Listen to me. We are a hundred million
distributors strong. Guess what? We are Network Marketing professionals and
people on the path to becoming Network Marketing professionals. We are
generating 200 billion dollars a year in revenue around the
world with valuable products and services helping people have a better
life. We are liberating people. Giving people the option. If you have an
entrepreneurial bone in your body network marketing isn’t perfect, but it’s
better. Network marketing. Not all these other terms. What we do is better if you
have an entrepreneur bone in your body. The least risk. The best upside. The most
support. The best ecosystem to be able to grow your entrepreneurial spirit on
Earth. Don’t let somebody make you ashamed of what it is that you are. The
value that you’re bringing. The superhero that you are and if you’re a
company, company owned or company executive with some fancy thing; we’re
not going to be a Network Marketing company. We’re gonna run away from that. I
hope you hear this because listen to me. Every day that you tell the world you’re
not a Network Marketing company, you’re telling your distributors that you’re
not really associated with them. You’re not really connected with them. You’re
not really, you don’t really have their back. You’re trying to do like Hugh
Jackman did in this movie and go out there and go legit versus embracing who
brought you to the dance. Embracing the greatest profession for
entrepreneurs on Earth. Putting your shoulders back. Putting your
chin up. Say yeah, we’re a Network Marketing company. Here’s why we think
we’re better. Fine, no problem, but to try and differentiate yourself from Network
Marketing and those of you connected to this network marketing profession.
Watering it down, distancing yourself from it. Listen, I love you. I do. I love
you. You’re my people and I’m not mad at you. I’m just going to
patiently wait for you to see it for yourself because in the movie Hugh
Jackman finally realizes that he went down a dead-end road. And there’s so many
industry ambassadors, companies, that so much want to go legit. They
want to be on the mainstream media. They want to be toasted at cocktail parties.
They want all this stuff. When they realize that it’s a dead-end street and
they come back to what it is that we are, which is the Network
Marketing profession. The companies serving that profession. The distributors
participating in that profession, but the profession itself is noble. The
profession itself is important. The profession itself it provides a valuable
service to the world. The profession itself. So, put your chin up. Put your
shoulders back. Realize that you’re enough. Realize there’s nothing to be
ashamed of inside of the Network Marketing profession. It’s not perfect,
but it’s better than anything on Earth and I’ll do the Pepsi challenge with
anybody on Earth. For the average person to be able to flex their entrepreneurial
muscle. You say you’ve got a better idea, bring it! Let’s do a live online
debate on the subject. This is the reason why I get fired up when my friends like
Gary Vaynerchuk talks it negatively about Network Marketing. I love Gary, but
he’s misinformed with this and he’s, you know look, I’m not gonna judge Gary. Or
even like a Dave Ramsey who I radically respect. When people like that talk in a
patronizing way about this great profession,
it gets my hackles up. You know why? I want to defend you. I’m defending myself
and I’m defending you. Anybody else decides to do it or talk
down at us, guess what? If you’re ready to speak up, speak up, but if you’re not
ready to speak up just know that I’m gonna. We have the greatest profession
for the average person to flex their entrepreneurial
muscle on Earth. It’s not perfect, but it’s better and my wish for you is that
you put your shoulders back. You put your chin up. You put your chest out and you
tell the world I’m a Network Marketing professional. That’s it. I’m done.