Hey, it’s Tom for www.wpwithtom.com. And in this video, I’m going to go over a
fiver Web site that I got for just one hundred dollars. So let’s dive into the review now. All right. So for those of you that don’t know this is
www.Fiverr.com. And you can buy and sell services on Fiverr
and actually on Fiverr there used to be everything was five dollars and then over time they’ve
changed things. They’ve expanded their marketplace. They even have pro services now where they
offer all kinds of things from very high-quality services, at least that’s what they’re supposed
to be. And here I decided to get a website for one
hundred dollars. Now in full transparency I did this after
watching some other youtubers in the WordPress community. However what this kind of site was going for
on Fiverr and I was blown away by this one. I really was shocked at how good of a site
I got for one hundred dollars. But I’m going to get into that as we go through
this a little bit more. Now from what I saw in some of these other
videos where people talk about Fiverr and what they got for one hundred dollars or four
hundred dollars or whatever they paid for their website. The experiences have been very mixed, and
I’ve experienced that over the years as well. Like when you get some services off here,
They’re completely awful. But other ones are just awesome and well worth
the money and I would say the majority of the time the good outweighs the bad from my
experience. But sometimes you have to sift through things
and find a reliable good people and that’s how it is with any marketplace or anything
like freelance or Upwork or anything like that. So that’s just kind of how it goes in this
entrepreneurial world or this landscape. And I wanted to just get out of the way before
I dive into this one, because I know they’re not all created equally. So right here this is an example. And I’m going to actually link to this guy’s
profile, because I think he did a really good job in the description just in case you’re
wondering, and you want to check it out for yourself. So he made this website for me for one hundred
dollars and he has three different ones here and it has different delivery times and amounts
of pages and things like that. So he made this one for me for one hundred
dollars and I was really happy with the work. Now there’s all different ones on here. You can get people to do websites for cheaper
or more expensive. But in all honesty, I think this is kind of
a sweet spot type range that you’re going to get some pretty good sites at one hundred
to three hundred dollars in those ranges. So this guy was actually able to make some
edits on my site that I initially didn’t ask for. And he did that in their revisions. Down here you can see that he says revisions
unlimited here for the plans. So he was able to do that for me and it really
helped me out to get a pretty good-looking website that I’m now going to be able to
show to a client. I really do this to be able to show a client
of mine something that I thought they might like on this basically test website. And then I can edit it to their liking. So he’s just taking out a lot of the
work for me that I would have to do upfront and then I can edit and tweak it to the client’s
liking in the future. So it really helps me with someone who runs
an agency on the side, I don’t do it full time. But I do make websites for other people on
the side and it really helps me be able to just make the small tweaks to the website
that I need to when he already puts up all this work up front to give them something
that will look good and to do it for one hundred dollars where I don’t have to spend that time
putting it in myself. It really pays off in my opinion. So without further ado, let’s dive into what
the website actually looks like on this temp site here. And if we go over here it is. It’s Woofs and purrs and I can definitely
tell this has been based off a template, but he edited this template pretty well to the
liking of what the client wants and he’s given me a lot of things that I can just show them
and really get the point across of what kind of a qaulity website that they’re going to
get. So for me one hundred dollars is almost like
a drop in the bucket for what I’m being paid to make this website. And I kind of feel bad saying that publicly,
but at the same time I think there’s many designers out there who are doing this. And if you’re just doing this to show your
client what they can potentially get and kind of open their eyes to what’s possible and
then make the changes that they really want. I don’t really think there’s anything wrong
with that. You might disagree and I totally get it. Not everyone agrees on this kind of thing
and I’m just going to be transparent with you. I think that the client doesn’t really care
how the website gets made. They just want what they want .in the end
of the day they want their product to look the way they want, and they want a perfect
web site for them. They want it to be a representation of their
business. So I feel like in a way it doesn’t really
matter how it’s getting there and how it’s being all pieced together as long as they
get the product that they want in the end, they’re going to be happy with it. So let me just refresh the home page here
and then you’ll be able to see some of the tiny animation that’s involved in this. Just to get the full effect. So if we scroll down through here, you can
see that this is going to slide up in here with this phone and we can keep going and
see all the images here. It’s a really nice laid out site. I do think it’s definitely based on a template
though as I mentioned. If we go up here, we can click on who we are
and we’re going to be brought to the next page here. Very nice-looking site overall. I like this image here a lot with these kind
of outlines scraped off across it or around it, maybe almost like brushed away. It’s a pretty cool look. And if we go to the next page up here, something
I might actually add is a way to just navigate right to the top like scroll top type button
there I think would be helpful. And if we go to services here, we can go through
this page. I’m just giving you an idea of what I got
for 100 dollars and I feel like it’s pretty darn good. Frequently ask questions, I’ll have to change
the text to my client’s liking, but that’s totally fine. I am going to go back and forth off that and
that goes for a lot of these sections. I’m going to have to change the text for my
client’s needs and if we go to get in touch here, we can see that it has a contact form
with some fake information on it as well as far as the address and things like that go. So this really gives us a good idea of what
you can get for 100 bucks. There’s also this download our app button
and I’m pretty sure that comes with a template, I might want to remove that. I’m not sure what their status is with an
app, but I don’t think they have an app. Because they don’t really have a good web
presence before they came to me and talk to me about the site in the first place. So I really just kind of wanted to show you
what you can get. I think this guy did a great job again considering
it’s only 100 bucks and a lot of people out there are charging a thousand, two thousand
dollars for these projects and there’s people on Fiverr that will make these great looking
sites or at least get you up with this template and make edits that you want for an affordable
price. So in a recent video I made, I had a bunch
of people asking me if they thought it was possible to make money on Fiverr with templates
or starter sites. And I honestly think you can. I think you can make 50 dollars a pop doing
stuff like this or maybe a hundred plus where you’re making edits to it. Now he went a little above and beyond I think
from the average template because I know he made some customization changes for me. So I can’t imagine that they’re all going
to turn out this good. That’s part of why I want to recommend his
services publicly here. And I just think that you have to go through
Fiverr and really find what works for you and talk to some of these people, see their
profiles. Now I will say it from my previous experience
that sometimes people do fake work that they’ve done. So I would try to verify that the work was
actually done by them when they show you these kind of websites. A lot of people if you ask them for a portfolio,
they might not shoe anything, or they might show you a portfolio that looks like complete
junk to what they’re displaying on their actual profile. So if we go up here, you can see that he has
a Web site like this. He has some other ones. You want to look at this and see what people
are saying. So some of these have feedback from other
customers that have actually ordered from him. So you’re going to be able to see that, you’re
going to be able to see what kind of star ratings they get for the work that they’ve
done. And you’re going to be able to learn more
about what kind of work this person is really delivering. And try to figure that out before you actually
spend the money. Now I will say, if you’re not in a rush you
can spend the money and you do have almost like a refund guarantee period that you would
have to go through with Fiverr if you’re not happy with the work you don’t necessarily
have to pay for it. But it can be a bit of a hassle to get refunded
with Fiverr. So that’s part of why I’m recommending this
guy. Because we had really good communication throughout
the process. And he also has very good ratings overall. I think he has a 5.0 with hundreds of hundreds
of ratings overall for his score. So again I just wanted to kind of wrap this
one up and just say, if you’re looking for a pretty nice web site something like this
to get started on, I think this would be a great Web site for most businesses out there
if they can just edit the text and put their own text for it. That might be something that you do and offer
as a service to people and it takes a lot of the work off your hands while still being
able to have that cash flow coming in regularly from your website or from your web design
business that you have when you have a site like this. So I really hope that you enjoyed this Fiverr
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