hi friends its Leah, aviatrixstitcher on
instagram. if you’re new or you’re returning thanks for being here I really
enjoy the interactions that I have here on floss tube.
I’ve been watching floss tube for about a year and I’ve only been making videos
since March I think but it’s been it’s been so wonderful to make connections
with people who who care about the needle arts to the same level that I do
and take interest… I love to take interest in other people’s work, I love
that other people take interest in mine. it’s it’s just a great place to be and
so whether you’re making videos or not you are special to me. so thank you so
much. with that I have a few things to talk
about today. it’s a new, trying out a new situation because I’m trying to utilize
my table to put stuff, so we’ll see. I’m still I’m still trying to figure out
what the best filming situation is gonna be for me. but anyway here we are. um I
have some WIPs to show you, one of which is a new start. I had some purchases to
show you two of which I made in Seattle during my recent visit there. I am the happy
receiver of two gifts and I have Pass the Stash. – so I want to try to keep this brief
today um I do have a limited time amount of time. I have to go pick up my son from
daycare after this. so I’m gonna start with my Pass the Stash. I’m giving away this pattern. I loved doing this and I hope whoever you know
whoever gets it also loves it as much as I do. so
EJ_creates on Instagram shared this app called tiny decisions and
it’s so much fun you put a list of things on this app and
it turns it into a pinwheel and you just in it spins and it show you… I’ll show
you. anyway there are 23 people interested in
this chart so I put it on this app oops put it on this app and you can see I
have two lists one for arbitrary August and one for my pass the stash. so I’m
just gonna go ahead… and now look at that colorful wheel… and we will see here who
gets it… okay so Jodi Saladino. it’s yours if you
want it. so get in touch with me if you have Instagram you can send me a private
message there otherwise we can email or however. but I will comment on your
comment if you don’t comment first here on this one. so congratulations! okay now what should we do um I think I’m gonna
show you my WIPs. in July I was doing Christmas in July
almost exclusively and I I I was really strict with myself about it. I don’t know
why. alright well actually I do. I have this stocking that I want to get done
before Christmas. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen but this is my candy cane
candy cane Santa. I’m making it for myself and I’m gonna put my name on it
at the top. I would like to get this done by Christmas but I don’t know if I can
because this is how far I am now and I still haven’t done any back stitching. so
since you saw it last I filled in a lot of this green I’ve filled in a lot of
this green in the tree and I filled in some of the windowpane. I did a little
bit here um that’s about it. but all of this needs to be backstitch still and I
don’t have I don’t have all of the top done yet so I’m running out of time,
running out of steam. I’ve just been trying to whittle away on this.
if I don’t finish it by Christmas I’m not going to cry about it or anything
but I do have other stockings in the lineup so can’t start them before I
finish this. okay um when I was on the plane to Seattle I
worked on my polar bear polar bears Mill Hill kit. this is what it looks like.
it’s a perforated paper and it’s still just white so it’s gonna be kind of hard
to see but that’s that’s about how much. I didn’t I didn’t do a whole lot extra
just like I think this part is what I filled in on the airplane my return
flight was redeye there was no stitching on there so not
not a whole lot of progress on that but that’s okay I’m just doing it for
funsies doing it for myself um I tried something new
actually I tried try two new things. first thing I tried is a long stitch kit. this
is winter through the window um this is interesting I’ve never done
long stitch kit. um, kit… I’ve never done long stitch before and
the challenging aspect of long stitch for me is that this is printed onto the
canvas and the pattern is more of a reference if you can see it’s like
blobby and it does this pattern does have 10 by 10 grid printed on it for a
more reference but the print doesn’t line up so I don’t know if you can tell
but like right here you see this area um it just right this triangle it gets one
one strand thicker than the top and I’m just hoping that once it’s all done
nobody will notice but I notice and it really is an exercise in… it’s an
exercise in letting it go. I think I think a lot of us as cross
stitchers are perfectionists and it’s hard to let things have a mistake or to
have a messy back or something so this this project is really kind of testing
me there. but no it’s it’s pretty fun it probably won’t come out again until it
starts snowing but let’s see I also have folk Santa and this in my last video I
had I had asked for… reassurance really. I am
doing a conversion from yellow to blue and this is all yellow it’s all yellow
and red but I’m gonna make it blue and red and purple. blue and purple and red. color conversions are just pretty tricky especially if you don’t have a master
set of flosses and I’ve run into this with tempting tangles like tempting
tangles uses, well designs, their patterns for fancy flosses but if you don’t want
to spend all that money on the fancy floss you want to do DMC because it’s
more affordable it’s just really hard to do a color conversion if you don’t have
a master set of fancy flosses and if you don’t have a local need workshop then
you’re really screwed because then you know you just end up going online and
trying to see and the online color of these fancy flosses and try to match
them to your DMC but that can be really hard because some of the colors just
don’t photograph well and then a lot of times the pictures are just teeny tiny
and anyway I’m rambling now and I think maybe a lot of you have already run into
this problem so this is old news but anyway I’m just saying it’s it’s it’s
frustrating it can be really frustrating and it can really mess with your
confidence because you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t feel like you
know what you’re doing anyway I’ve spent hours doing this color
conversion so far I just did the background I just start on the
background I was starting to feel super anxious
about about the color conversion so I just decided to start with the
background just to give myself a taste of if these three colors work together
and I think they do I think it’s turning out fine so I’m feeling a lot better
about about the decisions I’ve been making and thanks to a lot of you really
thanks for giving me so much encouragement and support um I was also
really on the fence about whether I should do the Santa in two strands of
floss or just one because I’m doing this on 40 count over two and ultimately I am
I’ve decided to do it one one strand so one over two. and the thing that really
pushed me over the fence is that when I was talking to Kristen at lilypadRevivals about this she doesn’t stitch on 40-count but she
she does have a project where she’s using too many flosses like too many
strands of floss for the count and so it’s getting bulky and she has
fractional stitches and she regrets using I think she’s using three strands
over two on twenty-eight count and she she just she regrets using three strands
and I think ultimately you know one strand you could maybe go over if you
really wanted to you could go back in and re-stitch. but I think I think one
over one is gonna be I don’t want over two is gonna be fine
I do have fractionals on this so ultimately that was that was the advice
that put me over the edge definitely because I just I don’t want to deal with
bulk and regret so anyway there’s that and the last one
I can show you is not Christmas it is Max’s moon I’m not making as much
progress on this as I would like because it’s sort of boring visually to do white
on black and there’s a lot of white on black so I’m just trying to finish the
moon I’m just trying to finish the moon before the end of summer because once fall starts I’m gonna have to start this little branch with
the leaves because Becca and I are doing this together. Stitching Becca. yeah so August has started and with
August comes arbitrary August. Sarah the Stitchin mommy
is she wanted to do something totally random for August and she wanted to she
wanted to just not plan her projects but to let just to let randomness decide her
projects or I don’t know that’s not a very good explanation but anyways so I
thought I would participate but not with all of my WIPs just with a select few.
so um this this month I’ll work on my candy cane Santa stocking, my redwork house
which I didn’t work on at all last month because it wasn’t Christmas themed, um my mystery stitch for my friend Sarah-Lambert, Adam’s menagerie, window in garden, and Max’s Moon. so I put those projects on the tiny decisions app and I
am going to let that decide what to stitch every day that I can stitch um
and so far I’m one for one because yesterday I started arbitrary August and
I didn’t like what it selected and I have just been itching to work on Adams
Menagerie, so I just said I’m just gonna stitch this because this is what I want
to stitch. so I added the Rhino. so that’s coming along oh yeah and I so
then after yeah actually after I posted to Instagram I went ahead and added the
horns the tusks and a little bit of zebra stripe so there’s that um here’s
what it’s going to look like when it’s done
sort of and oh and then today I randomly
generated window and garden so oops show me this way I’m stitching this at 90
degrees um in my last video oh I just realized that I did not bring it. okay
go get it quick. so confession
I still don’t edit my videos and on any other day I would have just stopped this
video and started over from the beginning because I just don’t know how to edit. plus it’s just so easy to record here
and then upload right away so what you get is totally fresh. all right
I showed this in my last video the color um the blue is getting washed out in the
video this is much more along it’s much brighter in person
this is window and garden by little room in the attic and in my last video I
mentioned that there was there’s a floss 38 90 DMC 38 90 that you can only find
in the in the packs the big packs of new released colors like new as of 2013 so I
really don’t know why DMC isn’t selling them individually yet like there must be
some good reason maybe like to make that sort of a business decision but I I
don’t know it’s annoying anyway um the same person who helped me
decide to stitch this at 90 degrees offered to send me her spare 38 90 so
that’s amazing thank you so much um she goes by the_Gratefulthread and she
doesn’t make videos but she’s on Instagram. and um so I’ll link her below too
but so what a lifesaver just what a good person to have in my life okay
so today I added pink I added the pink flowers there’s 1 2 in garden that does
it for WIPs. now I made some purchases online um so let me to let me just say a
little bit about purchases I am putting myself on hold
I will not purchase any more charts after my birthday which is next month
and I’ve been patiently waiting to buy my favorite Amy mitten design which is
mystery number one zero one eight it comes only as a kit so it’s an
intimidating price but looking back on it I really should have just gone and
bought it right then and there because then I could just be stitching it this
whole time and not buying a whole bunch of little kits or charts and stuff um so
I really I have I have so much to stitch um between now and ever so I am putting
myself on a chart purchase time out. I just need a time out um I do need to buy some
supplies for some some of my charts that I already have and I did make a few
purchases so I will show you what I purchased online first I purchased um I
made a purchase at one two three stitch I found this kit not I keep saying it
I’m sorry this is a chart I found this chart I thought it was really funny and
I think my husband’s really gonna like it so I decided to buy it because I am
looking for more smalls in my life I just have so many huge projects going on
that I need some kind of small victory I’m sure you know
what that I’m sure you know that feeling so I got this it comes with the button
and the charm the button I and a little charm and I decided to get this 28 count
dapple cash Oh linen and that color is pretty true so this is dapple it’s very
gray I like the modeling I think that’s gonna
go well you know I think that’s gonna go well with my little my funny little
Turkey okay okay in my last video I showed a preschooler farmer design that
I had picked out for my brother I’m scrapping that idea it just wasn’t
working wasn’t jiving. um but this has always reminded me of my brother so I
decided to go for it and instead of um instead of those words at the bottom
right now it says and God made the livestock according to their kind which
I think is beautiful and I love it personally but what I wanted to do what
I’ve always wanted to do for my brother is incorporate the So God made a farmer
poem by Paul Harvey it was made famous by a Ford commercial I believe it’s
really it’s a really touching commercial actually if you just want to google it
um it’s really pretty so anyway I got this and I decided to get the fabric that I need which is 32
count legacy Belfast linen um it’s a bit more yellow in colour or in person it’s
like yeah it’s just it’s a little bit more yellow than what it’s showing up
here but I also decided to buy six fancy flosses actually I’m not sure
that one right now five are specifically for this chart they’re all classic color
works okay so I mentioned in one of my other videos that that a lot of people
are doing floss clubs and fabric clubs and that idea appeals to me for sure but
I I want a little bit more control so I want to buy my own just spend like to
spend that amount of money on flosses that I select myself like regularly or
semi regularly but what ended up happening is I was just hoarding um all
of that pretend money for my birthday purchase and I decided that I really
should just allow myself to get a few fancy flosses so I did so here they are
that’s what I got and they will come in handy I also got I also got a classical works cloud um
this almost matches my wall as you can see it’s a very bright blue on the
website the picture looks very grey so I was disappointed with this color but
it’s not I I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s the websites fault like this
is just this is just a problem that I have been running into with fancy
flosses in general I don’t have a local need workshop so I have to buy online if
I want anything fancy all I have around me is like Michael’s and Joanne’s and
Walmart those are the only stores that oh I think I do have Hobby Lobby anyway
they only sell DMC they’re not gonna sell classic color works or any kind of
silks at all um so I’ve just I’ve had a lot of issues with purchasing Floss
online and it not being the color that I was expecting and therefore it won’t
work with the project that I purchase it for that’s just really frustrating and I
don’t know how to work around it either um I also purchased some some fabric for
this design jumpin Jack Frost originally I thought that this would look really
nice on a kind of a smokey purple like a moody purple fabric and I still think
maybe that’s the case but when I ordered this this is 32 count storm belfast
linen this um see even on even on this video it’s a little bit purpler. purply.
purply-er? Hm. That’s a word. That’s an interesting word. I think it’s that’s that’s pretty good
it’s pretty true I guess right there um but anyways it’s just not gonna work for
this design so I’m gonna have to find a different use for it which I think I can
because I really like this color and I’m sure there’s something out there but
again this was kind of a this is kind of a problem like photographing colors and
trying to order things online order fancy things online it’s next to
impossible to do perfectly so when I went to Seattle one of the only things I
really wanted to make sure I did was to go to local need a workshop because I
don’t have one here and I really wanted to buy a fabric for that piece in
particular so um I was lucky enough to go to two needlework shops in Seattle
um and I really liked threadneedle threadneedle Street and it’s in one of
Seattle suburbs but the the shop owner there was so nice and she let me take
out all these fabrics and lay them out and look at the whole thing before I
bought it and I got something that I really wasn’t expecting to get. it is… how
do you say this… Wichelt imports it’s a hand-dyed Jobilen. it’s a this one is
actually this is 28 count but I got this for jumpin Jack Frost and I think it’s
going to be really nice it looks it looks super gray in the video this is a
really really pretty like a greenish sage no yellowish sage green I don’t know how I can I don’t think I
can change the lighting but anyways it it’s like it’s kind of green and I just
think that this fabric sort of looks like light filtering through trees
and I think it’s gonna look really well with it’s gonna pair really well with
this design so so I got that at that little store and then the other thing
that I got in the store because I needed to see it in person was this Plus this
is week’s dye works mocha and I got this specifically for Adam’s Menagerie. like I
needed a good skin tone that was sort of olivey and this this is a little bit
dark but what I’ve been finding with the fancy floss is actually even with DMC if
I pick if I pick a skein that looks perfect for what I have in mind once I
take out one or two strands of floss it lightens up significantly so on this
color I think when I use two strands is going to be fitting for what I have in
mind for his skin tone so I was really really happy to go there okay and then
the other shop I went to was called the needlepointer and this hopefully
hopefully but anyway I watched the needlepointer and that was mostly
canvas and I didn’t know what to expect I have never worked I’ve never worked
with needlepoint in particular um and it’s it’s beautiful like you walk in I
really liked this store because every month they change out their designers
and they have all these beautiful printed canvases hanging up on their
walls and then they have some stitched models that you can look at and I
thought oh no big deal I might get into this maybe I’ll just buy a small one and
try it out I had a serious case of sticker shock do any of you do needle
needlepoint it’s it was just so expensive just the canvas with the
printed design like for something maybe this size was 50 $60 and it didn’t come
with anything that wasn’t a kit that was just the pattern like the printed
pattern on the canvas so thankfully that that shop did have some flosses so I
took a look around and I found I found a like a grayish a grayish white which of
course it doesn’t really show very well direct sunlight but that’s pretty good
representation right there this is the gentle art picket fence so this is more
what I was going for when I ordered that’s cloud color and then I also
ordered all right not ordered I purchased three turquoise flosses here’s
where it gets interesting and this is exactly another reason why
it’s so hard to order online okay this is this is all gentle art this is deep
sea it’s a lovely dark turquoise this is this is called peacock it’s a medium
turquoise with some lovely variegation but this is also peacock
these two are the same color if you were ordering online and someone just picked
at random you know which one they’re gonna throw in your package it could be
the totally wrong one and then you’re like oh well now I have to find a
totally different color like this this is just kind of unacceptable to me I did
buy both of them because I love them and I think that they are beautiful together
you know they’re obviously in the same color family and I have a pattern in
mind for all three of these together but I’m just I’m just really shocked and I
just don’t think I can order gentle art floss online anymore because it’s mostly
gentle art that has been just the wrong thing when I order it and I think this
is why so I just thought I’d share um that if any way you know if any of you
are having the same problems that I am like ordering ordering flosses online
and it’s just not at all what you are expecting you know this is why it’s
totally it’s different colors okay so I believe that that is it for purchases so I was a very very lucky recipient of a
giveaway Victorian Motto sampler shoppe had a Christmas in July huge just huge
giveaways Nancy is the owner of that company and she hand dyes flosses and
fabrics and she designs her own charts and um I’ve I’ve seen so many of you
open up your flosses and just rave about how beautiful they are and I I’ve always
sort of been curious about trying them you know I didn’t want to I didn’t want
to just dive into it without really knowing what to expect but um Nancy if
you could if you go to Nancy’s blog I’ll link it below if you go on to Nancy’s
blog and you become a follower to her blog posts she has she she gives away so
much she is just such a generous person and um so anyways she decided to just go
all out for Christmas in July because she loves Christmas and um she excuse me
she had just a large number of Giveaways actually I’ve already talked about this
in my last video so um and you can go to her blog to see exactly what she was
giving away and just the magnitude of her generosity
so anyways she had this giveaway it was called my favorite things giveaway where
you tell her what your interests are and she sends you a surprise gift package
from Santa Nancy and I won I was I was shocked that I won
I told her that my favorite color is purple but I also loved blue green and
red in that order and told her what’s fabrics sizes I like to
stitch on kind of a large range and I also told her that I like to stitch
birds and flowers so she sent me the most perfect little box of gifts first
of all she sent me this fabric which doesn’t have a name but it’s 32 count
and I don’t know I think this says 1/4 yard I’m trying to read her handwriting
it says 1/4 yard it’s a beautiful neutral fabric
it’s kind of got it’s kind of got brown like orangish brown modeling but mostly
it’s cream and as far as neutrals go this is exactly what I would get for a
neutral um like it for a colorful neutral. colorful neutral? I just made
that up. anyway it’s great I like it but um she also sent me twelve skeins of
floss and I’m not going to show you all the names but it’s kind of difficult
let me just arrange myself here she gave me all of these flosses and they look
really really nice with the fabric that she included so all these greens and lots of Blues and then a purple and a
red and isn’t that pretty and it goes so nicely with this fabric it just looks
really nice all together and then on top of that if that wasn’t enough she also
sent me one of her patterns it’s called harmony
um yeah browsing through her site this was one of my favorite things and I
didn’t even tell her she just knew. she’s Santa Nancy that’s why. so um I’m
really excited to try all of this stuff the flosses really are beautiful she
has this one in particular I’m just gonna point out old-world patina this is
exactly the color of patina like if you’re doing if you’re doing a Statue of
Liberty or something with green copper like you know when copper turns green
this this is the exact color that you need to stitch it with it’s beautiful so
my idea is that I will use all of the colors to stitch this this arm this sort
of Quaker design like I think it would be gorgeous in one color kind of like
the model is stitched here but I’m thinking about doing the middle section
in this lovely dark blue and then using the blues and greens just randomly this
is hard to display um randomly throughout here because there’s
like different motifs that I can use and if you watched Amylovestoads she has a
Quaker piece that has this sort of design and I really like the way she
uses different colors like they’re all they’re all sort of blues and grays but
they look so it’s just so pleasing to look at when they’re different colors
but there sort of like the same shade or the same
tone I guess so that’s that’s kind of what I’m thinking
for doing this and I don’t know when I’ll start it but but that’s that’s my
plan like anyway so that was that and then um so then I was also the very
happy receiver of a wonderful care package from my good friend Mev at Mev
stitches in Paris um hi Mev Mev and I have really become good friends
um there’s just people that you meet here that you just connect with
instantly and and I I think you know we we just have a really good friendship
right now so anyways um Mev was stitching is
stitching the blackbird designs garden club series and she she offered to send
this to pass this on to me when she was done and I’ve always I’ve always really
liked this one in particular of all the garden club series because it’s so
cute little the little bird with the cherries and she’s finished it so if you
want to see the finished work head over to her Channel and so I knew she was
sending this to me and I figured you know nothing travels alone that’s just
how we are as stitchers right like we can’t help ourselves um but I wasn’t expecting
like such such a generous package so Mev I’ve decided to show everything
because I think that’s the only way that you’ll really get a sense of how much I
love everything that you sent in here but it’s all it’s not all stitching
related so I was really on the fence about whether I should share
but um I’m going to and I hope that’s okay with you so I did I got this which
has an alphabet inside which I’m excited to have because I needed another
alphabet um I didn’t know that would have it she also sent a cute little
scissors fob which I plan to stitch and turn into an ornament instead of a
scissors fob just cuz I think this might be um too bulky for me for a scissors
fob but still so happy to have something with the Eiffel Tower to remind me of
Mev stitches in Paris um she also sent some beautiful pictures of Paris some
places in Paris with notes that I will keep to myself so she also sent me some
flosses to go with the design this is the gentle art Ruby slipper um
which after my big rant earlier thank you Mev for sending this along because
I would have had anxiety about ordering it online and it not being right so
there’s Ruby slipper and she sent me some floss I mean some silk some
beautiful silk and um these go this goes really well with these colors already so
I’m I’m planning to incorporate all of these like I can I can make silk like I
can mix silk with cotton right do any of you do that in your designs like
when you’re stitching stuff not like I don’t think I’m gonna do not combine
them and stitch them together but like you know silks with Cotton’s I think you
know what I mean um the best thing of all that she sent
me is this bookmark beautiful bookmark I’m so happy to have because it’s
stitched by her hand so and I am an avid reader so it’s gonna be used all the
time but she gave me a book to put it to good
use and um she has a French version so I’m
really excited to read this it’s the pillow book it totally falls into my
interest range so she sent me this beautiful hand-stitched little purse I
am using it for my needlework thing so I have my little scissors and my tin which
I keep this I have spare needle minders and needles and what are these called
they’re like they pull the they pull the floss underneath the loops anyway and a
thread Ripper a seam ripper oh by the way just a side note my friend helped me
finish these needle minders when I was in Seattle
these are the pins I showed you and they turned out great as needle minders we just
snipped off the we snipped off the things in the back and then she has a
dremel so she was able to stand those down and I used these like Hercules
strength magnets they’re like trying to pull everything into them and into
themselves but anyway so I keep that in this lovely little purse and and then
lastly she sent me this very fun reusable bag which I have already put to
good use because I I shop like I only use these when I go to stores and I went
grocery shopping this morning so I already used it
so thank you so much Mev it was just overwhelming
I was not expecting that like that much but I’m so happy to have
all of it and I’m so happy to have your friendship so um so thanks. okay um really I think that’s it my trip to
Seattle um it was really nice um it was so nice to see my friend again we we
don’t see each other super often because we’re always in
different states but her name is Sarah-Lambert and I think she watches my
videos now so so I was right to keep that mystery stitch a secret so the
mystery stitch I do post like little snippets on Instagram so you can go to
Instagram if you want speaking of Instagram like Instagram is is a really
great place for those of you who um who don’t make the videos but you still want
to make some kind of connection with more than just one person at a time like
so I guess yeah this is just something that I want to say about making videos
um so since I started making videos I have been making friends with so many of
you who don’t make videos and it’s those are friendships that I would not have
made if I weren’t doing these videos and um I’ve already had some questions from
from those of you who are like on the fence well I’ve been thinking about
making videos I’m not sure if I want to um I’m not sure if I have enough to
share that kind of thing my encouragement is just go for it just you
know if you’re on the fence about making videos just try to do it just just try
you might not reach the people that you wanted to reach or that you felt like
you had a connection to just by being someone who watches videos or not making them but um but people who people will find you like people will find you and
surprise you and you’ll make so many new connections that you never imagined you
could make um but anyways what I was gonna say about Instagram is that if you
are like you’re like no way I could never do the videos but you kind of feel
out of the loop a little bit Instagram is an awesome place for those of you who
feel a little bit out of the loop like you’re not connecting the way you want
to connect um Instagram allows you to show your work
too like you can show your work you can exchange ideas with other people other
stitchers Facebook is okay but I I don’t I don’t like it as much
I’m I am on some of the Facebook groups um but I just I I think it’s a little
bit saturated because you have to be part of a group unless you’re personally
friends with other stitchers which I’m not I I get a little bit weird about about sharing personal information and
that kind of thing which so for me like making these videos was a huge leap of
faith because I do not like to share personal information I yeah so why am I talking about this um
because I recently watched Rachel Mrs Vensel the Cross Stitch counselor and she
just went to a retreat and she kind of brought up the same
things that people had the retreat were talking about how they don’t feel like
they have anything to contribute to floss tube and that’s that’s why they
don’t make the videos you should you should give yourself more credit and
have faith and make a video if it’s really pulling you like if your heart is
really pulling you to make it video just make a video it would be well-received
and maybe not by the people you think it will but people who have your same
interests will find you otherwise go to Instagram okay I think that’s enough I
have to cut it off here um I have to pick up my son but yeah I know this was kind
of a rambling video um but it was Now or Never and now we’re at the end of the
video where I still have no idea how to cut it off so mm-hmm
until next time take care