Hello to all of us. My name is Aiza Mercado, and welcome back again to my new video. And for today’s video, I will do a review on Bitsonar.com. The good news here is that I was able to talk to Bitsonar’s admin, and they said that they will be giving away USD 1500 to the users who will invest in their platform. 2 winners will win of $1000 and $500. Winners will be based to the who invested the most. On how to join, there’s a form—or a Google form here in our video description. You just need to put the email address that you used in signing up for Bitsonar and the amount that you invested. Here, they have a presentation. You can watch it. And let’s just scroll down a bit behind these people. They have a chief executive officer, Marius, there you can also check out their YouTube channel. Here is where their presentations are, short video presentations. In this one video here, Pavel Lerner is here. He’s also a crypto trader like me. He’s also the Russian former head at a UK-registered crypto currency exchange. So as we have seen, he became a partner of Bitsonar and they made him lead adviser. They also trade in four markets, like Binance, Houbi, OKEX, BitMEX. And if you’re going to ask me how much we’re going to earn per day, they estimate the monthly profit to be at 13%. So if you calculate that, okay, maybe let’s put 13.3% then divide 30 days. So this shows that the estimated profit per day here is at 0.44%. So as you can see, they are not an HYIP. So we’re a bit playing safe here, and it’s for long-term. Dont worry about the investment, coz we can pull that out anytime. With the tester status, 55% package fulfillment Basic status 59% Advance 70% Investor 72% VIP 85% and Partner 95% fulfillment package. Take note: Once you reached 100% of your status you cannot use to other investment. So in order to continue your investment, you need to purchase again. And I just have to tell you, honestly, investing here is a bit pricey since you have to purchase a status and at the same time, you will need to spend more on your investment. It also says here “Try out TradingBot for free. We are offering 3-day trial access for the latest generation TradingBot.” So this TradingBot is what we’re going to use to earn daily, or get profits monthly. So I have already invested here during the last two weeks. This is now my account and i invested $100 here, i earned 2.44% from that trading bot and it is now success! And with my main balance here, you can withdraw all funds you have earned from that robot or you can now purchase STATUS. Status or our trading bot, and now i will live purchase it. Since I only have USD 100, I can only afford the tester. since I only have Bitcoin, I will use Bitcoin. Just drag it to the end, until you reach USD 100 and minimum investment for status here is $100. Take note: thats only for buying a trading bot! I have purchased tester status and you can see I run out of money now. what i will do is to deposit again so i can use the $100 trading bot i purchased awhile ago! Click deposit and BTC wallet address will i appear so i can deposit another $100. We’re back again, and as you can see, I’ve deposited another USD 100. What I will do is to invest it and I will use Bitcoin. All I have to do is to drag this until I have invested everything that I have in my account. I will have a profit of 0.32% daily. We’ll be back to see my daily profits [per day], so stay tuned. And we’re back again, and as you can see, I invested another $400. Then as you can see in my first investment here, there, it has already been 21 days since I invested here, and this is now my earnings. On this other one, it has just been two days since, and this is what I’ve earned so far. What’s good about Bitsonar is that it’s like G-invest, it’s like Cloud token wallet where you can get the amount you invested. So on the status, it’s a given that you won’t be able to get the money you spent back. But on the investment plan, we can get our money back. Just take note that we will have a 30% penalty if you get it without reaching 90 days. Here in the right-side corner, you will see my balance. Let’s check the “see all details” and here, I already have 0.00166 BTC in my main balance, and 0.001 in my investment profit. Alright. So I just want to tell you that we can transfer our profit funds to our main balance every 10 days. There, it says that the withdrawal of profit is every 10 days. Now, we will see if I can transfer it to my main balance. Let’s click transfer, here to bitcoin, either you reinvest or you can transfer. So let’s click transfer, and as you can see, there, it’s now successful. Let’s refresh it. And boom! There, it’s now in my main account, which is 0.00273165 BTC. Now, I just need to do a live proof of withdrawal and let’s see if it really pays out or not. Okay, try to withdraw. Then, I will max it out so I can get everything, and I will paste my wallet address here. Then click “withdraw”. Next, you need to confirm the withdrawal you did on your email. This is one of their security purpose, you can either confirm or reject it. If it was indeed you who withdrew, of course, let’s confirm it. And there, it already shows as pending here in my withdrawals. Because I use Abra wallet in withdrawals for HYIP, I will just pop it out here on the screen in case I get what I withdrew here on the site. Although it’s paying and they say it’s legit, it’s okay, because it’s not that HYIP. Another thing is that this website is a bit costly for me, because you need to purchase the tester first. In my case, mine was $100, plus you need to have more to invest. But overall, their website presentation is okay for me too. And it looks like they really invested on their website. The positive thing about that is that it’s not very HYIP. The only con is that it is costly and it is a bit complicated to use their system. Alright. So there, I hope this video helps in your investments here in Bitsonar, just in case, and if you’re doing some research about this website. If you have other HYIP, apps, or sites that you want me to review, just leave me a message on my Facebook fanpage, and we will try to do a video on it, or I can tell if it’s a scam or legit right away. Thank you again for watching. My name is Aiza Mercado, and have a great day.