Jenny: Hey everybody and welcome back to my
channel. My name is Jenny and this is the official
YouTube channel for an amazing drop shipping software called Spot N Paste. Today I have some fantastic tips for you guys
that is really going to help you increase your sales within your drop ship stores. These tips can be used even if you are using
wholesalers or retailers. If you’re selling on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Bonanza,
[00:00:30] anywhere. These tips are going to be fantastic and I
believe that this is also the part 10 of our series on how to increase your sales. So please make sure that you do hit the subscribe
button below and the bell so that you get notified of our videos. Okay, now let’s get to it. So we are talking about four great ways that
you can find types of products to sell that are trending right now. Jenny: The example that I’m going to be using
is going to be coming from [00:01:00] Amazon. And the reason why, I’m using Amazon as a
reference and as a research tool is because Amazon is the number one selling platform
online. I mean millions of people are buying products
on Amazon, which means they are filled with information on what you can sell. So let’s get to it. The first place that you want to go on with
Amazon to find top trending [00:01:30] products to sell within your store is going to be within
Amazon best sellers. Pretty simple, right? I mean just search through all of their bestsellers. You’re going to see different kinds of products
that are best sellers and so if you’re listing those kinds of items, then you know that you
are selling items that are bestsellers pretty self-explanatory. Now the next thing … the next type of products
that you can look at are Amazon’s new releases. Jenny: Now we already know that since Amazon
[00:02:00] is one of the top selling platforms, that means that they have probably had you
put in a lot of money into research on what it is that’s going to be selling. So their new releases are what are going to
be top trending products. And so make sure then that you are also looking
at the new releases to get an idea of the type or the kind of products that you want
to be selling within your store. Jenny: The next two places that you can look
at on Amazon I feel like are just mind blowing. Like this is really [00:02:30] going to be
the key that is going to set your store apart whenever it comes to finding different products
and that is the first one is the movers and the shakers. So what this information is giving you is
how much an item has started to sell within the last 24 hours and has had the largest
increase in sales within the last 24 hours. Jenny: I mean that’s just absolutely mind
blowing because then you have a free tool to be able to what [00:03:00] items have sold
the most within the last 24 hours and then it gives you a fantastic opportunity to see
the type of items that are trending quickly so that you can get them into your store right
now and start getting those sales. Jenny: Now, the next area that you can look
at I think is absolutely amazing because this one you are getting an eye into what it is
that people really want and that is Amazon’s most wished [00:03:30] for. So, these aren’t even items that are selling
a whole lot of, or having an increase over the last couple of days. But instead you’re getting a personal look
inside of what consumers are wishing for, what they want to sell. So then that even takes our last blog series
for the impulse of buying and it makes one … takes it one step further because now
you can start lifting and selling the items that your customers have [00:04:00] just been
wishing for, but then add the techniques from how to cater to your impulse buyers. Jenny: And then bam, you’ve got sales. How amazing is that? So those are your tips for today. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Just remember there are four places on Amazon
where you can get fantastic research on the type of items to lift. And that is the best sellers, the new releases,
the movers and shakers, and the most wished for. I [00:04:30] hope you guys have enjoyed this. Please make sure that you click the link below,
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