I started Connectone Bank in 2005 because
at the time as an entrepreneur or as a business person I could not find the
bank that satisfied the needs of what I thought we we wanted as a small business
owner welcome back this is bonamana bloomberg
television and connect one bank is up over 9% since its IPO last month Frank Sorrentino a lot of banks are
closing their brick-and-mortar branches around the country the connect one
recently opened one up in New York City why’d you do it being so close to the
city always created a market for us lot of our clients have business both in New
Jersey and New York City so it was a real natural progression to come across
the river and open an office here but the client purse we think about what
does the client want in a series of successes that have been just incredible
when that makes me the most proud something extraordinary either built or
developed or a business that takes off since day one Frank has always said this
is a growth story and I continue to think that we will continue to be in
that stage of our existence