-Well, I’m Roberto Fabri, I am curator and marketing director here in Game XP. Our main mission with Game XP
is to bring games into the mainstream. There are a lot of people who play… a lot of people who play some kind of electronic game, there are a lot of people who develop some kind of game,
there are a lot of people who work in the industry and there was no place for them to
come and enjoy, like, with their family, with friends, boyfriends… So that’s the Game XP. It’s a place for you to enjoy with everybody. – Guy, how are you?
My name is Lucas, eh… The people at the company call me Floco.
GAMES DESIGNER I’m here with our game, “Sky Racket”. The game started in 2015 as a prototype for a Game Jam,
which was a competition, right? We ended up winning the competition, which made us see the great potential
the game had there for us to explore. And then, from 2015 to 2018, we were trying to get
the funding to make the game. – My name is Jande Saavedra,
I am the art director of the game “Sky Racket”. Man, working on “Sky Racket” was pretty cool, right? Because we wanted to make a game truly based
on the arcade games from, like, the 80’s, 90’s. Just as no one stopped painting when they started to… as when they invented the photography… we will not stop doing pixel art because there is the 3D or there is the highest possible resolution game
with the most realistic thing ever. – Well, I am Pedro Thiers, from Gazeus Games
GAMES DESIGNER and we are presenting the “Let’s Zeppelin” here. Fundamentally, “Let’s Zeppelin” is inspired by “Battleship”, right? The “Battleship” game. Yeah… and we took it and expended it a million times,
making it completely insane. We added special powers, several arenas
and the possibility for you to set up our own zeppelin. – This event format is unique in the world.
We have two arenas full with games where you can really get your hands on the joystick and play. I mean, it’s not just for watching. – That’s it. We truly believe that… the game is a gateway to an activity, as sport is too, eSport can be. And when you come to an eSport arena
you have sound technicians, light technicians, it’s… stage designer, woodworker, engineer… It’s really a whole industry working
to bring the best in entertainment to people.