I’m Herman Wellens and our company is called Gardibo. We’re an online webshop for garden timber, patio wood, hammacs… you name it. For our product, Google Shopping is a better alternative to, or a better version of, Google Ads Because you can see the photo of the product. Last year, I think we sold one or two patios online. This year, we’re already up to 25 patios since we’ve been using Google Shopping. Now, this is a typical example of a product that sells through Google Shopping and not if you can only read the text or Google Ads. So our conversion rate is higher when we advertise through Google Shopping than when we advertise through Google Ads. While the investment is roughly the same. The most important result we’ve achieved by using Google Shopping is quite simple: a 400% increase in turnover on a monthly basis. That upturn has primarily come since we’ve been using Google Shopping. You can see a clear rising line from month one onwards. Our marketing mix, the ratio between online and offline investment, is 100% to zero. That’s quite a substantial difference, in my view. This has been an evolution over the past two years and we’ve come to the conclusion that it was the right choice. Absolutely.