– [Gavin] Right here. (Loud buzzing) (grunting) – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels production. The stunts in this video
are being performed by trained and highly
skilled professionals in a controlled environment. Please do not attempt
to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity
performed in this video. Hot Wheels took
over Woodward West, and challenged Gavin
Bottger to try two tricks he’s never done before. With the park to himself,
let’s see what he’s got. – [Gavin] I’ve been working on
it, for about a month or two. – [Narrator] Cab heelflip. That means he goes in
fakie, which is backwards. Then he heel flips the board and does a full 360
degree rotation. – [Gavin] I’ve never landed a
full cab heelflip quite yet. I’ve just been trying
to get it locked down, so I can do it in a competition. Alright, I’m about to
try the full cab heel. (rock music) (scratching) (skateboard wheels roll) It’s hard because you
have to be super precise on where you put your feet
and flick it and catch it, and just everything. Ah, sorry board! Right here. (grunts) (yells) The last one didn’t
really go as planned. I flipped it again
and just didn’t– My feet got stuck
underneath my board. (pounding rock music) (moaning) Ramp burn. – [Man] Whoa! – [Gavin] Yes! – [Man] Oh yeah! (exhaling) – Yes! Oh my goodness,
that feels awesome! Wanna do it again. Right here, back to back. (bright rock music) Yes! – [Man] Oh yeah! – [Gavin] Just did two in a row. Full cab heels. Super hyped. (exhaling) Yes! Challenge accepted. Check. – [Narrator] The second trick is a front blunt
on the punk wall that means that Gavin
stalls his back trucks on the top of the vert wall. But the lip is really narrow,
making it very difficult. – I have never
really front blunted anything like this before. It’s like, goes up and then
it has vert right next to it, it’s not big enough and
it shouldn’t have verts so it’s a little sketchy. (rousing rock music) Uh! Whoa, that’s scary! I don’t think I’m going
to be able to do that. ‘Cause the wall’s too close. Yeah. (exhaling) I’ll try. (skateboard wheels rolling) (skateboard crashing) (skateboard wheels rolling) Oh! That’s hard. Alright. (rock piano music) (groaning) On that try I kind
of popped out. Think I can do it. (crashing and groaning) Nope! (crashing) (grunting) (rock music) Dude! (grunting) I had it! I was so close. It starts to hurt your feet, because you’re jumping off
that thing almost every time. Dude! I’m gonna get it. (exhaling) (grunting) – [Man] You got it, buddy? Yeah. – [Man] Oh yeah, oh yeah! – Yes! Hey! Yes, I got it. – [Man] Alright! – [Camera Man] Good job man! – Challenge accepted! Check! (rousing rock music) – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels production. (rock music)