charges against george Zimmerman made by
his girlfriend have been dropped you decided not to pursue charges against
him in it is messed it violence dispute up and now since he’s a free man again
he is able to sell some of his artwork Road his armored a little ironic and we’ll
tell you why just a second apparently I he has it created a piece of art he says
that the painting I don’t know doesn’t really look like a painting to me but it
says God one nation with Liberty and justice for all mmm you know what good are you about
that you see the clever thing the he did one nation under God got is about 18 up she has ever meant I didn’t see that
coming slighted yeah and I of course the
scariest part of all this is a number you’re seeing on the right hand
side of the screen oh that’s nothing guys I’m the last time that I checked there
were seven bids and the highest bid with 212 thousand dollars I sure hope to god
somebody’s fucking with a I mean you really gonna give two hundred
twelve thousand miles assures them in for his dumbass painting well I mean if you do you have a common
I no you know before his money are easily
separated right this is the who’s going to separate you
from your two hundred twelve thousand dollars I hope it’s a pretty bad man so now
there’s a little bit of controversy about the originality about piece of
work I leave yet while I thought he was a
real original artist so %uh someone by the name Raven
rainfall that sir Handel online contacted media in said you know that plied looks very similar
to a stock image on Shutterstock so if you can slot look i
mean it’s the exact same flag same fold in everything I’m so people
are wondering whether or not this is at the goal and in order to comment on
this we brought on our resident artist Ali who will tell us what he thinks about
the PISA bar is original is this something that’s frowned upon
and does not look like a painting to you does not like him it looks like a
Photoshop photo by the name opposed to rise actually so how does that work so you
take an image in any you select a filter and as one thought
to where it pretty much breaks down the image
into a few colors mean and thats obviously with his to me so you don’t actually painted it is
anything he projected onto something you may be paying into it but to me it looks
like of Photoshop and maybe like a Kinkos can
disorder or something a Wow but that would be
really weird absent was unethical like that yeah I but you know if it’s a real offer you wanna pay 212,000 for Zimmerman
original and it turns out it’s not even original
well believe me I couldn’t feel better about
that I feel bad it is quoted 0 but I feel good that is leaving your aunts cuz your total idiot what what convinces
people to spend that kind of money on something that george Zimmerman is
created because they’re actual die-hard fans or is it because they think I even
though this guy’s a clown this might be worth something in the future what’s the the mentality behind me. you African home in most states with that
kinda money yet no you make a good point your sig very good
chance to somebody thinks all like if this is like having a
painting from Hitler or something Ryan and their to twenty years from now this
will be worth a lot no wall he doesn’t have worldwide ramifications he’s just an knucklehead here in the
States he was a big story right but its he didn’t create Stand
Your Ground laws he’s not the one that made the decision
not to arrest them you see what i’m saying is just a bigger is a at most the symbol he he’s not the
actual problem you’re misunderstanding the whole thing
and if you think like oh my god Zimmerman touched it so it’s gonna be worth a lot
you have a rude awakening when later your 212,000 painter is said
to be worth about 12 boxy at which will be great you
know sorry yeah by the way just one final thing
about this I used to be disgusted with the fact that he acted as
though he was some sort of celebrity after what he had done but now I feel bad because society has
made him a celebrity right people are reinforcing the notion
that he’s a celebrity and if they’re reinforcing is gonna
continue believing it’s disgusting