Get paid to watch ads. what’s going on
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well but for now let’s see how we can get paid to watch ads let’s get started
okay the first opportunity here that we are going to have a look at is hate you
exactly as you can see it here he do calm and there is two section one is for
the advertisers and one is the one that interests us of course and you can see
here join us and start earning we have paid eighty nine thousand dollars and
three hundred and sixty nine so they have been around for a while here okay
and you earn by completing small tasks as they said here but also too of course
watching ads there now you earn a commission when your followers are
watching ads there and you get a reward every time your follower purchase
anything so you get paid of course via PayPal as we said earlier here and you
can see it starts from one dollar so you can get paid
here definitely if I go to the section here where it says earn and view ads you
can see here that there is all kind of ads here there are a lot of ads actually
and all you have to do is watch this you see that it is not a big amount here but
the more you watch the more you will earn it’s pretty simple and
straightforward alright and the result so if I scroll down here you can see
that there is some other opportunities here also and of course they do have
something called surf bonus ads so you can earn even more with it but in my
opinion I do recommend you to go to hey do calm have a look at it for yourself
there is also a forum section so you can have a look and see here at the activity
so definitely my opinion go and have and check it out and see if it is something
for you to get started with here’s another opportunity and that is Bucks and you can see here you get paid every 10 seconds now at bucks
inside you get paid just for browsing or advertisers websites you can cash out
instantly and that means after two dollars I’m sorry after only two dollars
you can cash out and you can see that they do have PayPal available here so
you can earn by simply viewing the advertisements that they display here
effortless income here or the membership details and I’m gonna explain to you
here what that means in a little bit just hang on here so
basically if I go here to the section where it says payments you can see here
that they do pay out regularly all the time here okay and you can see that
there are some users like Maximus here for example he has a Honda actually in
total $1,900 which is not bad at all for this kind of sites we have someone else
here vivian or $1,500 you can see that they do have different kind of
membership sites now what that means is that if I just go here and show you a
little bit about the different memberships it means that you can get
started for free but if you are willing to pay a small amount as you can
see here from 66 cents you can apply to become a bronze member or if you want to
be a premium member it is from four dollars and sixteen cents but you can
see that there is a big difference here I mean you earn 25 cents here per click
okay if you compare that to the standard you can see that you can earn really
quick this amount of money here now I do recommend you of course to get started
for free to see if there is something for you to get involved in this if you
are then you can apply of course an increase to go for that Premium
Membership alright let’s move on to something else here and that is you –
cubes exactly as you can see it here calm and UN cash online by viewing sites
completing surveys watching videos and you can see here that they do have
$20,000 payments ends here so they want to show that they are a legit company
they have been around for a while here they do payout via PayPal also and they
do have a lot of opportunities so it’s not only viewing ads here but they have
a referral program which means that you can earn up to 15% in commission from
your referrals and their referrals the recent paid service you can promote your
business here also if you want to watching videos and of course you get
paid via PayPal here as we said earlier so have a look at it we can go here to
the help & FAQ section having a real quick how do I earn money there are
multiple ways of earn money at you – cubes calm and what’s the difference
they do explain actually all the the questions that you have here so I’m not
going to read through everything here you can see the minimum payout it will
be between two pounds they calculate in British pounds here so keep that in mind
also and then you explain here what currency you can see here British pounds
as I said what countries do you send payments to all countries so this is
available worldwide and of course PayPal and
Bitcoin so it’s up to you but I think most of us prefer they PayPal there all
right let’s move on to another opportunity here and that is grab points
now grab points is something that I shared in the past and it is a very
active site actually so you can see here they do pay you here for engagements
they recruit members of course like you and what you do is you watch videos
taking surveys completing offers downloading apps and more and you earn
free gift course or PayPal cash so here are some testimonials they have been
around for a long time and if I just log in here to show you a little bit inside
the members area you can see if I scroll down a little bit here look at this I
mean there is a user here he has earned six hundred and five dollars we have
five hundred and fourteen so there is some good activity actually on this side
here so a lot of users who earned a lot of money of course also now of course
you don’t need to put in the effort there and as I said you can see here
that there is paid surveys watching videos if I just open it up here there
is two opportunities here I can join right now here are the paid survey
section so I mean there are various something going on all the time here and
you have the offer vault of course you can do the offers look at a second on
ten thousand points here robe it’s five thousand points and so on it goes on and
on here and of course they do have a referral program also so which works
pretty similar okay so you can see here I on some referrals here so it’s
definitely a great way to earn some extra money with as well by simply
watching ads and of course taking surveys and do other things there also
let me show you a one more a final site here I share it in the past but I don’t
want you to miss out on this if you’re new around here and that is swag box
swag box has also you can see that they do have
paid out over five four hundred and ten million to this day okay so they’ve been
around and is a legit company and if I go to the section here is the about us
but let’s have a look at how it works if I open this up here you simply join swag
box and you earn points by shopping watching videos you search the web and
your answering service and you find great deals to earn points if you prefer
a gift code you can pick whatever is available there Amazon or Walmart or of
course we have the Pay Pal caster and you can see here they do once again
present it of course they have a mobile app also so there you have it on how you
can earn some fast and easy PayPal money by simply watching ads now you’re
probably not going to get rich with doing these kind of activities so as I
said in the beginning if you are interested in making a full time passive
income online being the sustainable a long-term sustainable online business
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