Everybody likes to sell gift cards, but now you can sell eGift cards online,
and get paid upfront. In a nutshell, you set up a free eGift Cards order page, share the link with your customers, they buy eGift Cards for your store, send them over email to anyone— a brother, sister, friend, grandma, whoever— and the gift card
recipient comes in to buy stuff at your store. Bam! New customer! Let’s take a step-by-step tour of how to
set up your eGift Cards order page: Log in to your Square Dashboard and click Gift Cards. Click Get Started and it’s time to set up
your eGift Cards store. You can offer cards with our premade designs,
or upload a design of your own, select the gift card amounts you want to make available, and add any additional notes. It’s free to set up your order page, and
it goes live when you click Publish. Click View Now to see what your page looks like. Customers will be able to select from the
available card designs, choose the amount of their card, fill in the recipient and sender names, add a personal message, and send theeGift card immediately, or at a later date, like for a birthday. You can also offer promotions or
discounts to your customers. When your customer buys the eGift card, the
recipient gets the full amount. We subtract 2.9% and 30¢, and then your account is credited the remainder
of the balance in your next deposit. There’s no additional cost to you or your customers, or when they use the gift card to pay. Now let’s see what the redemption process is like. The eGift card recipient gets an email with
their 16-digit redemption code. Then they can attach their phone number
so they can redeem funds with their number, email, or the code. When you ring up the sale, you tap Charge, enter the 16-digit redemption code here, or if your customer wants to use their phone
number, tap Credit and Gift Cards on File, enter their number, and tap Charge again. Their remaining balance will print on their receipt. If there’s not enough on the gift card,
we’ll use up the balance and ring up the rest. You can also resend eGift cards to
customers who need them again. So go set up your free eGift Cards order page today. For more information, go to square.com/help
and search keyword: eGift Cards.