today I want to clear up a really big misconception in network marketing and that misconception is this people come to me all the time and they say I find people out and they don’t do anything they just sit there so I have all these people and they’re not doing anything that sound familiar I keep signing up more people and then they just sit there they’re not doing anything that is not only expected it’s very common here’s the concept I want you to get in your mind because top earners in network marketing look at new distributors completely different than amateurs in network marketing professionals look at it differently amateurs signed the person up and wait everyone Salah they come on do something and they wait that’s what amateurs do professionals view their new distributor as a doorway to other people not as a destination in other words they’re not expecting that person to do amazing things or not just hoping putting all their hopes and dreams on that person doing amazing things they hope they do they you know if it happens it would be great if their self started be amazing if they went out we’re super productive be awesome but the professionals don’t leave it to chance they view that person as a doorway to a whole world that that the sponsor doesn’t know yet so let’s say I’m one of those professionals I sign you up my job is not is partly to motivate you but mostly to help you introduce your world to me you are a doorway for me to connect to a whole world of prospects and I can actually be more powerful because I’m third parties to the first party with your friends then you can be first party with them so here’s what I’m going to do with you I’m going to say who can you introduce me to today who can we set up and have a meeting with the three of us today who can we have a call with today who can we go talk to let’s make a list and then let’s figure out together how do we’ll connect with those people if you’re frustrated because you’re running out of prospects all you have to do a sponsor one person and now all the sudden you have hundreds of people to talk to but your job is to treat that distributor as a doorway to find and search and dig to see what you can find inside of their context as far as quality new people coming into the business and then when they come in there a doorway to you dig dig dig dig dig and when they come in there at the doorway to dig dig dig dig dig does top professionals in our profession will sponsor a person that’s a doorway opens up this whole other group of people and then they’ll go down and work with those people to help as the doorway – to get to a greater group of people they’ll open up and open up and open up until they finally pull them they find one and then that leg becomes solid because that person goes to work talk to your top earners and ask if this is not true this is their secret to success they did they did they did they did they find one and if that might motivate those people above them it might not but most people top earners don’t have rockstars as their personally sponsored they have a rock star line because it was doorway doorway doorway doorway destination they found that star that anchored that line for them and then they could move on and start a new line so your new distributor is not the destination it’s the doorway hope you got value from that ladies gentlemen that’s our show and I wish for all of you is that you decide to become a network marketing professional that you decide to go pro that you decide to dig dig dig to find value and help people because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way now if so tell the world everybody have a great day see them all take care of goodbye hey my name is Eric worry and if you’re involved in the network marketing profession I want to invite you to come to the network marketing Pro YouTube channel every week we put out content on how you can become a network marketing professional we have tips ideas strategies interviews with million-dollar earners in the fashion interviews with global icons like Tony Robbins or Sir Richard Branson lots of different things that we provide they’re absolutely free do yourself a favor click on the lake subscribe to the youtube channel tell your friends to do the same and I can’t wait to see you there