The whole idea here is to help you to understand how to go from awareness acquisition to referal but also how to connect the whole growth hacking strategy with sales and create actionable sales machines. Together we’re going to be working on real cases with the top the scale-ups in Belgium. My name is Michael Humblet and I want to train the sales leaders of tomorrow to design better and scalable sales machines. I love working with Elium Academy because they have a great team, they have a great network the location where you get the training is really impeccable and they have deep down experience – they’ve done it before. My name is Gregory and I’m the founder of Proxyclick. Come and join us Help us grow, help us scale and help us convince more companies like Airbnb, Bosch, Nestlé, Accenture and Medlife, who are using the system today It’s easy jump … jump! If you can dream it you can do it. Growth hack! We work already with the biggest e-commerce platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Asos, Ali-Express… Hello we are We just came back from Atlanta and finished a funding round and know we are ready to grow. During the bootcamp you will have the chance to work with experts from Uber, Tesla and AutopilotHQ. It is all about coaching others on how to be the best growth hacker they can be. I’m Evan. Through bootcamp I’ll be working with you to ensure that your development teams and your growth team can communicate effectively. We’ll be learning how to use the internet to scrape and build effective databases so you can have custom strategies for exponential growth. I’ll say something guys whatever we need to think of what, take one or two during the people who hate us, but thats what you want.