– Here are two seeds. Both planted on the same day, in the same soil, in the same garden bed. One is very curious, full of life and ready to grow as tall as it can. The other is filled with fear. “What if the sun is too strong and burns my leaves
once I grow?”, it thinks. “Or what if a beast eats my tender sprouts? No way! Not a chance I am leaving my shell.” So, it remains still and
stagnant, rigid in its place. The brave seed feels the
heat of the sun above and starts to push hard out of its shell. Sure, it has doubts about
reaching the outside world, but its curiosity is
stronger than anything. “I want to see all the living creatures of this garden!”, it thinks. “I can’t wait to feel the
morning dew drops on my leaves.” The little seed keeps pushing until a single sprout comes out. It grows and grows
through sunny warm days. It even grows through colder stormy days, because the brave seed knows that the sun will always return. Throughout life, you will have moments when you feel like either
one of these seeds. The way we see the world around us and how we behave towards
life is called our mindset. We can choose to have a fixed mindset, or to have a growth mindset. When you have a fixed mindset,
things can seem too hard. Negative thoughts might cloud your mind and you start to give up easily. “I can’t do this!” You may believe that if you
are not good at something, then you never will be. “I am just born this way.” The obstacles you face can hold you back, and you begin avoiding challenges. “What’s the point of trying?” Just like the fearful seed. However, you can always choose
to have a growth mindset. A growth mindset helps you believe that your goals are within reach with effort and perseverance. “Life is a great big adventure!” It shows you that failure is
a normal part of your journey. The obstacles you encounter
will only make you stronger! “Challenges and mistakes help me learn.” You’ll enjoy the challenges you face and become more resilient. “I want to become my best self!” Just like the brave seed. Fear is a natural emotion. We all experience it and it can make changing
your mindset difficult. The important thing is to try, so here are some tips to switch on your growth mindset. Perfection does not exist. Aiming for perfection is like running a race without a finishing line. Trying to achieve it
will only exhaust you. When negative thoughts fill your head, you can turn them around by
simply adding “yet!” at the end. See challenges as adventures. They will make you more resilient
and can open new worlds. If you work hard, you will see progress. And don’t worry about mistakes. They are a part of life
and we can learn from them. The good news is, the sun
always comes out after a storm. By having a growth mindset, you might even find that a little rain won’t bother you much at all.