hey guys how’s it going my name is I crazy teddy and I’m back with another GTA 5 online video today gonna be showing you a really really cool glitch one that was highly anticipated and promised by me so basically a couple of videos ago I showed you how you can get a free either using a spawn location a secret spawn location and I promised I’d bring you guys a video on how to ensure any supercar so basically I just picked off this carbon is there off the street and I’m gonna be showing you how you guys can insure it there’s only one downfall you do need a friend and you also need the tank also this can be done with any supercar for example the Bugatti Veyron if you guys go ahead and check out my spawn location video we’ll have an annotation on the screen so once you guys have the car you want to ensure go ahead and park it outside your garage and then proceed to the inside of your garage now as this is loading guys I just like to kindly request if you guys could go ahead and slap that like button let’s try in here a thousand likes on this video that would be highly appreciated also subscribe for more top-notch GTA 5 content i’m amaro 200k and if you guys could join me that would be amazing so guys we’re gonna want to do one sit in your garage go ahead and proceed to enable passive mode is free of charge after the latest update then once you guys have done that go ahead and jump into a car that you are willing to sacrifice in order to take that super car into your garage or whichever car you’re putting into your garage you can go ahead and sacrifice the elegy or the elegy because it is a free car and you won’t really have to spend any money while doing that so guys as soon as you have left the garage where you’re gonna want to do is just have your friend Ram the tank into your car and the car will explode because you are in passive mode you will not die once he has run the car go ahead and jump into your carbon is there or any other supercar wherever car you need to ensure and you will be teleported I guess to the other side of the road and as you guys can see as I leave the vehicle I will have a tracker on this vehicle and it will also be fully insured I’ll show you guys proof of this as I do take this to los santos customs so guys that is the glitch i hope you guys did enjoy once again let’s try and hit 1000 likes on this video that would be highly appreciated and like i said i am on my road to a hundred thousand subscribers so if you guys want to know why i do on this channel I post the latest and greatest GTA 5 tips tricks glitches Easter eggs and sort of just helpful videos for you guys to prove your online experience during GTA online also lads I just like to give a big shout to quips TV for helping me make this video you guys can go ahead and check out his channel there will be an annotation on the screen and a link in the description these are really really top-notch glitcher check out his challenges say teddy send you whatever just show him some love on his channel and finally if you guys want to keep even more updated with my channel go ahead and check out my social media links in the description down below that includes Facebook Twitter and also now Google+ so yeah guys that is it for the video I hope you guys did enjoy as you guys can see his proof that it is fully insured and stuff and I can change the color anyway my name is Teddy and I’ll hopefully catch you guys in the next video peace out