Yooo what’s poppin loyalist it’s the kid
dimez ent aka you already know glitch guru in this
video man we got a banger guys I mean a banger check this out man
brand new account been working on it for a little bit if you guys want accounts
like this for me man you got to hit me up you got to be quick about it
these accounts they come and then once I get on me they completed they go so you
got to be quick man but this account right here super
special man I really love this account what I love about this account the most
is the vehicle so that’s pretty much the big topic right here on this account is
the vehicles man 20 mafia cous none of these vehicles are scratched they are
super super ill super up to date some of the most latest cars we got the super
duper Italy paint jobs on here got the Teutons man you already know got the one
tone flat paint child car right there that’s crazy
40 million in cash not a whole lot of money but you’re not gonna really need
to buy too much with this account right here also of course there’s money in the
bank so there’s over 400 million in deluxe owes for you to sell I believe
it’s about a hundred and sixty one deluxe owes maybe a hundred and sixty
two deluxe so something like that each of those cars sell for two million eight
hundred thirty two thousand nine hundred bucks cash always watch out for the
daily sell limit you don’t want to forget about that it does still apply
what else do we have Oh some of the most craziest moderate
planes are on this account as well we have the moderate laser the moderate
cargobob we have the moderate what else do we have
is the the hunter the moderate hunter is crazy we got the new car as man the
jugular is on here we got a two tone jugular we got a 3d paint job jugular we
got the Meo we got the narrow we got the lost lamb van so a lot of dope cars on
here and don’t forget these cars aren’t scratched right here
the wheels are unchecked so the wheels on this lost lamb van is unchecked we
have a really dough baller right there a pure white interior really sick you know
shout out to everybody who hooked the kid up with these cars also we are
running a giveaway here on the check shoutout to X Z X Alejandro I will leave
a link to his channel in the description so you guys can go follow him he did
give me a dope modded account the modern account doesn’t have vehicles on it
modern vehicles but it do have 150 million in cash and it also has a bunch
of Deluxe’s over 160 something deluxe O’s it is stacked with money alright
guys all of the properties most of the properties something like that it is
stacked alright and it is a giveaway free account so if you guys want to
enter this giveaway all you guys need to do is subscribe to my channel hit the
like button on this video leave a comment down below
hashtag 3 3 3 giveaway also don’t forget to subscribe to xzx alejandro he did
provide us with this free account so I can give it away to you guys
Oh almost we got this account also has a modded anti-aircraft plus we have the
MOC mod it as well so jump on this right away guys hit me up for it cows man you
already know you can contact me on instagram at dime z and t but that’s all
we got time for man but it’s the kid glitch guru officially you peace