what’s up you guys and welcome to this
segment on your sheriff you guys this is a big-ass segment we got a killer
giveaways I figured it out okay I figured it out I said this you know what
since the donations are coming there is a link to PayPal email in the
description people do donate and I have their names down there and I figured you
know what let’s have five lucky winners announced at the end of this month and
let’s link you know a gleam giveaway in the description this is all you got to
do right there in front of you you got a sub you got a like you got a comment
that’s all you got to do it’s common stuff that’s happening on YouTube and
it’s going to enter you into the gleam giveaway and like I said I could have
given away one big prize but I figured let’s share it among us and this way we
have five lucky winners all right you guys we have an amazing glitch right
there happening in the background and a lot of people when I show you a
streetcar glitch you always tell me can we bypass the 45-minute wait and this
glitch right here is gonna pipe acid and this is proof for it right here in order
to show you guys everything somewhat in real-time but i’m skipping some of the
stuff that’s annoying and tedious you don’t need to see it in the videos so to
prove it in the beginning we solved one of the jackals and this thing sold for a
hundred and ninety two thousand dollars i’m going to call on my mechanic i’m
gonna get one of the retro allergy is delivered from garage level one because
i need to empty a couple of spots in that garage for this glitch to work you
need to have yourself a couple of empty spots in order to keep filling it
automatically now in this segment i’m going to show you how fast you can
duplicate these cars one of the subscribers actually came on the last
video gives us a killer tip and i wanted to test it out in order to show it to
you guys now as we sell this retro allergy right here and set up for the
glitch i want to let you guys know something man this could be the last
video that I upload for maybe a week because your boy right here is heading
to Mexico all right I’m talking tomorrow I’m
sleeping for a couple of hours waking up early in the morning and we are flying
out of here so if you don’t see much much activity on the channel you know
why okay and at the same time I think I’ve set you up with most of the
glitches that you need in order to yourself setup now I’m the one who wants
to duplicate the car so I found the benefactor which is the best car in GTA
5 when it comes off the street I have another screen running what my friend
has to do in his own CEO tower garage one all right and this is happening
that means means West MS Bank West so make sure of that okay if you do that it
means Bank West you’re doing it in spot number six I’m sure most of you guys
know exactly what you’re doing right now and he’s gonna call on Gerrard and he’s
going to tell him you’re Gerrard it could be anybody right away give me a
job buddy he gets the job and he’s going to accept it right away I’m sitting
right there waiting for him with the car that I want to duplicate this way once
he spawns in it’s a-okay all right so he’s going to accept it the kickstand
out of the car and he’s going to go straight up we’re
in an invite-only session too by the way I’m trying to give you guys all the tips
and all the questions that comes toward me so there he is he spawned right in
front of me it kicks him out of his garage I hand over the car that I want
and in this point he’s going to get into it now you guys are saying you really
documented this don’t worry about it the fast part is coming and don’t forget I’m
trying to show you guys a method that’s going to give you a bypass on a 45
minute wait okay so here we go he’s going to get into the car exactly what
like what we did before he’s going to click right on the d-pad he disappears I
gotta make my way to my garage now all right he’s gonna sit and you see our
custom shop I gotta go all the way to my garage level 1 which is just around the
corner once you load then you need a dummy car in spot number 6 I got the
allergy right you guys remember that yellow allergy that’s sitting there but
but why am i buzzed in my own garage I’m not really sure but hey you know what
that’s GTA for you and I’m surprised that this glitch is still working boys
and girls it’s still working and I know a lot of people don’t have the money for
the retro allergy so cute card OOP there you go all right we are in here let’s
get into this yellow all right what is it salt I want to show you guys first
how many spots I got empty right here the rh8 I was like I’m like what the
hell happened to the name so I’m moving a couple of cars around because I need
to have some empty spots inside each other just
to show you guys there is an empty spot up here in this level as well behind the
screen that you guys see so now that I get the setup ready I’m going to go and
sit in that rh8 it’s it’s completely a dummy car as no upgrades on it I don’t
care if I lose it at this point I do want to lose it but this car is like
stuck to me like gum on here baby gum on here I wasn’t going to say white
on rice I wasn’t going to say that okay we get into the garage and now you’re
going to see the perspective from both sides now my friend doesn’t even feel
that I’m there he doesn’t feel me check this out this happens sometimes if this
happens to you and you can’t get out of the car because if you got out of that
passenger side you’re not going to be able to enter just back out one time and
come back in this type of glitch is not like the one that was before it was the
retro allergy that if you don’t land in the proper spot it’s not a goal this one
is a little bit more forgiving so there you go we landed it upside down and in
my excitement I clicked the wrong button but it’s all good exit out of the cart
click be exit out of the car by pressing the Y button and now go and sit in the
car that your friend is sitting in of course he gets to see the door open and
that’s excuse to get out of the car and be hanging around in the garage I’m
going to spare you guys the customization of this thing but my
advice to you is put everything on it and if you don’t have enough money don’t
be cheap just put everything on it and then when you have enough money then
you’ll have more to upgrade on it okay so the final thing that I like to do is
always not to be detected by Rockstar and that’s also going to bypass the 45
minutes wait when you’re doing with the allergies right which is a custom place
so there you go put a custom plate on it now we’re going to put the tracker now
you guys we only put the tracker and that’s about it
alright now you guys want to see how fast this glitch can go alright I’ll
show you the first step slow and then I’m going to speed up after that in
order to show you more about it you’re just going to exit the vehicle don’t
even go back to your single level garage exit the vehicle right there I’m trying
to give you guys perspective from both sides and once you exit the vehicle now
it’s ready to be duplicated again just enter the vehicle one more time and
you’ll see now that you have the ability to put
click on it again and also put the tracker now you keep doing that all
right every time you you just put a plate you put a tracker boom boom boom
and you’re good to go now let me tell you something a little
bit about the giveaway that we have in the description all right I’m going to
say this if we hit let’s say I don’t know I need you guys to give me a number
in the comment section I’m thinking maybe we can hold that giveaway for 15
days but I want to see your support all right I want to see some support from
everybody that’s right here on the channel tell your friends you know there
is going to be five lucky winners so if you get a friend and get them to enter
the giveaway you guys spend a bigger chance of both of maybe you and your
friend winning or one of you winning and splitting the shark card giveaway
whatever you guys want to do man all right
you see in the background I completely went balls to the walls and I wanted to
show you guys the garage in there just to show you how many vetoes I got in it
well now you’re going to tell me I rock you Sheriff now that we did all the
duplication and we’re done with all this how are we going to bypass the 45
minutes wait I mean these vehicles are still
considered to be street vehicles and I get the answer for you right here for
some reason alright for some reason the guy that’s working at Rockstar has
missed a step he missed a step all right guys you can exit out of your CEO Tower
and go up to the roof or to the ground and your friends are still sitting in
there that’s exquisitely step right there usually most of the time when you
exit out your friend is gone too and this way you can you know you can’t
really glitch stuff in the garage but now you can and this is what we’re going
to do we’re going to go on to the legendary Motorsports we’re going to get
their retro allergy natural retro the normal one that is the free one from the
social club we can replace the spin spot number five okay that’s the spot that’s
right beside that yellow one and you got visibility with your friend right here
he’s looking at it now I’m skipping forward a little bit because wiggle
mister diaper man found me and he was bugging me up on top of the roof but you
know what it’s all good Wiggles with always a pleasure to have you in the
video brother now we wait for the allergy to get delivered do not get you
ass down there until this car is delivered let’s get back there our
Wiggles you can come in for a drink bro take that Viper I mean keep the diaper
on keep the diaper on once you come back in
as you can see the car is still visible on my friends side as a benefactor right
but we know it’s not a manufacturer anymore we displaced it with that with a
normal allergy so I wanted to show you guys what would happen from the blue
circle but I’ve been chief detected and I don’t have the blue circle when my
friends are in the garage so let’s get this car into the shop and from there
we’re gonna have to of course change the plate on it right and that’s that’s
gonna fix it now once we do that step what does that do that makes the game
think that this is a normal allergy and normal one from the social club so they
would let you sell it over and over and over again I will take one final drive
to the los santos customs after we do this step right here to prove to you
guys remember we sold a car in the beginning that was the jackal and there
is a 45-minute clearance wait this car is going to sell a ok and you’re not
going to have any problems whatsoever so we put the plate I’m going to back
out to my garage just to be safe and from there we are going to book to the
los santos customs all right you guys like i said drop a like on the video
show your support don’t forget the giveaway alright share it man share it
with friends I knew you guys have been supporting super hard but I know I’ve
been pushing super hard as well in order to grow the channel and get you guys
awesome content if I do have find tomorrow for a livestream before I fly
off to Mexico I will hook up with you guys if not I am so sorry I’m going to
miss each and every one of you for an entire week here’s hoping the brand new
DLC doesn’t hit when your boys in Mexico but if it does you guys enjoy it and
I’ll be back reviewing all the best glitches and everything that’s active on
the new patch when it comes out what is the patch again of the patch 1.0 for i
think it’s going to be one point no one point four is the zero I think that’s
the patch that’s coming all right you guys please drop a comment please drop a
like let’s get into Wiggles car here and take one final drive to the building
thank you guys for being here thank you everybody for representing I’ll see you
on the next segment please baby