In this video, I’ll walk through how to optimize your shopping campaign to get the best ROI on your spend There are many ways to do this The key is knowing what to do first Let’s explore two steps to a well optimized shopping campaign The first step is to capture the attention of shoppers and drive traffic to your site Then you can optimize that traffic to maximize your profits on ROI First make sure your products are approved Check the diagnostics tab in the merchant center and fix any feed or item disapprovals you might have so more of your inventory enters the auction and appears on Google Once your products are approved in the merchant center try these two AdWords features to drive traffic to your site The bidding strategy maximize clicks will adjust your bids so you can get the most clicks out of your budget All you have to do is opt in to your shopping campaign settings A perfect mix of easy and effective If you want to change bids manually use the bid simulator to see how your bids will change and how many clicks you’ll get in return Another feature is the budget simulator found in the campaign tab Your CPCs may be higher than you initially thought and your budget may not be enough to keep your ads on throughout the day Use the budget simulator to help capture this unmet demand The next step is maximizing your shopping campaigns returns Let’s assume your goal is to maximize customers in the form of conversions Focus your optimization efforts on your top spending merchandise Start by analyzing how your spending your budget in pre-defined reports Change your view to shopping and pick shopping category Then sort by spend, in descending order Starting at the top, look for categories that have a lower cost per conversion than your five dollar target cost per conversion Here, health and beauty is one with a cost per conversion of about two dollars There’s room to increase sales while staying within targets by increasing your bid Go down this list, and identify a few more like this Three or four categories are good for now If there are categories at the very bottom with no spend at all then increase their bids so you can gather data and see how they perform Now, go back to the products group tab Click the plus (+) button Select the categories you want to bid up and save Use the bid simulator to see how many clicks you can get and choose a bid for that category Reevaluate your shopping campaign after a week or so If you’re not seeing more conversions follow the same process and include more categories Try not go overboard Too many bids can be hard to manage If you’re seeing more conversions but are spending too much you need to do the opposite of what we just did Go back to predefined reports and look for categories that have a cost per conversion, that’s higher than the categories target and reduce your bids for those Sound like too many steps? You can also have your bids automatically optimized to drive conversion or return on ad spend with a smart bidding strategy Select the bid strategy that best suits your need and your campaign settings Now your shopping ad is optimized which means more profit for your business