I’m going to show you how to create and submit a Google Shopping Data feed for a small inventory of products that you can manually enter quickly. If you have a larger inventory click here to be taken to that video Alright. So, first you’ll need to set up your data feed and then add your products That’s how you get your product info on Google where searching shoppers can find it By using a Google spreadsheet to upload your product info everything will get submitted to Merchant Center automatically. After signing into your Merchant center account click on the plus data feed button and tell us where you’re selling your products. Make sure you pick the correct language and country for where you want to sell. Then, select the google spreadsheet option and choose an upload schedule. Your upload schedule should match how often your inventory changes. We recommend setting it to update daily, so it’ll start processing tomorrow. If everything looks good go ahead and save. Now, let’s add some products. A new window will open with your google spreadsheet template where you’ll see some examples of product attributes. Delete them and start to enter your own. Give each product its own row and fill out product info for each column. Don’t change the column headers or your feed will get rejected. The attributes in green are required so you’ll need to include them. And make sure your price and availability info matches what you’re showing on your site. Most products should have a unique product identifier like an ISBN for a book or a UPC code for shoes. And if you sell certain kinds of products like video games, electronics, or apparel or you’re selling outside the US you’ll need to add a few more details. You can learn about those requirements in the help center Ok, let’s get back to adding products. Try to be as clear and complete as possible with the information you add This’ll help make your ads more relevant. Now repeat until all your products are added in. Great. Since you’ve set you feed to upload daily we’ll automatically fetch your changes each day Like when your products go in and out of stock. Back in merchant center check in on the diagnostics tab to see if you need to make any other changes Make sure your inventory is always fresh with the most up to date info so what shoppers see on Google Shopping will match what they see on your website And that’s it. Congrats. You’re just one small step away from being a lean mean, selling machine Now that you’ve made your first data feed and your products are connected to Google there’s only one small step left. Watch our next video to create your first shopping campaign.