Santosh. Stop. Stop Santosh. Santosh. Santosh Santosh!. I love you, Santosh I hate you. Will I become lover
as soon as you give flower. Actually do anybody loves you. I love you, Santosh. No. I canít I am loving you for last one year,
I am senior than her. You are not my range. Santosh . I am loving you really. See I have marked
your name on my hand. How crazy. Love me Santosh No. Love me Santosh. I am your caste.
We both are same. Love me Santosh Sorry Please Santosh Please leave me Hey, you beautiful Vizag girls. Who is he, coming after us Ladies wait Dead end. Where will you escape babies I love you. I hate you. Will I become lover
as soon as you give flower. Actually do anybody loves you. Will I become lover as soon
as you give flower. Same dialogue Hey fool. Will you cry if we say no Hey you. I have pity on you and thought
you to give status as Santosh lover. You missed it. Get out. Lucky Girl I love you. Just now only you told
me and again proposing to other. You think well. Now what Shall I have to
grow beard and roam around you Its waste of time. Or else I have to keep
knife on your neck and scare you. Its waste of time. Brother ës and Sisters.
Sorry this is only for brothers If a girl says no, harassing her is bad,
seeing another girl is boyís habit Its style of Santosh.
Whatís your opinion No. Give that flower to your next girl. Hey, I have born in your caste only. We two are same. Will you love me Sorry mister Ok, sister Hello, you are doing too much. If you do extra we have to
give complaint in police station There is no police station nearby. But there is police
constable back side of you. See madam.
He is harassing us to love. There is no police in my dream. Hey. What From early in the morning
to night till you sleep, you face police station,
courts, judge, criminals, thief’s. Mechanical life. In this life if a dynamic
and smart guy like me enters means I love you. What will you do I will break your
bones and keep in jail. Escape. Hi. Hi. Good Morning Sir. Follow carefully . Donít think more. If you think you
will lose hair like me. Then you have to manage
with wigs outside. When I am talking only
your ears should work, if not next month
you wonít have this job. Hey buddy, are you hearing. There should not be no confusion. Everything should be done as planned
– Yes. Go and buy all items. There will be more traffic at Jagadamba
junction, take u turn there. Hey Malli One second. At any cost program should not fail Which program? Evening alcohol program at terrace. You stupid. Tell me, in office hours
is it necessary to discuss about that Hi Santosh What are you doing there Come fast Ask her to donít jump again. Hi Manoj. Come at 10 Oíclock
and pick me. One second Hi Ismael, came at 5pm
– Hey… our trumpet will get
more cell bill than salary. Why donít it come if
she have four boy friends Four for her Not even one for me. Ok I will call at evening. Bye Ishu, is everything
ready for evening program Everything is ready sir. Hey, donít feel. Hear my words. No dear, I am missing my dad a lot. Hi baby, happy birthday to you. Daddy thank you so much Thank you boys. Take care dear. Bye. You have worried a lot,
see how he has wished you. Wow Please cut the cake. Thank you. – Happy birthday to you.
– Hey, claps Happy birthday to Anitha. This is a very special
gift from your father. Thank you Your I am Santosh and
this from Cartoon guys. M
Every person has many feeling, but there are three reasons
they canít express to others. One is he may be farer,
two lack of time and three is fear. We on behalf of you in different
getups deliver wishes to them. Birthday or marriage day,
friendship day or lovers day, sendoff or receiving, contact us.
Cartoon guys. Feelings yours and
expression is ours. Please don’t beat me Hey Hey Suri means him only. He is big rowdy in this town. This real estate and
settlements will be done by him. We should be very careful with him. Whatever. Santosh here. Suri. Suri. Please leave my brother.
We shall sit and talk Hey, if this is business between you
and me then we shall sit coolly and discuss. But he involved in my sister matter. Suri! How shall we sit and talk.
– Suri! Suri!
– How shall we sit and talk. Suri, I pray you.
– How shall we sit and talk Brother. Hey Narsi. As my mood is good
it only stopped with hand, if it repeats I will kill him. If anybody sees my sister, I will
give you as food to shark in seas. Come. Hey I should know who is
Suriís sister by tomorrow morning. Very good. You are not Santosh, you came
to fight and help this city from Suri I am saying her sister should
not be in list of girls I love. Hey, Stupid fellow. Come here. Come. You are teasing ladies
who come to your shop Why are you reacting
if I am trying her I am president of Ladies Association But I don’t have interest in you. You stupid.
Because of people like you only there are many crimes
happening against ladies Due to me these many are happening Stupid fellow. Madam. Madam. Please stop. Why are you beating
my uncle like that He is teasing her. What is the problem
if he teases his wife Then these two are husband and wife Why didnít you told me, Madam Yesterday night there was fight
between us. I don’t talk with him. Sorry Sir. Without knowing I
have beaten you more than my husband You only better What is this uncle You are topmost stage
artist in Visakhapatnam. You have eloped auntie
from Goa like in Sholay cinema. Have you forgotten Who He. I don’t believe. Hey, I am body builder
who eats pista everyday That is why that lady has hit you. Relax. Relax Aunty and uncle happy
wedding anniversary Please take this small
gift from Cartoon guys. Thank you! You need to give me a word today
– What From now onwards you
both should not quarrel I am ok. I am not ok. Hey you behave like a wife You behave like a husband Waste fellow Waste fellow We can try to stop world war but we
canít stop war between wife and husband You idiot You are three idiot. You are a ghost Dear we have forgotten original reason
for calling Santosh. He is going. Santosh You have not even expressed
our feelings and going To who My sisterís daughter , Puja Dísouza You go in your style and receive her. She is coming from
London via goa to Vizag Why Canít she come directly In Goa, her grandfather is there. She went at the age
of 8 and coming at age of 18 She it is still taking
that much of time to go and come. Stupid! It doesnít it took that time.
She was coming after long time. As she is NRI Girl, you go and
see office work, I will receive her. Really?
– Yes. Ok. Go. Train no 45,
will come to platform in ten minutes. What she is saying? They are saying train
will be late for 1hour. Say you don’t know Hindi.
Train is coming in ten minutes Now a days Hindi has changed a lot. Hey Malli, will the girl
coming be beautiful or average I am not fortune teller,
I donít tell. If you donít tell
also this coin will tell. If its head she will
be beautiful or else average What if it falls down. Please help me Hey tell me whether
it is heads or tails I am blind, sir Then how did you catch so correctly. Hey Santosh girl is coming. Donít turn fast. Turn slowly. Turn slowly. Slowly How should I go out dear Easy grandmother.
If you go on platform you go outside, if you go on track
you go directly to heaven. Shut up. If you go straightly and
turn left you will find exit. Cute boy. Very good dear, finally
an old lady told you ë I Love youí Soon a girl will also tell Excuse me. Hi! I am Puja D’souza Hello! He again went into dreams. Hi, I am Puja. Banda, start music. Welcome to Vizag Thank you. Wow Santosh,
you are playing very well. Will you teach me Guitar
before I return to UK. So you are not staying here. No. I came for vacation.
I will go next month. Bye. Bubloo, are you here Hi Santosh, how are you Super, Grandfather. Hi Darling, how are you.
– Hi! What Aerobics, great. How are you, dear Good. How are you Aunty
– Good dear. Your son has sent
you sweaters this month. Thank you How is my son dear He is good. Who are they Then used to live
in our colony earlier. His daughter-in-law is
wicked and his son fears for her. He gives gifts to them every
month and says his son has sent them. Great. Shall we go Santosh, I thought you are
doing this profession just for fun, but there is responsibility
in this profession also. Thank you! Hey Malli lets go. Hey hold on. Hold on. Stop it. Hey unload the luggage. Hi. Hi How are you Hello Uncle – No no Dear. Get up. Even you are brought up in foreign
you didnít forget formalities. Our family is like that only. Diana, donít irritate me. What will you do I canít tell suddenly.
But I will do something. Yes Uncle, you started again. We started long time back only; we
have given break as you are coming. Hey, stop it. How is the journey, dear From Goa to Vizag its very boring. But from vizag station to house
non-stop entertainment from Santosh. Its amazing. Great Santosh I like you Santosh, I like you Where is the stuff In every party there
will be a stupid like you. Mother Father Grandfather Plate is empty,
but alcohol is remaining here. Hey Santosh is coming with flower. Now he will come and say
ë Hey Malli, I am in Loveí Hey, Malli I am in love. I love puja. Didnít I say Cheers. What is this I told
you shocking news and Its not shocking news
for person like you. Ha ha its joking news. Till now I have given this
heart Xerox only to girls I propose, but first time I am going
to give original heart to puja. Why Because first time
a girl like my behavior, character and profession and said I like you.
Hey puja has said I like you. Are you feeling she
has given flower for you See girls from foreign hug if you say
hi and kiss if you become bit closer. If we are too deeper. They will cut. Pooja has said you I
like you but not I love you. For that only two
words are different. She has told I like you
in first two hours of our meeting, in two days I will
make her to say I love you. Kailasam, named by my parents. Varun Jatlee is name changed by me. To take revenge on a person,
I have got trained in martial arts from noodles person
from the street end. Hey brother. Brother. That Santosh is enjoying
with girlfriends there. I am waiting for this day only.
Sharp this sword Jatlee. Eat this idly brother. No. How will you live
without eating brother A person can live not only with air,
water, pizza, rice. He can also live with revenge. Revenge. Revenge.
Why this revenge brother. You are postponing flashback
every time I asked you. You used to be like
Kamalhasan in Swathimutyam, why you have become like this. Not that side, you stupid. This side. For a age bar like me
got a girl like chocobar. Flowers in hand and
its raining outside. Waiting eagerly for her. Excuse me madam. Hello Hello
I am from Cartoon guys. You got wishes on
behalf of your marriage. Thankyou Hello All the best for your
first night darling. Darling? Who are you to wish
for our first night From how many days its going on Dear you are mistaken Shut up. Every lady will say
same thing after caught. Sir, please hear what we say Hey I donít hear what you say. I got doubt when her
father has given double dowry. This is second hand. Dear. Donít talk. If you kill me with knife also I
donít fear but you have hurt me here. Here. Dear Sir you are mistaken.
Your wife is good girl. What you are giving
good certificate to her. Hey stupid,
not card see from address. Geetha from Rajahmundry. Your sister. Sorry dear Its ok dear. Hey you have placed leg and
our family got disturbed. Get out. Thanks brother. Brother What did you say Brother. If it is normal case I used to go,
but you said brother. I will talk now. We donít need this brother-in-law Brother. Yes sister. He has doubted you for
this small greeting only. From tomorrow onwards he may
doubt you for talking with milk boy, cable tv and paper boy. We donít want this
type of brother-in-law. Brother Hey you married my
sister on behalf of fire and now you call her as betrayer. You call her now as stupid, dog, pig. I didnít say all this. Aids also have treatment
but suspicion has no treatment. What shall I do now brother Why are you seeing
like that brother-in-law Ball is in your court only. Whether you make
a goal or remove air. Mr. Kailasham Lets meet in court. Stupid bouquet.
How much damage you have done He saying sister,
sister and made big hole in my life. Suspicion stupid, you doubted sister We have to separate
Santosh and his girlfriend Mission starts. How is the style How is my smile If you waste time like this, flower
will worn out and pooja will go. Hey Malli, Lets go. Here I am leaving your
music Chandhramukhi on you. I am leaving Arundathi on you. Hey see and walk. What a timing It’s not correct time. Aunty what is the problem
What is the problem uncle Pooja is very dull
since she came here. I am asking him to take her outside,
but he is not agreeing. Sending girl alone
outside impossible. Relax. I will take Pooja outside Worst bike. You comment me anything but
if you comment bike I will kill you. After my wife is gone, its only
my wife. I am sleeping on it only Hello, brother is busy. Call later. Who is that Some wrong call. From Morning we are searching him. I think he might
have escaped to Bangkok Let’s go to Singapore, brother. Where Singapore It’s like Santosh He didn’t go to Bangkok.
He is here only. Come on. Brother bike is not starting. Lion has power in teeth,
elephant has power in trunk, but this Jetlee has
power in legs. Come on. Who are you running with sword Varun Jatlee This is Sumathi, SI. Si, CI, DSP, DIG.
Whoever it may be. I need to go. Where you going Hey lady you catch my collar. Constables arrest him. Hey, Stop! He has missed. Ok sister lets compromise. – Hey Stupid.
– Who You only. The lions on my cap represent law, justice, gratis,
and then the fourth lion is You only no sister. Lets compromise No. If I commit once not only Maheshbabu, I also will not hear to anyone words. You Lady Pokiri. Hey I will show you film. Hey Bilahari you also come. Donít worry brother
I will get you bail. If mood is not good everyone
goes to movies, why you came here. It has a reason. What is that First time I came to
this church with my parent. Luckily there are together that time. Now They got divorced. I just thought to come here again. Where are your parents Are you serious Yes. How can you be so casual Then what shall I do,
advertise in paper to adopt me. Pooja, in problems the people
to console me are not there. So I have taken that
only as my profession. You don’t feel sad for that. If I feel I get depression, if I do anything in that
depression ambulance will come. Is it necessary I am getting jealous seeing you. Keeping problems there and
laughing here is very difficult. I also think to be like you,
but it is not possible. I will try. Anyways in my life
I got a friend like you. Friends? Friends. She is in correct
mood its correct time. Hi Pooja Hi What book is that How to love girls By great writer Shantaram. He wrote about 1000
characters of girls. Do you know? Pooja… I need to say you one thing. That is Actually about my proposal. Donít say I love you Santosh That means you have no faith in I donít have faith in love Santosh. My parents are love marriage,
they got divorced. Even my uncle and
auntís is love marriage but they continuously quarrel. Love start with understanding
but ends with mis-understanding. 10 days known boy saying I love you and love starts with
meeting and ends with dating. I donít believe it. But in my feeling
love is just attraction, its starting stage for romance. Hey did I tell I am loving you. Then for whom are you preparing. That is for my dream girl. Dream girl. Yes. A girl who loves
me is entering into my life. Advance preparation. Interesting. Hey itís perfect. But Hey actually Pooja. I am sorry. I don’t know your opinion
about love and I proposed. Hey just chill. We are friends. You can share anything with me. Shall we move Gone. Gone your love is gone. Hey His love is gone. Hey dead chicken his love is gone. Hey is it mental disturbance
for love failure. No its going to be success. She rejected before proposing,
how will it success. Hey Malli,
she is treating me as best friend. Love starts there only. To melt ice in water and friendship
to love it doesnít take much time. By hearing Poojaís class
I fell your love wonít be success. She is feeling like that due
to small disturbances in her life. She needs true love now. I will give it to her. Then what about dream
girl story told by you That dream girl is also Pooja. Friend Pooja and Dream
girl Pooja are same. Before she going to UK I will make
her feel that dream girl should be me. Your idea is good but
you donít have that much time. She might fly before you propose. Go. Go. We will eat kebab chicken. What is this Chicken skeleton How had you eat it so fastly. How How What is that Is it Novel. Not novels. Its love letters. What is it? Itís a book. I have wrote love book on her.
Total 50 letters. 50 letters for girl
who you donít know. Advance preparation. Read it. How can I read letters
that you wrote to your dream girl Hey, Pooja you are my best friend. If you read and tell me
good and bad I will correct. I canít read Santosh. Ok you don’t read. I will only read. Priya. Oo Priya. In Kanyakumari sun rise I should
stand before you and play guitar. My dear dream girl, I am
planning to see Tajmahal in sunset. In Himalayas, when snow is falling I
need to sit before you and drink coffee. Hey Pooja How is it Santosh. Kanyakumari,
Agra and all these are possible. If in love itís all possible. I am not impressed. Sorry I shouldnít
have said like that. I didnít impress with this letters, but your dream girl may like it. If you didnít like then my dream girl
will definitely will not like it. Why Both are same. What I mean both are ladies. Ok. Bye Bye. Bye If we attack head
should be separated. Hey who is Surya in you Me only. Wipe the blood and
wear shirt and come. Where You are local don. I will give you a chance
to beat a guy in city. Generally I only will
do this type of works. But my guy said you
are top in this field. S So we came to you. Do and prove yourself. What Are you looking
for money Take it. It will be 150 or 160.
Buy tea for boys and you eat Samosa. Know about brother and talk. If you disturb in discussion,
I will feel. If hurricane crosses
land it becomes cyclone, if varun jatlee got
anger blood will come. – Hey Bujji.
– What Take hand on my brother. Its many days since we washed shirt. Good. – Raju.
– Yes. Here along with fish
people also should be washed. Hey what have you said earlier. If Varun Jatlee got anger I will only get blood. After four hits respect
also came with blood. Hand on brother. Stupid. I will kill you. Brother. Keep hands on me. – Tell me.
– Yes. What do you want from me You need to beat a lean person. Hey Raju take 25000 from him and Till now you have
beated freely no brother. Hey, he slapped again In discussion if you disturb you will get angry Raju talk with him
and see what he wants See he is like palm tree. Where is he Hey Santosh Oh Girl is also here. Raju, we should kidnap
her infront of him only. Hey comeback. How did Suri trained you. For every small work
there should be planning? Why planning? – They should not escape.
– Lets close doors. Hey you. payment and
planning are both mine. Ok. Continue. Catch this. Hey bald bend. No. No. Not that side. This side. This is Vizag. This is Steel plant,
this is Jagadamba centre. This is railway station,
and this is airport. This is police station,
this is shopping mall. We are here and he is there. Three members go there,
four go like this and round him up. And attack him. What It has turned red It’s not color, its blood. I will give you drink and biryani. – Brother this plan will not work out.
– Why They have escaped in this gap. Raju Sir You stupid if target is near we should
attack and away we should plan. Now Chase. Catch him. Hey Jump. – What are you doing here
– I came to shopping sister. Then why are you crawling I am practicing how it
will be if we crawl and shop. Get up. Donít crawl, practice to
walk and shop. Do you know about me I know Sister. Who is he Why is he coming after us I have saved his wife from him. So he is coming after me. It would be better if
you fight him than running No Pooja.
No Rowdyism only Gandhigiri. Non-violence is best policy. What shall we do brother
– I tell you. Brother is planning again. Brother he is going. Thank you very much. – Thank you!
– Careful. For that toy do you
need to risk that much. It’s not toy Pooja its Tajmahal,
symbol of love. Love should not break forever. Go inside. Keep mask brother. Follow me. Now we can easily catch him. My Mask. Sorry. I will give you again. – What happened dear
– My mask. My Mask Hello Hey. Hey Daddy not this uncle. Sorry.
– Sorry boss.
– What Sorry? This idea is yours only no.
Come here. Stupid. Come on. Hey cricket bat. I will break his
head if he is caught. Brother-in-law is bowled. Doctor. Something is gone. What happened Santosh, tyre puncture. Stupid driving get down. Hey change tire fast. Otherwise I will
throw you on rail track. Pooja small break please. Yeah. Coming. Hey Santosh go like that only and catch
third pole there without falling. If you go in one minute your
love with dream girl will success. Come on. do it Super said sister. Come on. Go. Show your talent. Go. Santosh, they have
given green signal also. Stupid, signal is
given for train not him. Santosh. Donít go. Come back. Listen to me. If you do like that your
dream girl will come into your life. Santosh. No. Hey what happened Santosh. Train. Rakesh. Look there. Hey Santosh Santosh. Are you mad
If something happens to you. Now tell me will
my love success or not. Santosh Tell me Success. In flash back he used
to be like hero ,now.. What happened Leg has been paralyzed. Where is my weapon There brother. In this position you should not move. I have to go. Treatment is not completed. I have to go. You are breaking our hospital rules. Its treat to your life. Mr. Doctor My wife gone,
my first night gone, my leg gone. Everything in my life is gone doctor. Everything. Doctor. I have to go. Please go. I appreciate you. Thankyou. Hey Santosh, lean fellow.
I am coming. Again imagination
with your dream girl Santosh I will ask you one thing. Will you answer seriously. You wouldnít have done such a
life risk by catching pole at railway track without selecting
your dream girl. Am I correct Correct. Who is that girl
Where is she She is here only. Santosh. Tell me where is she.
Is she here only Here means Where here That is? Have you told her about your love? No Pooja. It’s one side love. We should not force them to love us,
they should love to love us. Nice. Don’t you show her to me. Pooja. Wait brother. I will sync what they
are talking from here. So that we can plan. True. You have this talent also. Yes. Then start. Hey Santosh, why have
you started enemity with Jatlee That Jatlee is big waste fellow My tension is about
the guy who is with Jatlee Bilahari Yes. He has good body and
looks like Bollywood hero. You are right Santosh Right. He might have liked it very much He is dead today in my hands. Go shouting brother. No shouting. Only action. Hey Santosh. What he came again. I am also not understanding that. Lets go.
– Where are they? What he will do now? To you only brother. He brought them also. Pooja come. – Good morning brother
– Good morning. – How is your business
– Good Brother it’s too hot I will
drink coconut water and come. Ok. Go. Last time. This time. Hey Bilani why this
Raju batch came here. Have they come to
complete balance beating Brother this time I
will correctly translate. Ok. Hey hear properly we
have to kill that Santosh We shall kill Jatlee
along with that Santosh. But be careful with
his assistant Bilahari. Because he is superman,
spiderman and heman. Then what about me Hit man. It’s already used one, secondhand. Please keep it. Come Oh God. Greetings Hey what happened, who has hit you. Someone sprinkle water on his head. Hey Stupid Is this the way to sprinkle water Hey you go that way and search. if he is caught Let’s go this side. Come on. Oh no they are here also. This side Jatlee They have escaped. You have correctly locked.
Now show your girlfriend Please try to understand. You told she is here only no. You have to show her now. Santosh she gonna not believe.
Say something There are so many
Who in them Who in them It’s not correct time, change cassette See that girl going in white dress. I canít see face, Santosh That is why I showed her. Tell me. Hey Pooja they are gone. Come on. – Fast.
– Santosh Hey Hey lets go fast otherwise
we will get caught to Jatlee Uncle ball please. 1 second. Wait brother. Is it necessary to
do that with single leg Hey Lion has power in its paw, Elephant in its trunk and
Jatlee has power in his leg. Remote gone. Brother move. My god Brother, ball missed. Rock has hit me, you stupid. You silly brother. Its serious, call doctor. Doctor – Santosh stop.
– Okay Santosh drop me here.
I have other work. – What work
– Shopping. Then I will also come. Ladies personal shopping.
Boys should not come. You go. – Okay
– Taxi. Where is she? Excuse me. Hi, I am Pooja. I am Priya. I need to tell you
one important thing. What By best friend is loving you from
many days without your knowledge. What You might have mistaken me. No. No. Confirm. White dress. He is very sincere.
You should meet him once. Let’s go Sister. Come on. How is darshan Take the vehicle
and come to main gate. Hey Santosh, I will success
your love as your friend. I will join you and Priya. What happened Bilahari Ask there. What happened Doctor Same backbone effect. Legs gone. Yes. No. Only top half is working
and second half is not working. Doctor I am Married.
But first night not completed. See that it works till here. If bottom doesn’t
works also no problem. It’s impossible.
No one can get your legs back. Hi Brother-in-law.
This getup is good. We shall not fight. I will talk with
sister on behalf of you. We shall sit in coffee
shop and settle. I will make you both meet. You, me and your sister
shall stay in same house. I will do your marriage also. Hey because of you my two legs gone, wife gone and first night gone. Hey please go Please go Condition is very serious You lean fellow Take care. Please leave me, I will kill him. It’s a miracle, you got your legs as soon as he
is here and gone as soon as he went. Doctor what shall I do now It’s not in God hands.
It’s in that boys hand. Doctor i have to go. Sister, It’s ridiculous. Like a Kid he has
shown me as a toy in shop and said I like it and
you are asking me to love him. Priya Santosh likes you very much. My brother also likes me very much. If it reaches him he wonít be there
to love and you wonít be there to talk. Please leave this
here and tell your friend to stop playing these
cheap tricks again. – Bye.
– 1 second Priya. I was not sent here by Santosh You are wrong Santosh donít know that I come here. He don’t want to disturb
you in the name of love. Generally boys follow us,
disturb us or threaten us for love. But he follows you and
loves you without your knowledge. Now also I didn’t come to convince
you, I just came to convey you. If others hate is not
reached also no problem, but love should be
definitely conveyed. These are love letters
written by Santosh. Don’t waste your time and read them,
just read for time pass. In last letter there is
my phone number and address. Call me if you like it otherwise
courier me this letters. – Hello
– Pooja, this is Priya. Hey Priya. Have you read the letters. Yes. I need to see him once. Great. Thank you Priya. Thank you. Hey I want to see him once only.
Not for love. Then To avoid him. Avoid Yes. Where shall we meet Ok Beach restaurant evening 5ío clock. Ok. But one condition.
I only will see him. He should not know
that I will come there Why Without my knowledge how he has seen
me I will also see him like that. Good idea Ok. Bye. Now the game begins. Hey it is Pooja. Keep loud speaker. Hi Pooja. Hi Santosh Are you busy or free Free only. – Tell her. Actually I am in little work, busy. Ok. I thought we shall
go out evening if you are free. Ok. Bye. Hey. Hello. Pooja. Hello. Hey Malli. Yes Santosh Hey Pooja,
Malli will handle that work. I am free now. Evening 5íoclock come
to beach restaurant. I need to tell you
some important thing. Ok. Very good Santosh Hey Malli. Sorry.
They have hit you till you got blood. This is not my blood. – Then. Sir please buy one flower. Do you want? Please
– No dear. It happened yesterday as you said. My wife came after you went. Madam please take flowers. Sorry. – Please Madam. Hey Hey dear, why are you dull No one is buying flowers. Ok I will buy all flowers,
take this money. In this which flower did you like. This one.
– Yellow. Very good selection. Wow. Super. Why donít you have
flowers in your hair. If I sell 1 flower I get 3 rupees.
That is my mother did not keep. But this brother has given you. Good girl. Pooja where are you I am at restaurant only.
Where are you I am also in restaurant
in front of you in burka Yeah. Where is he He is in restaurant only. Here
– Yes. Who
– I will sit before him. See. Ok. Dont see her. Control. Sorry Santosh. I am late. Hey pooja. You said some
important matter. What is that That is. For suppose if you lover
is in this restaurant. What for suppose. She is here only. Here No. Here. Be serious Santosh Ok. I your lover sit beside you
and asks how much do you love me Then what will you tell. Hey have you understand,
how much I love her. Ok. Just ok. When will she understand What happened, Priya.
You asked me to come at this time. I disturbed a lot Pooja. Sorry. Now I understand You don’t have any feeling on Santosh I told you I am disturbed
because I donít like him. Then Priya After you have given that letter,
I have thought not .. read but read it. I
thought not to see him but has seen. I thought not to like
him but now I like him. Without knowing me
and talking with me only.. ..he has loved me this much. If he enters my life I
can imagine how my life will be. My brother used to say me. The person you are going
to marry should love more than me. After seeing Santosh
I feel it going to be true. In 4minutes he has
expressed love to me. I will also express my love to him. Oh my God. I canít believe this. Thank you.
Thank you so much, Priya. I should tell this
immediately to Santosh Priya tomorrow only I
will make you both to meet. All these days he has loved
you without your knowledge, now I will make him to
tell I love you before you. Santosh you lucky fellow. Where are you From two days Pooja is not
lifting phone. What is the reason Her phone might have missed. Phone is ringing
– Then girl might have missed. Hey Santosh Hey Santosh I am hearing Poojaís
voice every time I hit you. You will hear only Poojaís
voice if you hit me, Hit him Pooja will come. Yes Turn back and see. Hi Hi Pooja. – Hey Where have you gone Small problem Santosh Problem!
Sit. What problem ? My friend is loving
a girl from many days. My type only Finally that girl
has understood his love. That girl has understood, but this girl. What Nothing. You continue. But my friend is
not in town right now, so you .. – Me? You have to express love on behalf of him. No. No Pooja, how can I give love card
to another girl How guilty it is. Tell Malli. – You can do well. See your nose once. It’s not possible.
My boy canít do that. Ok you are not helping
me as your friend. So now I ask you as customer. Tell me Madam. What is your name Pooja dísouza. – Address.
– This is my address. Wait Pooja. Ok I will do it for you. Santosh this is my prestige. She should feel as
if her over is before him. I will tell her as if my lover
is before me. Do you have any problem No problem. I also need that only. So cute. Bye. Bye. See Malli, she used to hate Love.. .. but I brought her to
a stage where she helps lovers. Something is wrong – Where I am not getting that only. Now I got it. Priya. One second. I love you and this
is a beautiful boque from I love you too Santosh I love you. What is that question
mark face Santosh. The girl you are
following from these .. ..many days has said you I love you. That day you have showed
me Priya in white dress. I have met her immediately. I have told her about you
and gave your love letters to her. I have called Priya
to beach restaurant.. .. made you express
your love before her. I don’t have best opinion about love, but Do you know why I helped you Because
you are my best friend Santosh If you think happiness
in your name should be lifelong then Priya should come in your life. I have given you a valuable
and life time gift like Priya to you. See Priya how he has stood
before with lots of love in him. Thatís best thing about Santosh Without you we both wouldnít
have met. Thank you Pooja. Thank you Santosh Hey why are you feeling
shy at the time of celebration Hey Priya Stop. Don’t worry, my dear Cartoon guys.
They call this only twist. Hey Santosh East, west, north, south, northeast. You take Jagadamba. I take airport,
portarea and gajuwaka. Then what about me brother You take Kailasagiri temple. Temple?
– You can earn a
lot if you beg on steps. Hey what is this Hey Suri’s sister is loving you. You will marry her anyway. So we are making vizag
into parts and distributing. Hey I am loving Pooja. Pooja don’t know that. I will tell everything happened To Pooja – No Priya. To Priya The only hope I have between
Pooja and me is friendship . If in case Pooja knows
all this our friendship will end. Then is it correct to tell Priya Don’t know. If I tell to Priya,
my mistake may be corrected. If I hide truth,
it becomes deception. I donít want to cheat them. Why are you leaving when
a girl came to love you. She is loving me,
itís a small problem in my life. But I love Priya it’s my life. At this time we have to solve
problem , not sacrifice life. I canít miss Pooja. To love I may have told
lies but my love is not a lie. Tomorrow only I will go
and tell Priya what happened Ok. But you are doing big risk. You are going to Suri’s house
singly and meeting her sister You are also coming with me. Come on. Surya or anything. Thanks Malli. You are true friend. Donít praise me like that.
Suri’s vehicle is not inside. How if Suri come in middle. Hey, shut up and come.
– It’s like buying my death Come Santosh sir. Come. Priya madam is on top floor.
Please sit she will come. Where is Suri sir Some rogue has called
and teased Priya madam, he went to take his hand. Hey he is taking hand for just a
call, what may happen to us Lets go. Hey sit. Dear do you want tea or coffee. Whatever it might be,
give before Suri sir come. Santosh Hey stop. Stop. Santosh Hey Fathima why have
you given tea to Santosh . He doesnít like them.
He likes black tea. Give me a minute. You have written you
like black tea in twitter. That is why I have
prepared it myself. I am also trying it. Priya, I need to talk
you about one thing. Ok lets go up and talk. Come. What are you seeing Have you forgot what you
have written in your 10th letter. Don’t you remeber, santosh You wrote you like blue color. Actually I donít like blue. But I thought there might
be some clue in that. I found it. Sky is blue. Sea is blue.
In future most dominant color blue. Blue is cool
My favorite color is also blue. Priya, tell me
– Santosh I will show you I used to be under fan
he made me sleep on burial bed. How should I escape now Santosh Santosh I am going. Sorry Santosh. You told you need.. .. to talk with me something.
I forgot. Tell me. Hey how dare you. You come to Suriís
house and talk with her sister. Please hear.Hey What should i hear. Please hear me. Santosh Hey come. Hey listen to me. – Hey come. Sir. Sir. I donít know anything. How dare you Santosh Santosh. Raju Stop. Santosh Hear what I say. Please hear what I say Priya Madam. Please come. Come. Hey get out. Out. Hey you come to my
house and beat my people. Super brother-in-law. Super. In this city everyone
fears hearing my name. But you have stood before
me daringly beating my people. Great brother-in-law. Great My sister donít
hide anything with me. She told me about your
love first to me only. I have more confidence on
my sisterís selection than mine. Good. Brother-in-law, getting
good diamond is not important. Saving it is more important. So I have kept this test.
I only know it is test. Super. Super. Come on. Brother-in-law. come on. Today Santosh will have lunch
here only. Make arrangements. Ok Brother. Priya donít forget 48th letter,
brother-in-law is vegetarian I remember brother Sit down brother-in-law.
In that letter. You also have read it. I have seen Lavakusa 10 times. But I have read your
love letters 40 times. You wrote it excellent. In that 24th letter
feel is excellent. Sir I need to talk with you. Brother-in-law feel. Feel. Sir please. You are not loving my sister
and Pooja is not loving you. What do you want to do I want to tell truth to Priya. Priya shouldnít know the truth. how without knowing. I know how deep my sister loves you. If she knows this she canít bear it. But I canít love her. But you should.
You should love Priya. You should love Priya. I canít You should – Why are you forcing me Because she dies in a year. What are you saying Yes Santosh. Priya has heart problem. She might not live more.
She also don’t know that. You may have dare to tell her.. .. but she donít have
enough strength to hear that. So I am asking you as brother. You might not love her
but act as if you love her. Please for me. Please make her happy these few days. Otherwise you help many
in your profession. Do like that. I will give you as
much as money you want. No this is not for money. I need some time. What is this brother
How have you hid this from us Sister should live brother.
If necessary I will give my heart. Have you believed it. My sister donít know
even cold and fever.. .. how will she get heart problem. Then why you told
lie that she will die. I have played this
game to save my sister. Why this game brother.
Lets threaten him. However he told truth only.
What will you do Will he come listening all this He will definitely come. Because we for living hurt others, but he lives for happiness of others. His character is that. Do he love our sister
even after doing all this. He will. I believe my sisterís
love will change him. At correct time we
make an actor a doctor and say your love has cured
her disease and close the story. What do you say What will you do now I decided to act as lover to Priya. What Yes. If I didnít do this
our profession has no meaning. In few days Pooja will go. In few days Priya will die. Due to me a girl died with pain
means I canít live happily lifelong Next. One second. – Ok. Talk. Hi Pooja Where are you Santosh I am with Priya in beach. Nice. Enjoy. Hey Santosh, what happened Nothing. See there. Santosh, ticket is confirmed.
I am going to UK next week I have a small request. How you have received me you have.. .. to give send off
in same way with Priya. Ok. Come on. Come. Come. Jatlee Hey where are you going bending To pray his legs. I am giving you salary, come back. Hey Suri take this
empty Cheque book.. ..and you have to separate
Santosh and his lover. What do you mean –
You have to separate them. Santosh means that Cartoonzguys. Exactly. Nasty fellow. Not you. He. Hey Suri, Santosh should die, then his lover becomes widow, then his brothers will cry
and all his family gets disturbed. Hey tell clearly. Hey its commercial. You
are commercial don. Do what I say. Do you have his photo I have. Keep like that only. Why are you keeping
his photo in your phone Because Santosh loves my sister then he will be my brother-in-law
and they are getting married soon. Brother. He might
lose legs again in shock. Hey Cheque book. Bilahari move the vehicle. Hey Suri see another
guy for your sister. I will not leave that Santosh Hey close the gate. In his life he should
not again stand on his legs. Raju. Suriís sister. Hi Cartoonzguys. Hi. Wow!
– Hi! Looking good. Thank you.
– Guys listen. Tomorrow I have
arranged a grand party. All should come. Santosh you need to come with Priya Sorry. I will not come. Santosh , how if you do not come. For your love success
you have to give party.. ..but I am giving on behalf of you. Even I canít come. Ok think this as my sendoff party. See Pooja, whatever the
reason may be I canít come. I have lot of work tomorrow We donít have any. You might have. Santosh you are coming. No. I canít You are coming. – No. I know how you will come. Enemies enemy is friend.
I like this concept. You are hurt in Suri’s
hand and I also. From now onwards we both are friends.
Nice to meet you. Hello! Hi. No left hand. You have Suri as target
and for me Santosh Who is Santosh Poojaís lover. Who is Pooja Suri’s sister. Suriís sister name is Priya. That is why Suri
has broken your hand. If I told also sensor people
will cut. Is it necessary What? As per my information
all are meeting at same party. Narsing,
you see Suri and I see Santosh Then me. See your other hand safely.
It’s enough. For one shot three birds. You three only no brother. For sample kill him first. Santosh you told I will not
come to party. See how I brought you. Diana you need to
come to party properly, I am feeling shy to stand beside you. Me also. Don’t speed as I
donít have cdís in hand. I can attack with plates also. Me too. See there, it’s funny. Hey Santosh Hey Narsing,
bring that Santosh and Suri’s sister. Hey go and bring that Suriís sister. Santosh, leave. I am asking to bring Suriís sister me you are bringing someone else stupid You Waste fellow she
is only Suriís sister You push me. You dummy dog? We shall take small gap.
What he is beating like that. hey catch this. You only keep it. Santosh Santosh. – Its better to run. Where is he Jump Santosh, listen to me. Stop. Please hear me. Stop. Donít fight. She is getting blood. Hey Santosh Plan may be failed but Hey leave it. Brother is in tension. Who is it Some wrong number brother. Santosh this is not blood sauce See. Come fast. Otherwise he
will kill us also. Come fast. Hello excuse me. We adopt mental people
like you and give food. Will you come with me I am not mental.
I am. We both. Marriage. Hey lets go. Me only.
– Dear is that you? What is this getup I will kill that Santosh That boy is very good. He told me many times to go to you. My brother-in-law tried to unite us. I have called you many times but every time someone lifts
your phone and says brother is busy. Wrong call means my wife Why have you done this Bilahari If you both meet then
my job will go, brother. You intelligent assistant.
Once give that sword. Sward brother Hey. – Dear. Come on my dear Choco bar. Swaralu will you hear as I say or not I will not. Don’t behave as kid. Yes I am always kid. Yes you are always kid. So you
never hear my words. Go and sleep. I know when to sleep.
First you go and sleep. Swaralu donít make this big.
If I got anger means. Stop it. Please just stop it. Quarrelling in party, shop and house. Why like this.
Take divorce like my parents. I am just so sick and tired of this. Pooja you didnít
understand us properly. You are only seeing quarrel
between us but not seeing love. She is not quarrelling
with me for gold, she is asking me to have
blood pressure capsules. I am not fighting
with her to leave me, I am saying your body doesnít
adjust to ac and asking to stop it. We have grief for not having kids. We are forgetting
it like this only dear. You donít know about
love when you have no opinion. A friendship with a person
starts with our consent, but love starts without our consent. In this world there wonít
be any person who loves and dies. In school age, college age .. .. and teen age at any
of the time they fall in love. It’s not as difficult
as man going to moon. Known persons say it
love and others friendship True love is not visible to naked
eyes, it should be seen with heart. To see like that heart
should be filled with love. Hello. Santosh! -What happened Priya
you asked me to come urgently Relax Santosh Let’s go out. Come on. At this time. Come on Santosh What is this Priya Happiness less your face and beach
less vizag canít be seen. Come on. Smile. Where What is this Priya Where are we going Wait 1 hour I will say. Santosh what have you
said in your first letter. In Kanyakumari seeing
sunrise and play guitar. Here. Mumtaj hasnít seen the beautiful
Tajmahal built for her, Santosh She would feel happier
if she has seen. Hi Pooja. – Hey where are you. I am with Priya at Tajmahal, Agra. Ok. Carry on. Santosh! Santosh itís raining.
Letís stop at that bus stop. – Ok. Santosh come. Come on. Hey Come. – Yeah, coming. Hey Hi. – Hi. Hi Priya. Hi When did you come Just now. How is the trip Priya. Itís amazing. Showing the places that Santosh
wrote in letter thrills me. Santosh lets go to church.
Will you come Sorry Pooja. After rain ends
I need to drop Pooja at her house. Its ok. You carry on. Priya Thank you. – Bye Pooja. – Bye. Bye. Santosh come. Let’s go. Santosh come. Run. Where? Santosh go!
Run, Santosh! Run! Where? Go catch the bus. Catch Come Careful. Do we need to risk this much for bus. In this also there is a surprise. What is that? You only wrote in your last letter. When raining we should
travel on bus footboard. Nice couple. Priya. Stop. Stop. Priya. Priya. Move. Priya . Priya Priya . Priya Careful Priya.
Nothing happened to you know Priya, are you ok – I am fine Santosh Sure? Santosh blood. What happened to you Nothing happened to me .Are you ok. I am Ok. Sure. Ok. – I am ok. Priya . Priya Priya Priya It happened like that unknowingly Please forgive me Santosh I know you love Pooja.. but still I lied you and tried
to see that my sister love wins. That day you told
me truth daringly but.. I made decision crazily .. and god has punished us like this. I know how tense you feeled by loving
one and acting as loving other. No Santosh. Letís stop this. Go and tell Pooja about your love. If you two unite again
my guilt will be .. ..cleared and sister may be good. Itís a small wish. Doctor how is my sister. Skull has a heavy damage.
We have tried our level. Remaining is god blessing Doctor donít think of money. Hi this Santosh from Cartoonzguys. I wish that you recover
fast and lead a happy life. Till now I have
wished for many other. But first time in my
life I am wishing for myself. Get well soon Priya. I need to tell you about one thing. Donít say I love you, Santosh. Santosh I need to
talk with you something Do you remember this place This is the place where we first met. I have changed a lot from
the time first we met and now. Some happy movements
and some sad movements. I have lately found that
love starts from friendship only. These many problems are
created just for the reason that I have not recognized
that you love me. I have knowed the value of it,
because of you. These days I havenít understood you.
Small sorry and. Donít say I Love you Pooja. You have recognized
meaning of love from me but I learned actual
meaning of Love from Priya. She didn’t realize whether
mine is true or false love and she tried to
keep me happy always. Love is not just giving flowers
and greeting to girlfriend. Its knowing her likes and dislikes .. ..and gifting there likes
with heart is true love. Priya has showed me that love. I have proposed to many. But only girl I didn’t
propose was Priya. Before dying also I have seen confidence
in her that I still love her. I will maintain that
confidence till end of my life. Now also Priya is with me. For some love is life, but for me it is good remembrance. But for me remembrance is only life. Pooja lets be good friends. Happy journey Love starts from friendship only. I believe one day your
friendship also turn into love.