how’s it going welcome to another all
about RVs I’m Jared Gillis and today we’re gonna be talking about some of
those secrets almost hidden things that there’s quite a few people out there
that don’t know about RVs these typical things that are on RVs so let’s dive
into the list we got I think like five of them so if you look at RV locks this
is going to be the first one you have two locks on your RV lock you have the
upper one that will lock the the handset and then you have the lower one that is
the deadbolt so here’s the scoop on that this top one often times you’ll see like
an M on it and so that’s like a master lock so these are V dealerships they’ll
have a master key that goes to like tons of these RVs and they’re able to get in
and out of them quickly and so there’s master keys that go to that lock now
your keys gonna work in that also but this bottom one that is the deadbolt
that one is going to be keyed specific to your RV so that top one being a
master key a lot of people don’t know about that so I usually like to rely
more on the deadbolt one on the bottom rather than the one that could have a
master key out there that’s to say I don’t think people are running around
with master keys trying to get into RVs but I’d prefer to use the deadbolt now
on to number two remember this is the one you’re supposed to impacted
surprised on that’s I should have probably made this number one because if
you have a digital lock like we do these RV locks if you hold down the number one
button that’s why I should have made it number one you’ll hear some beeps and
when you hear those couple of beeps is what has just happened is you’ve just
silenced the beeps on your RV lock so a lot of people don’t like being able to
announce with these loud beeps when they leave or when they get there they would
prefer to silence them so if you hold down the one button you get those couple
of beeps and now it is silent so if you press any buttons no more noise now for
number three which has to do with this little vent over here which is the vent
is right above our oven so if we’re cooking and we want to turn on the vent
this is where that air comes out what some people don’t know is there’s
actually some tabs on this vent so that the if you release those tabs there’s a
little door that will open when you turn that fan on so if you don’t release
those tabs and you turn the fan on inside you’re not actually moving any
air to the outside you just have a noisy fan inside so if you want to use this
fan inside to be able to get some of that air out while you’re cooking
make sure you release those tabs and that will allow it to function properly
now number four it has to do with compartment locks the storage Bay Area’s
so if you have like a cylinder type of a lock on those bays and you have this
type of key then a lot of times those are keyed alike to almost all our RVs so
anybody with this key can come into your your storage area so if you’re wanting
to make your storage areas more secure swapping out these locks really is
pretty simple and a great idea so that not just anybody with that key can come
and open your your storage bay area I’ll put a link in the description to those
kind of locks in case you want to swap those out so we got two more actually
yeah two more inside now this one is an interesting one so on a lot of RV
fridges they’ll have this button up to here that says climate control switch so
if you’re wondering what that switch does is because your fridge is trying to
cool everything on the inside there is a heat strip basically that goes around
like a heating element that goes around your doors so if there’s condensation it
will eliminate condensation so you don’t get water just building up all around
your fridge doors so if you have that problem you can flip that on and it’ll
help alleviate that but if you’re out there boondocking and you’re not having
issues with condensation turn that off because you don’t want to be wasting
energy wasting power when you don’t really need to you don’t need to put a
heating element next to your door if you don’t have any condensation so that is
what the climate control switch does on your fridge now I know I said five in
the beginning so I guess we’ll call this one a bonus and this one has to do with
the AC I think more people know about this one
but you have these louvers and if you were to open these it’s gonna dump all
the cold air right here so say your RV is extremely hot and you just want to be
able to get the core area cooled down first so that you can have something
that’s somewhat comfortable you open up these louvers here so that all that air
just dumps right here in the center and then when that comes to temperature you
you’re happy with it you’re able to close this if you have it ducted
throughout the rest of the the RV and now it’s going to push it through the
ducts and drop it into like the the bedroom or the different area where
those ducts go so that it can evenly cool the RV a little bit better so just
a little bonus one there well hopefully at least one of those things or maybe a
few of those things we’re new to you or you haven’t heard those before now your
your let in on some of those little secret hidden things about RVs so that’s
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