I think that with gummies one of the
problems is there’s no way to get a consistent proportion every single time
so let’s see if we can change that and make it gummy
that allows you to get a consistent portion every single time my name is Eric Strebel I’m an industrial
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like I’ve come up with a nice round form that is splayed so that you can easily
remove the same amount from the object every single time so to make these
edibles ultimately we need to have a silicone mold that we can pour our
mixture into so in CAD I’ve created the form that we’re gonna make and I’m
showing you here in teal what the silicone mold is ultimately going to be
now to make this silicone mold we need to make a mold so that we can make those
and to make this mold for the silicone I’m gonna 3d print this mold and what
you see here in the dark steel light for the top and dark for the bottom is the
part that we’re going to print that we’re going to ultimately fill with
silicone to make our silicone mold for our edibles printing the molds took about 24 hours
for each set and you can see a little time-lapse of the molds being printed so
ultimately what you see on the bottom is the top of the mold on the right-hand
side and on the left is the bottom of the mold and when those two pieces go
together the void or the cavity on the inside will get filled with a silicone
to make one part of the silicone mold here is the other 3d printed mold that
will make the second half of this silicone molds that we ultimately need
to have to make these edibles so these molds are 360 basically kind of
like an injection molded part they are not and like open-faced candy molds
where you just pour your liquid in from the backside these molds will ultimately
go together and make a nice part on the top and the bottom there’ll be a little
split line that runs through the middle of the part and you’ll see that here’s
how the two molds go together and you’ll notice they had a little opening in the
top and that’s where we’re gonna inject the silicone in we’re gonna use sort of
clear smooth cast silicon this is stated as food safe on their website and we’ll
mix some up here it doesn’t take a lot it’s only gonna take about I think it
was like sixty five cc’s for each of the molds so I’m gonna mix up about 200
grams of silicone and that should be enough and we’ll mix that thoroughly and
we’ll de gas it get all the bubbles out of it this is a part a and a Part B I
think it’s like 100 – 10 is the ratio it’s pretty thick stuff actually but the
bonus here will be that they’ll be sort of clear and you’ll be able to see the
mixture going into the molds when we pour that
so after degassing in the vacuum chamber we’re gonna put a little bit into the
bottom of each of the half of the mold here and then we’ll pop the top on and
we’ll inject the silicone in through the top of the molds and to do that we’re
going to load up a couple of syringes so that we can inject the silicone into the
3d printed parts to get a nice hopefully relatively bubble free silicone mold all right let’s pop the tops on you can
see the holes at the top of the molds here and that’s where the syringe is
going to inject the rest of the silicone to make the rest of the mold fair amount
of pressure was needed I don’t think I made the holes quite big enough to
inject the silicone in there and then once the silicone started coming out of
the little vent holes I knew I had enough and there was a fair amount of
pressure and I needed to clamp the molds together actually and that’s what these
clamps are doing holding everything in place while the silicone sets up about
18 hours later the silicone is cured and we can deem old you’ll see some of the
extra silicone here this is the sprue from where I injected the silicone in
need a little bit of brute force to get the molds apart and I actually end up
having to cut the molds and destroying them so it would have been a little bit
better to have the sides removable from the bottom here so if I made something
like this again I would take that into account so that I can more easily remove
the silicone molds from the inside but since this is a one-time one-shot sort
of deal I’m okay with destroying them I could just print some more they come out
very nice I’m super happy with them and I’m just being extra careful here when I
take them out so I don’t rip them the silicone is quite strong so these are
little vent holes from the silicone molding process that’s
where any air would have escaped so I could get a nice bubble pre parts and it
worked quite well and I’m just trimming off the little sprue here from the
injection molding process this is how the two halves go together there is a
pin so the mold can only go together one way let’s go make some edibles the two
halves of the molds three packets of gelatin and your favorite mixture I’m
using some jello air mix that all up into a half a cup of cold water and you’re gonna get a pretty thick mixture
but we need that to get a nice firm edible alright once you’ve mixed up your
concoction into this nice slurry here we’re gonna pop it in a double boiler
and that’s so we can heat the liquid without burning any of the sugars
ultimately you’re gonna get a very nice clear liquid after about 20 minutes the
foam or the air bubbles are going to rise to the top we’re going to skim that
off this is the point where you could add something else to your gummy if you
choose to do so this is where you want to add whatever else you want to add to
your gummies so we’re gonna suck this clear liquid up into a syringe and we’re
gonna pop it into our mold I split the molds open here so that you can see the
bottom since we’re injecting with a syringe
that would not necessarily be needed I’m gonna pop the top on right now and
inject the rest of the liquid through the hole at the top you probably need
some sort of a syringe or a piping bag or something that’s gonna be ideal in
this situation is just pouring it out of the measuring cup is going to be tough
and we’re going to get a beautiful translucent gummy that’s going to be
absolutely yummy to eat have the portion set for you easily available you can
just tear that off or cut it with a knife as I’ll show you in a little bit
so this is a yellow one that I made beautiful translucency there’s a red one
that I made as well they actually pop together kind of like Legos and I’m
going to show you here how you can cut the pieces very easily with a knife
super easy to do of course this mold has more uses than
just making gummies let’s make a chocolate edible so again we’re gonna
double boil down some chocolate fill the bottom really quick to show you how that
stunt is you’re done with the spoons pop the top of the mold on and we’re gonna
use a syringe again just like we did before and fill the mold the rest of the
way to make a yummy yummy chocolate edible if you’re a big YouTube watcher there is
a relatively well-known youtuber named Alex French guy cooking love your show
love your accent by the way very cool love the stuff that you do but next time
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