The fundamental job of the Home Office is
to keep the citizens of this country safe and to keep our borders secure. We have hundreds of programmes,
we have 11 government major programmes we have around 15 or 16 what we
call mission-critical programmes so that might be developing automatic gates it might be
about our immigration system, the police and national computer and our major biometric databases. What I like about project delivery is that
it gives you a core set of skills that you can take anywhere within the Home Office.
Knowing that we have produced something that will enable the public to make their passport
applications so much more easily is really really positive. Emergency services are something that everyone
uses so to know that you have had some kind of impact and upgraded the communication tool
and services I think that provides a massive sense of achievement. I’ve progressed from various roles to become a successful project manager deploying gates at UK ports. It makes me feel good that I’m having
an impact across the country. I absolutely enjoy what I do. The project delivery community is well over a thousand people across the whole of the Home Office. It’s really important that people
feel that they’re a part of a broader network, and have that opportunity to get
out of their project and talk to each other and learn. The group of people that I work with are absolutely
fantastic. I would definitely say it’s one of the best groups of people I’ve ever worked with. No two days are exactly the same,
I really enjoy that part of it. The best part of working at the Home Office
has to be the flexibility and the fact we have access to the latest technology. There’s on the job training, there’s online
training there are training courses. I would definitely recommend the Home Office
as a place to work, any of my friends if they complain about where they’re working the first
thing I say is apply to the Home Office. If considering working in project delivery
I would say just go for it. There is so much out there that can help you
develop as well as challenge you. What we do really matters to the people of this country. I would definitely say apply for the home office. It is a fantastic place to work and it really
gives you an opportunity to play a part in our delivery for the future.