So, Dan works for Welcome and the way we use chat online today, we’re actually using that in our Pacific Cycle division. So, any of our bikes, customers are coming and it truly is like a salesman in the aisle a lot of the time, we try to answer all of those questions on the product page we give back, we also answer the Q&A questions that are posed by customers. But, a lot of times they’re there willing to make that purchase right there, at that time If I come in, and I’ve got a question come in, on the site and it’s passed through, and i’m answering that they may have to wait for some time for that to get live, and that one customer to see it but with a platform like Welcome I can see that answer live, I can chat directly… our customer service departments can chat directly with that customer while they’re looking at that item on the page and that ‘Add to Cart’ button is staring them in the face I had a great experience found it, in the cart, I’m checked out, and I’m ready to go!