Hello everyone this is Ted with OAXRAY today
we’re going to walk through how I got my very first wholesale account and how you can get
a wholesale account so you can sell items on Amazon.com. So my Journey Into my first wholesale account
in buying and selling wholesale items actually starts here it is at Ollie’s bargain outlet. This was a place that I shopped in tons and
tons of business here probably hundreds of thousands per year all purchased from Ollie’s
bargain outlet, so I was in the store and I scanned an item and I just continually ended
up buying this item I think it was selling for $9.99 in the store and on Amazon it was
selling for $29.99 so I was making probably ten or twelve dollars after all the shipping
and everything. This was a few years ago so the fulfillment
fees may have changed a little bit, I would probably be able to find fifteen to twenty
of these at every store that I went to so what I would do is I had an entire map of
the United States. So my strategy for Ollie’s bargain outlet
it was I had about fifteen or probably ten within an hour driving range of me, but I
would actually drive all into Delaware into New Jersey all the way up Pennsylvania and
then I’d come back but I’ve cleared out all the stores of this item you know I was just
like how do I… You know keep selling this profitable item
for me, I flip it over on the back you know actually going to go to a listing here it’s
actually something called the door club I’ve no idea if this profitable anymore but I just
want to walk you through how I got into it. Prices have come down a lot since I used to
sell it, so from here if we actually go down we read everything about this sometimes a
listing itself will give you clues onto who the Manufacturer is this says the club I know
this is winner international but here’s what we’re going to do, we’re gonna check out the
club. This is how I found it on the back of the
package it actually said the name of this, it said winner international but maybe it’s
different now it’s been a few years they might have sold out or something. So we’re just going to do a search for the
manufacturer in which we want to do is you’re going to get or and not a main site. I’m looking right here and I see
home depot manufacturers Overstock these are just distributors of it are they actually
are. They sell it in a fifth one down we come to
winner international this is the official website for club and we can see this right
here and this is the item that we were looking for so by a simple Google search I went from
finding the door club. Here to being on the official winner International
website, now what I did was I just copied this right here. [email protected] copy that I sent them
an email and said hey, I would like to become a distributor what kind of pricing can you
get me on this item and at the time I knew that I wanted this item only and it took me
about three or four months before I actually started buying any other items that they had
inside I believe my pricing was twelve fifty for the door club coming from them I remember
my minimum quantity was actually it was sold in a box of six a package of six and thirty
fit on a pallet and they would stack the pallet up For me and I remember. I always had to pay for, I didn’t have a loading
docks so I always had to pay for drop service is what they call it so in this instance I
was able to buy a one hundred eighty at a time at a minimum and they were twelve dollars
and fifty cents a piece right now this is not profitable but I’m just trying to show
you how to get started. And later on. After I contacted the person I started buying
these at a quantity of about one hundred eighty a piece then they started sending me the flyer
and then we could see some of these pet supplies. And other items actually run by any of us
they kind of had a lot of club automotive let’s see some other items I remember looking
at yes so they had a bunch of different kind of locks and things and some of them were
Profitable some of them were not profitable but it was kind of cool to one distributor
actually lead to multiple items that I sold so that’s one of the cool thing about doing
wholesale versus you know going into a store you can get unlimited quantities, I remember
selling the door club for over a year it was profitable and then now you come back here
and at twelve fifty it doesn’t make any sense if I would’ve known at the time I probably
would have gotten an exclusive to sell on Amazon online because right now we see the
price degradation on this item I was the only seller of this item. Probably a year ago and winner International
I remember they came on listing but they were priced so high at like 29.99 or something
and I just I was F.B.A so I always got the buy box at 29.99 so I didn’t worry about them
being on the listing I was getting on with sales they weren’t really competing with me
this is my story of how I got my first wholesale account, I’m actually going to do some videos
on just how to track down other wholesale accounts. Thank you guys very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY.