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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today we’re gonna talk
about how I earn $10,000 a month on Amazon now we’re gonna go through the
entire process with you here I’m gonna go through a couple examples and that
way you can implement the same things that I’m doing and make a similar money
so here we are in my Amazon seller account now I have two Amazon seller
accounts obviously one if I talk I’ve talked about this in the past is for you
know three of my private label products and then this one is for my online
arbitrage or my retail arbitrage now full disclosure you are not supposed to
have two Amazon seller accounts but you can file for a second one if you need to
do that so if you’re already doing private labeling which is something that
I talk about a lot on this channel and you have you know a product that you’re
getting manufactured overseas and then you’re you know slapping it on Amazon
something like that you it might behoove you to get a second seller account or at
least file for one because then you can control you know your profitability your
average across the sale and you know stuff like that so you’re spending your
PPC money and stuff like that on the same account you can kind of keep better
track of it that’s the reason I do it if you guys don’t know a private labeling
is or you want to get into Amazon private labeling and you know basically
source profitable products from overseas and then slap them on Amazon and profit
from them it’s extremely lucrative and there is an entire course that I
recommend down in the description below it’s Kevin David’s Amazon FBA ninja
course phenomenal phenomenal stuff and I’m taking a couple of the modules
myself so check that out if you’re interested also full disclosure I have
an entire Amazon course coming myself it will be a lot of great content
it’s me teaching it you know about seven modules kind of like Kevin David’s and
it will sell for much much cheaper but you know as always I’m trying to bring
you guys you know how to content to make money online and Amazon private labeling
is definitely one of the things that I do so I want to go ahead and create that
course for you it takes a little bit of time it won’t be out for a little bit
but I will definitely keep you updated when it goes live so stay tuned for that
it might only be like a hundred bucks for the author seven modules you know
other people sell for like five hundred bucks something like that it will each
module will sell on udemy as its individual course just full disclosure
so it’ll be ten dollars for you for the udemy courses they’ll retail on
udemy for $200 obviously but you can buy the entire course on my website all
seven modules for a hundred bucks we’re roughly around there that’s just what
I’m thinking right now but enough about that let’s jump into retail arbitrage
and online arbitrage and you know how I make $10,000 a month so you see here
this is literally full disclosure on my on my online arbitrage Amazon seller
account if you look at the last 30 days here it’s been roughly ten thousand now
this fluctuates because obviously it doesn’t go month-to-month
so like it’s not like the beginning of February starts a new 30 days this is
literally every 30 days so I make roughly about you know doing online
arbitrage and I barely scale it up I make roughly about ten thousand dollars
a month now that is sales it’s not 100% profit clearly you’ll see here that I
own my online arbitrage I’ve probably only netted about 2500 in the past two
weeks but you know full disclosure that can go up that can go down sometimes
it’s close to $5,000 payment I don’t know what a payment is
sometimes it’s close to a $5,000 payment amount and sometimes it’s it’s down to
like 1500 it just depends on the week that each two weeks you know what I’m
doing how much I’m putting into it just like doing this on eBay which I did an
entire video on yesterday I’ll drop that as a card up in the right-hand corner if
you want to check out how to not only do online arbitrage on Amazon like I’m
about to show you but also how you can do online arbitrage on eBay and
basically double your e-commerce platform you know your traffic and your
product availability and stuff like that it’s a great great video go ahead and
check that out but we’re gonna jump into the method here so what I’m gonna do is
I’m wrong I’m obviously on Amazon I’m going to hop in to add a product and
that’s how we’re gonna check now I’m also on VIP on which is a site that I
talked about yesterday it’s an example of a you know a site that you can source
cheap products from that’s what I’m gonna do here today now I brought up
four different or three different products sorry that I’m going to source
and we’re gonna go through them specifically to show you the process on
how this works if at any time you guys want to check out my course on this go
ahead and it’ll be the first link in the description it’s called a retail
arbitrage Pro utilizing Amazon to your advantage
now it’s full on online arbitrage it just it’s called retail arbitrage
because that ranks better as a search term on
nice platform so full disclosure there it’s only ten dollars for you as always
but I promise you not only am i earning about ten thousand dollars a month but I
have a lot a lot a lot of students that use this tool and are still still making
about ten thousand if not more you know on Amazon themselves so that ten dollars
will pay for it literally in the first day I promise you that you can write
that down and I’ll sign it I promise you that so here we are obviously vit pom is
a site where you can source you know cheap deals and stuff like that I just
identified three to go through with you really fast this one is a good example
it retails on Amazon at 1199 and I can get it for a dollar eighty so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna go to Amazon now the first step and this is something I
go in-depth in my course and not only is VIP on a great site but it’s just one
that I’m giving you for free today to give you some value and going through
the process with you but there’s literally about you know 10 to 15 maybe
20 sites in total a lot of them are disclosed in my course and clearly I
know a bunch of other ones you know I can give you those but you have to get
the course clearly you know we’re just gonna go through the pond today for an
example first thing I’m gonna do is I’m take the si in and make sure I can sell
it now I checked all three of these I’m just gonna do this with you right here
for the first one to demonstrate this so I’m searching an ad product I realize
that I can sell it as new refurbished and use conditions says sell yours see
that’s crucial so then what I’m gonna go ahead and do is I’m gonna copy the
coupon code and I’m gonna go ahead and buy it and I’m not actually gonna go
through with the checkout well maybe I will
yeah no I won’t because it’ll show my my my um what’s it called I’m trying to my
address I don’t want to draw blanks here but clearly I would buy this and I’m
actually still gonna buy this and I’m also gonna buy this and I’m also gonna
buy this as soon as this video is done because then when obviously I buy it
I’ll show my my new address now I’ve since moved from my old place but I kind
of want to keep my new address under wraps just for the simple fact that you
know I am on YouTube and I I do have a bunch of courses and stuff like that
hope you guys can understand but I promise you I will be buying this I will
make you know roughly five to ten maybe five to eight bucks on this product
because Amazon obviously will take its cut now
I’m gonna buy this one so what I’m gonna do is I would go to Amazon and you’ll
see here that this one also sells it’s at retails excuse me for $17.99 on
Amazon I’m gonna get this one for 180 as well so what I’m gonna do is typically I
would go to Amazon and you’ll see here that it’s actually 1699 and that’s also
one of the steps that I checked that I talked about in my course I give you a
bunch of different examples and you know steps and methods that you can do to
ensure that your going to be profitable and make money with these it’s very very
simple trust me and also for the people that you know have watched my videos in
the past I’ve done the a couple of these videos in the past but I know that we
have a influx of new people to the channel so I kind of wanted to do a new
one um for all the people saying that you can’t find deals that’s that’s not
true whatsoever you can find a million deals I’m still finding them right now I
literally just found them you know in about five minutes to demonstrate this
for you here now this is still on VIP on there’s a million other sites like I
said in the course I would grab the Asin and I would make sure that I can sell it
and I see that I can so what I would do is I’d come back and I’d copy the what’s
it called the drawing so many blanks today Jesus the coupon code I would add
this to my cart and then I would purchase this obviously with the coupon
code and I might make you know and after Amazon’s cut buying it for 180 song at
around $17.99 I might make 10 bucks off this maybe a little bit more just be a
little bit conservative but that’s 15 bucks I just made clearly I’m going
through this slow to explain it to you but that’s 15 bucks I literally just
made in you know two minutes clearly now last one here another example this one
retails on Amazon for $15.99 I could buy it for 160 clearly same process I would
go to Amazon I would check to see that I could sell it and I knew that I can
because I’ve already done this and then I’ll grab the coupon code I’d purchase
it and then when all these came in I would simply relist them back on Amazon
I’d send them in for FBA also something I go completely in-depth
with in the course so just wanted to ring you guys a little bit of value it’s
another way that you can use online arbitrage to your advantage in 2018 and
still make a lot of money I barely do this I know I did a video on eBay
yesterday where I said I make about a thousand a month because I
barely literally barely do eBay arbitrage but I barely do Amazon
arbitrage I do it a little bit more than eBay I scale it up very very slightly
but I have a lot of students in my course that scale this up to max and
make a lot more doing online arbitrage with Amazon than I do trust me I still
see them they’re still on the same listings as me and they’re making a lot
of money doing it so you can – I know it’s still possible people do it every
single day in my course and you can be that next person that makes $10,000 a
month doing online arbitrage very very simple stuff like I said check the
course out hope you guys like the video I think it brought a lot of value today
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