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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today we’re gonna be
talking about how I make $1000 on eBay roughly every month now it fluctuates
sometimes a little bit higher sometimes it’s a little bit lower it just depends
on the month but just on average I probably earn about a thousand a month
on eBay now I do that through online arbitrage and this is kind of a site
also for me it’s a side business that I kind of do you know in my spare time to
make another grand a month for me but you can obviously scale this up you can
take this to the extreme and buy more products and I’m gonna get into that you
know all that with you here in a second but like I said this is literally just a
side thing for me so you can obviously take this and scale this or you can do
it on the side as well you know maybe you’re just looking for an extra 200
bucks a month maybe you’re just looking for an extra 500 a month or maybe you’re
trying to fully scale this and you know make another 5 to 10 grand a month
really it’s up to you and the power is really in the purchase as I like to say
so if you can do arbitrage and find the right products for the right prices when
you make that purchase the money is made in the purchase not in the sale so
that’s key guys I just wanted to bring this to you today I think it’s a great
you know terrific business model an opportunity
for you guys to make money online so first and foremost forg into anything
retail arbitrage is is not dead but in my opinion if you’re doing retail
arbitrage and you’re going to the stores like Walmart or Target or anywhere the
dollar store anywhere that has a sale or a clearance item can you make money
doing that sure you can but you’re wasting your time what if I told you
that you could find items that are you know ninety nine percent off oh you know
or you know relatively relatively cheap compared to their retail price that
they’re selling at you know on sites like eBay for example like we’re about
to talk about and you can find them online with a click of a button like I’m
about to show you and then obviously list them and make that money so that’s
what we’re basically going to go through we’re doing online arbitrage here retail
arbitrage is is essentially a waste of time in my opinion driving to the store
is just gonna waste your time so if you you know if you have any questions
whatsoever on this feel free to drop a comment down below and I’d love to
answer that you know and help you out with that but with that being said we’re
just gonna jump right in so here we are on
deal site right here and you’ll see that you can get products fairly cheap now
this is just an example I’m gonna go through two examples with you really
fast here I have an entire course on demonstrating how to make money on eBay
and basically scaling it up it’s called eBay tycoon build an eBay Empire and
that will this is just one example of a deal site that you can get you know an
item at but there’s probably 10 to 15 you know sites in the course not just
deal sites but places that you can source products very very cheap like I’m
about to show you so if you’re interested in that at any point during
this this video obviously that will be the first link in the description so go
ahead and check that out so what I would do is here I own em on eBay I have an
eBay seller account you can – like I said this is something I talk about in
depth in the course but what I would do is I’d source this product so you’ll see
here that right here on VIP on and you can use this – like I said it’s just one
of them you can get this Galaxy Note 8 case for ninety-eight percent off for
eight cents so what I would do is I could get this for eight cents and it
typically retails at around eight bucks here so that’s what I would do and then
I would obviously purchase this for eight cents and then listed on eBay
where I’d make the markup of you know 792 or whatever completely did that math
wrong seven nine seven ninety I don’t know where I got the two from here’s
another good example of one so you’ll see the menstrual cup right here is
selling you know for 50 cents on this deal site ninety-eight percent off and
if you go here to the menstrual cup if you got this you would basically
purchase 50 you know you’d purchase this for 50 cents and then you’d be able to
mark it up and sell it on eBay for its retail value of about fifty dollars so
that’s a profit of about forty nine forty nine right there so great great
stuff here obviously these are just two examples I kind of wanted to touch on
this it’s a Sunday and I wanted to bring you guys another way that you could make
money online so you don’t have to take my course you can obviously take
advantage of this website and then just list them on eBay yourself but if you’re
looking for you know an in-depth kind of step-by-step method on how you can not
only increase your sales on eBay list your products quickly and fastly and
also get and source the right products not just from VIP on but from other
sites other deal sites as well as other sites that will give you products really
really cheap and in bulk so you don’t have to keep searching for singular
products go ahead and grab that course it’s a $10
in the description as always for you as YouTube subscribers so like I said this
is just a side business go ahead and you know scale it up if you want to do that
but eBay is a great great marketplace and this is something I’ve talked about
before in one of my latest videos I probably did about two three weeks ago
and it’s called are you sleeping on eBay so I’ll drop that as a card up in the
right-hand corner if you want to check that out but that’s key guys because a
lot of people and I love Amazon myself too and I’ve talked about this before
but a lot of people are you know morphing over to Amazon they’re doing
you know online I’m arbitrage on Amazon and that’s phenomenal too I have a video
coming on that tomorrow to kind of document more of that process for you so
check that out and come back but a lot of people are sleeping on eBay eBay so
an e-commerce giant and there’s so much traffic on eBay that you can capitalize
and make money off of so the money is made in the purchase guys if you can
find the right items the right deals you know the right products for the right
price is when you purchase them you can obviously sell them up and make the
profit when you mark them up so that’s key I just wanted to bring that to you
today so you guys can make money online today and as always I hope you liked the
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