Hey guys today I’m going to show you how
you can add your business location shop photos reviews on Google Maps so your
customers can find you online in your local area so first of all you need to
type in Google My Business then you need to click on Google My Business get your
free business profile and here we can start setting up your listing so first
you need to click start now now what you want to do is add your
business name so for me I’m going to add funny pizza which is the name of the
restaurant that I’m adding to Google Maps once you’ve done that you just need
to click Next here you want to add your business location now make sure your
location your details are correct this is extremely important for when Google
verifies your listing so once you’ve put in all your information click whether or
not you deliver goods or services to your customers and click whether or not
you want to hide your address I recommend keeping it unticked and then
click Next this Next section just allows you to
drag around your pin to make sure that your pin is in the right location for
your business now this is where you choose the area and what your business
operates so you can either choose having it based around a mailing address or you
can choose the distance from your location I’m going to write 50
kilometers you can also choose miles or you can choose a specific area once
you’ve done that click Next now this is we put in your business category okay
make sure it’s correct because this is the term they’re going to type in if
they want to find your type of business service so for me I’m going to type in
restaurant and put that in and click Next here we just need to type in our
contact information so for me I’m going to type in my phone number I’m gonna
click and type my website URL for my business if you don’t have one that’s
completely fine you can click I don’t need a website or you can get a free
website through Google My Business which is really cool this is a free website
then you want to click Next here you can choose to receive
recommendations from Google I highly recommend you click yes bare with me
guys now all we need to do is verify our business listing so all you need to do
is click finish and that’s going to take us onto the last page now all we need to do is verify our
listing then you’re going to be able to be found on Google so there’s multiple
ways you can do this you can either get a call or text you’ll receive a six digit
code you just need to put in on your listing or you can get it sent via mail
this can take up to 15 days so recommend getting a call now what we want to do is
I want to show you kind of what your listings going to look like so what I’m
gonna do is type in restaurants Tauranga these are the local listings in my
area and here we have local businesses in Tauranga located on google maps so
this is really cool now people are gonna find your business on Google Maps
they’re going to be able to call you email you and find out where you’re
located and they can see all the information down below and if you click more places
you’re going to see a whole bunch of other business listings on Google Maps
that are within the same category that you typed in I typed in restaurants
Tauranga these are the restaurants in my general area now as you can see these
listings have an abundance of information you know website contact
information address times that they’re busy images reviews all the information
that customers need to take an action now I’m going to show you what your
business looks like when you take your business name and you type it directly
into Google so I’m going to copy latitude 37 which is a restaurant in Tauranga and I’m gonna paste it into Google search and I’m gonna show you
your business listing okay it’s gonna be great that’s gonna show up next to your
website here we go so latitude 37 as you can see on the right hand side we have
the Google My Business listing which is what we just created during this video
and as you can see you can see all this information you can see the companies
the businesses website you can also see all this information we discussed
earlier now if you’re wondering how to change this information all you need to
do is pop over to your Google My Business dashboard and then you can make
changes to the right-hand side you can add information you can add
posts you can add images you can also look at the performance of your Google
Maps listing now that’s everything you need to know to get your business up and
running on Google Maps and there we have it now you know how to add your business
to Google Maps, if you got value from this video then please subscribe give us
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you in the next video thanks for the support guys till next time