Beating Amazon is probably not the best
term it’s good for clickbait but yeah you cannot beat Amazon you can depending how
you define beat, you cannot out Amazon Amazon you cannot beat them on logistics
on price unless you’re getting tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars of
funding like I think it’s called and then you might have a slight
chance to compete with them the way to beat Amazon and I’m referring to small
businesses that are trying to beat other competitors on Amazon or Amazon, you know,
controlling their revenue Amazon is very efficient it’s very user friendly and
you can get immediate refunds money-back guarantee etc so it ticks all these
boxes that you cannot outdo them and their prices are really low they got
massive economies of scale how can you beat Amazon well what don’t they have
what’s their Achilles heel that’s personal touch you cannot pick up a
phone and start speaking to an Amazon rep about certain products that’s where
you can stand out what Amazon doesn’t offer is it just makes makes it a
potential weakness that you could exploit and that’s what we’re doing with
my e-commerce businesses even though we embrace Amazon and we sell on Amazon
what we do on our websites we offer live chat we’re working on offering 24/7
customer service if it’s not already there you can pick up the phone and call
us and we encourage that and we sell products that are not cheap Froothie
sells three four hundred dollar blenders and juicers guilt-free box
sells as a membership or Zens recurring purchases so it’s lifetime
value for the customer that’s where you could beat Amazon and that’s pretty much
it I’m not gonna give you a list of things because if you could because
there isn’t a list of things there’s one major thing that Amazon lacks and that
is that personal touch that ability to deal with another human because Amazon
dehumanizes ecommerce there is no there is an experience but it doesn’t include
another person where you can change that putting your face behind your brand
putting that customer service team having live chat having a lot of video
content etc a lot of value on the website where you can give the customer a
lot more now it’s not going to be for everyone there’s always going to be
people like me where I just want to get the damn product and move on with my
life and Amazon is perfect for those people but if it’s a purchase that means
a lot to someone or they’re unsure about the purchase was a very high ticket item
or they want to commit to a brand because they care that’s where you come
in and that’s where you can put that human touch that Amazon doesn’t offer in
my opinion that’s the only way to compete with Amazon in 2020…