Hey guys, it’s Andrew Esquivel here back with
another tutorial, and today I’m going to show you how to block a website from being accessed
on your network using your ZyXEL Zywall USG 20.Now, to do this is a fairly simply process.
First, we’ll head over to our configuration tab. From there, we’re going to navigate over
to Anti-X and expand that and bring us down to Content Filter that will bring you this
page right here.Now, let’s explain a few things. This first checkbox up here called Enable
Content Filter is more or less your on-off switch for everything we’re about to do. We’re
going to leave it off for right now because we have to configure a few things first.So,
let’s go over to Filter Profile where we will create the profile. Here, we click ‘Add’
and it will bring us to this. Now, we’re not going to pay for services like Commtouch or
BlueCoat so let’s go over to Custom Service. We have to give it a name so let’s call it
‘block_ebay’.Now, you can’t have spaces in the name, otherwise it’ll be an invalid
name. So next, we click on Enable ustom Service. Now, also make sure you have checked the ‘Check
Common Trusted/Forbidden List’, which will be these tabs up here at the top we’ll work
in in just a second. Now, keep mind that what we’re about to do, you can more or less do
from this page right here using the Trusted Websites Add button or Forbidden Websites
Add button, or block things based on the keywords. But for the way I like to do it, we’re just
going to have this the way it is and click ‘Okay’. And now we have our profile. Next,
because we’re going to block a website, we’ll click on ‘Forbidden Web Sites’. From here,
we just enter the URL of the website which will be www.ebay.com, and then we hit ‘Enter’
while we’re still in this menu and voila. Notice this little red triangle on the corner
here. Unless you click Apply, it’s not actually set in stone. So now that we clicked Apply,
the little red button’s gone and now, we can go back over to General. Now, Policies, we
need to add one. To do so, we click on the Add button and we’re going to make sure that
this is checked to enable the said policy. Now, if you want this to affect the entire
network, have the Addresses as Any and the Usergroups as Any.If you want this to go off
only during certain hours of the day, you need to make a schedule first and then select
the schedule in this drop-down menu, but because we just want to show how to do this in general,
we’re going to leave everything as is and make sure the Filter Profile is the one that
we just made. So, in your drop-down menu, you should see it. If you have multiple profiles,
select the one you want and click ‘Okay’.So, now that you can see that we have the little
light bulb that’s turned on, it means that profile is active but we have not yet enabled
the Filtering. Now, we can click on Enable Content Filter and then down here click Apply.
So now, Ebay should be blocked. Okay, so let’s give it a go, www.ebay.com, and there you
go. This is the page you’ll see when the website is successfully blocked. And now, you know
how to block a website.Keep in mind, certain websites that use https by default might not
be as easy to block. Now, what you can do is, in place of the website name, use the
website’s IP address instead and you should be able to block it that way. If not, you
may have to explore other options.So, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to comment, rate,
subscribe, show your friends. Check out my other videos, I got plenty of them, and I’ll
see you next time.