hi for the phone here from local search
Canada going to build a plumbing website using
weed leaf not seen many yeah companies and plumbers out there
that just don’t have website itself start at Weebly dot com and it is at a site simple as that click on the site he start building a way he
choose a theme I’ve got favorite here ha start with you choose the same and name your safety can go at the
Wheatley dot com a domain or register your a new dawn a
more Tony domain name headland arc connected with
heard in a near DeLand so we’re gonna call it the plumbing site have crucial name it name your company
and then I would put an image in here a you know some fear work hi I have some images on file for a site I put
together and I’ll just upload at and you can have this image as a for just this page or for all pages
Seneca call pages here he can also he also the option a calling
the slideshow as well it’s pretty nice on the homepage
very easy to do so I’m saving it all pages here and then
I’m gonna add a title to the page he just drag and
drop everything with leave early and then but the text in down below. of
course you can add images as well so plumbing site mcauliffe’s and of
course the Latin text opposed to welcoming folks your site and
which are all about and it’s a simple as that I you can also add to and this will be on
every page your social icons and Facebook Twitter you can add Google+
as well which I recommend and your email address and it just to
automatically here will connect people with your social
media identities which is a great feature you
can add it in different areas as well i distracting and dropping now we’re gonna had to address the pages
where you were cedar the pages tab you can add a
standard page you can add blogs up pretty much anything and we’re just
going to keep it very simple here and I think for a basic plumbing say you only need
up these pages that I’m recommending so an
About Us page a contact page and we’ll show you how to populate
out with the farm we’re going to at some pictures and of course the services you provide and I think it is Neistat pictures are some
other work you’ve done so we’ll do that as well and again it’s very simple on
Weebly so now you see they have all of the yr your pages ready to go so we’re just
gonna quickly populate easing of course you’ll spend more time putting to some a content-rich information on these pages but for an
hour’s gonna shot with a the about us page in
commercial tell people about to you are address phone number et
cetera and will next go to to contact us page this is read every business name healer address and phone number and it’s
important to to have that on your site and also have
it consistent on all our other sites you may have your business
listed and I would also include a contact form
which is very easy with Weebly and just name it,you can add different
fields if you want but it comes with some of the basic fields you need you put on where you’d like it to feed so if someone fills out the contact form it will go to that email address So you will send it to your email address, then we go to Services you can list all the services your
business can provide and if you provide more than just the
basic plumbing services I would list them all here including if you have any side services as well and then finally
we’re gonna put pictures on the plumbing website and Weebly has a very nice gallery and again it’s just drag-and-drop
it over you load up the images and again you
can once you load up these images you can actually, I’m just going to click on the a few here, you can just a add them but you can also add titles and
what the what the actual images of what work you did too on these renovations pr something and it’s very help people love the pictures especially when its
work you’ve done and that’s pretty much it. This site is ready to g It is five pages It takes no time. We are ready to we’re gonna publish this and this is
live on the web right now plumbingsite.weebly.com. it is very basic
but it’s that easy. You can change the
background image to your city there’s your social media icons there and on all the pages of course there is not much content but a for business search startup I think this is the way to go if you
have no time to put together a website and many want to have something there so people can at least contact you this is the way to go check out the
description on the YouTube video for more details I’m gonna put a blog post havingg some more information on this
and to to www.local-searach-canada.com for more information and also follow me on Google+ by just
clicking on the icon to the right and thanks for watching