Hi, I’m Molly Mackey with Expert Village
and now I’m going to show you how to brodart your dust covers on your hardbacks and this
helps to protect them on the shelf, keeps them free from dust and tears and other damage
that might occur before they are shipped out for sale. So here’s a brodart, you want
to take your dust cover from your hardback, we just want to lay it in here, bring it to
the bottom edge of the white, where the white meets the cellophane and it’s already got
kind of a natural fold and you just want to kind of lay that in there. Now the important
part is the top edge, a lot of people tend to wrap these too tight and then that causes
too much strain on the dust jacket and you can get curl and tear and various other damages
so you want to just line it up right to the edge, it doesn’t have to be perfect but
it’s better to overdo it than to make it too tight. Okay, then you can just crease
it with your hands, hold it firmly in one spot and give it a good crease like so. Lay
your hardback, you can line it up with the spine which is still visible through the book
brodart, you can see it through the cellophane still, line it up, bring the flaps over, give
it a nice crease again on the edge, same thing for the other side, here we go and then you
have a nice protector, not too tight, perfect for the shelf.